Hand bruise – the diagnosis is ambiguous! Injuryhands – what to do in the first moments and how to be treated at home: advicethe doctor

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While everything is in order, we have our hands, how we breathe air, not
concentrating attention on them, but here is a sudden fall, and that’s all
you have to change the whole rhythm of your life.

Bad ecology, malnutrition, calcium leaching
newfangled drinks contributes to frequent fractures, cracks and
bad healing bruises.

Falling, and it can be anywhere, at any time, on slippery
stairs, wet asphalt, stumbling over a rough road, when
sharp braking of urban transport, we automatically
Expose hands to protect yourself from injury.

The main blow in the fall falls on the hands, on
fold, on the fingers.

Having been severely injured – what to do to get rid of
from the pain we do not even know, but first you need to determine the type

Injury кисти руки: симптомы, методы диагностики

Falling and feeling the strongest pain, we automatically
we predict a fracture and already panic scroll its consequences.
From pain, a person can lose consciousness, so first of all
should bring it in itself. Very important in the first moments
determine the degree of damage to the hand, although the symptoms will be the same
for fracture, dislocation, and for injury. If the pain subsides, and no
no visible manifestations then you can get by

Hand injury is accompanied by:

• severe pain;

• the formation of edema;

• the appearance of a hematoma.

Attention! No way in the fall
you can not pull the hand, because often there are “smart people” who are ready to
�“Right” hand, strongly jerking it.

If possible, first aid should be provided.
for bruises and go to the doctor if the pain increases.

The presence of a hematoma is not necessarily associated with bone damage,
this is a trauma to the hypodermic vessels, while bleeding can
stop after a quarter of an hour, and can last a day, if not
organize an ambulance in the first hours.

Set the type of injury with 100% confidence in the correct diagnosis
radiography will help.

Slight swelling with fasting pain, without
accompanying the formation of hematomas or, as they say,
bruise, peculiar to a small bruise that can be dealt with in
home conditions.

Severe injury may cause loss of movement function,
provoke a disturbance in the nutrition of the tissue that will cause
slow recovery.

If you have not identified the listed symptoms, then, most likely,
you are sprained or sprained.

Injury кисти руки – что делать: скорая помощь

The hand is the most vulnerable part. When bruised, if not
apply a cold for a quarter of an hour then
long treat the hematoma and relieve swelling.

As the cold can be anything that comes to hand.
Go to the store, pharmacy, cafe, ask for ice or buy cabbage and
tear off the sheet, tie it to the injury site, in case of emergency
use ice cream.

If you are at home, put a few pieces into the bag.
ice and attach to the injury site. Cold compress can be kept
15-20 minutes, then wash the site of injury with cold water, carefully
dry and you can on the site of edema draw iodine mesh and
put a bandage on.

The cold will help reduce hemorrhage in the subcutaneous
tissue that will reduce inflammation and swelling. Pain syndrome will become
much less noticeable after applying cold.

To reduce hemorrhage, the arm should be held in
upright position.

If an hour later the pain in the brush does not pass, what could be
consequence of a fracture, you should go to the doctor.

The pain subsided, but the swelling and hematoma remained, the doctor confirmed the injury,
теперь можно приступать к лечению в home conditions.

Injury кисти руки – что делать после прикладывания холода?
Apply painkillers and compresses.

A day after the injury, you can start the thermal procedures,
which will speed up the resorption process of the bruise, and
promote tissue repair.

If the aching pain remains and does not forget about the injury, you can
take painkillers.

Injury кисти руки – лечение: лекарства и приспособления

With acute pain and to relieve edema, hematoma reduction can
use pharmaceutical preparations, which include:

• diclofenac sodium;

• ibuprofen;

• ketotifen.

Any of the anesthetic ointments should be applied according to the instructions not
less than three times a day, however, if there is a bladder on the site
wound or abrasion, the use of ointments and gels is prohibited.

�”Diclofenac – gel” will cope not only with inflammation, but also
works like a disinfectant. This gel can replace
ointments such as heparin ointment, lioton, venolife.

If there is a big hematoma, the best remedy is “Badyaga”, its
put several layers, each gently rubbed into place
bruise, after which a bandage is applied to the arm.

Pain when applying ointments do not go away, you need to take pills,
containing the above components. If in the home first aid kit
there is analgin or baralgin, they are also can be used for removal
pain, but the duration of the analgesic action of these drugs is short.

