Has quarreled with the girlfriend – what to do? Whether it is necessarybe the first to put up or not if you suddenly quarrel withgirlfriend

Чт, 02 июн 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

About female friendship can talk endlessly.

The relationship between close friends is akin, because
girls sometimes know about each other what mom doesn’t know or

It is not surprising that the quarrel is tolerated very painfully.

There is a feeling of sadness, loneliness, painful loss of something.
very important.

Quarreled with a friend – what to do, how to return a relationship to
the former course and is it necessary?

Why we quarreled with a girlfriend and what to do?

Anything can be the cause of a quarrel:
a word, a bad joke. But all this stuff. Much more serious others
the reasons. Most often, friends quarrel because of their dissatisfaction
relationship The reasons for quarrels in this case are negative.
feelings: resentment, envy, heartache, jealousy.

Friendship can survive and “growing pains”, when yesterday’s
schoolgirls who are friends with sandboxes become adults
girls, young women. The appearance of men in the life of them from
girlfriends often causes conflict. Either the young man does not like
girlfriend or girlfriend does not like the young man, and both put pressure on
the culprit of the appearance of a love-friendly triangle.

A similar situation arises if in the life of one of the girlfriends
a new friendship appears. Will all three characters come together, god
news. �”New” depending on temperament and strength of character
can switch all attention to herself and former friend
feel a clear lack of communication. And if between
�“Derelictor” and the man whom she considered the most
a close person, there will be shared secrets, a quarrel is inevitable.

People change over time. And one day it may turn out that
the person with whom you shared the most secret is no longer
understands you, or he is bored, or he has others
interests To save the friendship in this case, alas, is unlikely to succeed.
The question “I fell out with my girlfriend – what to do” in this case is deprived
meaning, because the answer is one: nothing. In the sense of the former
the relationship will be gone.

No less conflict occurs when influenced by new
The situation changes the character of a friend. It may become sharper.
in judgments, intolerant to shortcomings or suddenly acquires
unpleasant habit of constantly talking about yourself, your achievements,
plans. In general, behaves arrogantly and condescendingly. Hardly
one can tolerate such humiliating intercourse for a long time.

The reason for the quarrel may be envy. If one girl has everything
good (interesting job with high earnings and prospects,
favorite young man) and in general she is lucky in life, while the other has everything
sadly, quarrels can start from scratch, on any
trifling about.

But the deepest conflict causes a mismatch in the worldview.
and moral attitudes. It is possible for fear of losing a friend to yield
to her once, twice or three times, by doing what the whole being opposes.
But constantly stomp your “I” will not work. Failure will be perceived with
perplexity and (possibly) anger, and friends will quarrel. TO
Unfortunately, in this situation it is also meaningless to look for constructive
solving the problem “I fell out with my girlfriend – what to do.” Change
look at the world and yourself in it is very, very hard. And change your
moral principles on others are impossible.

Quarreled with a friend: to put up or not?

This is where the question arises whether to put up with a friend. If she does not
wants to yield, shows psychological aggression, seeks
rely on
trust relationship is not worth it. They were based on the main thing.
condition of friendship – equality and respect. If not, then even
common interests will not save the situation.

However, if the girlfriends differ in their views on the world, but they manage to
maintain respect for each other, you can transfer relationships to another
mainstream. In this case, the problem “I fell out with my girlfriend – what to do”
may be the beginning of a new friendship. This is better,
because it eliminates adolescent addiction. Any
addiction, even love or friendship, leads to negative
the consequences.

TOогда стоит мириться:

• quarrel happened on nothing, on emotions, and now both of you
regret it;

• the girlfriend with whom there was a quarrel, a very good, loyal man,
and you know for sure that she regrets no less

• you are to blame for the quarrel, and the friend for you is significant, close

• she is to blame for the quarrel, but you are ready to forgive and pretend that
nothing terrible happened (if in fact nothing terrible
did not happen).

You should not tolerate, if after a quarrel you are at the same time with sadness
feel more at ease and confident. It also happens that
reconciliation occurs, but no longer causes strong emotions. it
means that the dead deceased intimacy has come or will come
another. Do not be afraid to let new people into your life. Everything, that
neither is done – for the better.

TOак помириться, если поссорилась с подругой

TOто должен мириться первым? It is believed that the culprit quarrel
must step on his throat pride and take the first step to
reconciliation. it не совсем так. It is actually much easier to go for
concession to the girl who considers herself an innocent victim
situations. She has no guilt, so she can easily and simply
try to restore relationships.

Quarreled with a friend – what to do to be together again?
Sure, talk to her. Communication is the only way to
understanding, so without talking about what happened is indispensable.
TOонечно, нужно хорошо понимать причины, которые вызвали the quarrel.
Honesty and openness – the key to success.

Here is what you can do:

• call, send a funny sms or message in
social network;

• ask mutual friends to arrange an “unexpected” meeting for you
pleasant occasion (for example, invite both to a party, meeting
in a cafe, in a cinema or on a country trip);

• come to visit her, give a gift – some
a nice little thing;

• make a pleasant unobtrusive compliment. You can, for example,
like under the photo, write a comment, praise
the virtues of a friend.

If the first step was done successfully and a friend agrees to you
listen, you just need to tell her frankly about the reasons for the quarrel
and his attitude to everything that happened. In no case
blame her, even the initiator of the quarrel was really
friend. It is important to talk about your feelings “I felt / feel”
�“I was upset,” “I was disappointed,” “I was scared,” etc.

Forget the word “must.” No one owes nothing to anyone: neither
Girlfriend you, nor you girlfriend. Equal relationship, remember? Negative
Installations, restrictions and evaluation – the right path to the final
разрыву отношений, а не к reconciliation. Forbidden in conversation
use the words “never again”, “don’t you dare”, “always”, “I
insist. “

Analyzing the situation, it is also important to look at it from
girlfriends. Even if you think she is guilty, you may find
a good reason for heightened emotionality, which caused
the quarrel. Maybe a friend had a nasty day.
conversation with the boss or the beloved “happy”
a cup?

If you quarreled with your girlfriend – what to do? TOомпромисс —
The only way to build a constructive relationship. If both of you
know exactly what is annoying in a relationship, you have to agree
avoid this in conversations and actions. It is important to discuss this.
moment to dot all i. Innuendo may
cause a new surge of negativity.

Start with yourself. Everything that happens around is a reflection
our perception of the world, our consciousness. Unable to change
girlfriend, but to change itself – quite real. And as soon as it is
happens, the world will appear in a new light. Therefore do not need
ponder whether or not to start putting up first. If a
scary to lose friendship, it is worth.

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