– A day after the appearance of a bruised hand, the place of impact can be
lubricate with camphor oil, which is a good warming oil.
a means that you can buy at any pharmacy.

– Alcohol tincture of wild rosemary flowers will serve as a good
warming rubbing, which will be applied twice a day.

Injury кисти руки – лечение: народные средства

Having confidence that, as a result of the injury, the bruise of the hand,
rather than a fracture or dislocation, can be accelerated with the help of traditional medicine
recovery process. Self-made compresses,
Gels, ointments should be applied regularly, several times a day.

– Bodyaga has long been famous for its qualities to quickly destroy
bruises and, if immediately after the injury, make a gruel from powder
bodyagi, you can buy it at the pharmacy, and water and put on the injury site,
you can do without hematoma. The main thing to do is how you can
faster. Ointment on the brush to cover with gauze or natural cloth and
leave for a few hours.

– It cools and removes the swelling of raw potatoes, which circles
you can overlay the place of bruised hand, pinned and left for the whole

– Within a few days, immediately after the injury you can do
a compress of such components that must be mixed in proportion
1: 1: 1:

• vinegar;

• water;

• vegetable oil.

On the first day the mixture should be cold; in the following days
warm. A piece of natural fabric is wetted in a mixture and wrapped.
her damaged brush, so do it 3 times a day.

– Onions, honey, plantain, each has its own unique
properties, it is a miracle ointment 3 in 1, absorbable, decongestant,

Onions and plantain mix in approximately equal proportions in
gruel, add a little honey, carefully whip and apply three times
to the place of injury.

– The ointment of the healing qualities, for
preparations which we need:

• 200 ml of turpentine and lampadny oil:

• 300 g of camphor powder and liquid ammonia;

• 1/4 part of household soap.

Ammonia is mixed with soap to the state
gruel, pour camphor powder into it, mix again, after
then pour turpentine and lampadnoy oil. Gently rub in
injured brush, bandage.

– It has long been observed that chlorophyll, which is part of any
green plant has excellent anti-inflammatory
action, no wonder it is called a natural antibiotic.

We take a large amount of any herb, mne it before the appearance of juice,
which lubricates the affected brush with several layers.

– Finely powdered flax seeds are mixed with any vegetable
butter in the ratio of 1: 4, prepare a slurry, put it on the bruised
brush, cover with film, you can take a piece of cellophane package,
hold for 1 hour and wash off.

– Instead of hot compresses, you can make a hot tub out of
English salt, suitable and sea. Dissolve 200 g of salt in 5 – 6
l of water and keep the hand in the solution for 30 – 40 minutes, constantly pouring
hot water.

– Since ancient times as a means of saving from injury
used boiled beans, which were ground to the state of porridge and
inflicted on the wounded place for half an hour three times a day.

– On the healing qualities of honey and aloe are written Talmuds, use
and we are these components for the preparation of healing ointment, mixing
aloe mush and honey in a 1: 1 ratio that relieves pain and

– We buy in the pharmacy the herb Arnica, grind it to the state
powder, we take 50 g and we fill in with vodka in a half-liter jar. it
means should be prepared in advance, because it must be insisted week in
dark place.

From arnica tincture do lotions that help relieve pain, and
reduce puffiness.

– The root of the burnet fully corresponds to its name, the lotion from
it is stopped by internal hemorrhage, reduce puffiness,
relieve pain. A small amount of shredded root should
tie in cheesecloth, boil for a few minutes in boiling water,
cool and tie to the place of injury.

– Golden mustache not so long ago became known as a remedy,
from it prepare tinctures that drink, ointment is used to
rubbing and compresses. 10 ml of gold whisker mix with 100 ml
vodka and get a healing compress, which we impose three times in

Injury кисти руки – что делать: пошаговые инструкции

1. Apply ice for no more than a third of an hour.

2. We wash a compress with cold.

3.If there are abrasions, we treat them with hydrogen peroxide, apply
anesthetic ointment.

4. Fix the brush with a gauze bandage.

5.When persistent pain, severe edema, consult a doctor for
establish the diagnosis.

6.When persistent pain we take painkillers.

7. After 24 hours we begin to make heat compresses.

8. We pass to treatment by medical means or folk
by methods.

9. We develop a hand sparing exercises.

Take care of your hands, be careful at any time of the year.

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