Hair Vitamins Priorin

After illness, prolonged stress or hormonal changes (menopause) hair starts to fall out. To in a short time grow long and thick strands, get rid of the loss and split ends, you need not only outdoor care, but also to take inside an additional vitamin complex. According to numerous Priorin reviews – hair vitamins that help get rid of from problems in a very short time.

Hair Vitamins Priorin


Description and effect of the drug

The complex vitamin preparation Priorin is recommended to use at the first sign of hair loss that occurs in different reasons. Its active ingredients affect the roots, saturating useful substances follicles. Drink Priorin capsules for instructions allowed from 14 years to men and women.

Priorin vitamins are a comprehensive remedy that helps get rid of the problem of hair loss, and improves the condition of nails and skin. The action of the drug is activation of “sleeping” bulbs, which helps the strands to become stronger and thicker. The composition of the product gives a complete nutrition to the hair normalizes their structure, moisture and growth without harm to health


The composition of Priorina

There are capsules for the treatment of hair on the cellular level, as designed to meet the needs of people in Strengthening strands. The composition of vitamins Priorin includes substances:

  • Экстракт проса. This is the base capsule containing A large number of useful trace elements. Silicic acid, which is in millet, helps to restore hair structure, activates the production of elastin and collagen, is for connective tissue building material. Each capsule Priorin contains 0.14 grams of extract, which is made by extraction from unrefined millet grains.
  • Пантотеновая кислота (витамин В5). It affects the synthesis of hemoglobin, activates fat metabolism, promotes cell repair, damage healing, elimination of itching and flaking of the scalp. Priorin capsule contains 0.01 g pantothenic acid.
  • Масло ростков пшеницы. A storehouse of useful substances. Stimulates skin regeneration, is natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect. One the capsule of the drug contains 0, 27 g of oil from wheat germ.
  • Биотин (витамин В7). Contributes to the development of keratin is therefore a necessary ingredient for health hair. Biotin maintains normal glucose levels, contains a lot of sulfur, without which it is impossible to achieve the beauty of the strands, nails, skin cover.
  • L-цистин. Amino acid, which is part keratin – an important component of the hair structure. This item the human body produces in small quantities, but it is necessary for growth and strengthening strands.
  • Вспомогательные ингредиенты препарата: оксид magnesia, gelatin, soy lycetes, glycerin.

Indications for the use of vitamins for hair

First of all, the drug should be taken by men and women. с проблемой облысения или интенсивного выпадения hair. If growth strands are slowed down or the problem lies in split ends, then in This case will help the tool Priorin. Vitamins for hair, reviews buyers proof of this, quickly eliminate dandruff, slow down hair loss, get rid of brittleness.

Side effects and contraindications for drug intake there is no money. Before use consult with dermatologist or trichologist, especially during pregnancy or lactation. Store the medicine at room temperature in dry dark place away from small children.

Hair Vitamins Priorin

Dosing and Administration < / h2>

Схема приема витаминов для волос зависит от повреждения волосяного cover. According to the instructions for use Priorin take as follows:

  1. With a slight loss of strands or impairment of their growth – one dose (1 capsule) per day for six months; < / li>
  2. For baldness or active strand loss, take two daily intakes for three months, then another month one capsule / day, drinking plenty of water. < / li> < / ol>

    Price < / h2>

    Priorin’s approximate price per package is 3,500 rubles (60 capsules). Priorin Extra (120 capsules) costs about 6,300 rubles in Russia and 1,200 hryvnia in Ukraine. You can buy Priorin vitamins in Moscow at the pharmacy, but they are not always available. It is easier to order German capsules with instructions in Russian on the photo in online pharmacies. So at the price of the drug can cost a little less.

    Analogs < / h2>

    As you can see, the German drug for hair loss is not cheap, but there are analogues of Priorin. The following drugs are considered to be cheap substitutes for the vitamin complex:

    1. Silettum. < / strong> Supplements are used as an additional source of calcium, biotin, folic acid, Vitamins B 5, B6. Indicated to strengthen the hair follicles, with problems of oily scalp, seborrheic dermatitis. < / Li>
    2. Minoxidil < / strong>. Used with androgenic alopecia. The drug helps to restore hair in men and women, stabilizes the loss. < / li>
    3. Revalid < / strong>. Assign with pathologies involving a violation of the structure of the hair and their loss. Helps reduce hair follicle trophism, slows down alopecia, protects strands from unwanted exposure < / li> < / ol> |

      Reviews < / h2>

      Oksana < / strong> , 29 < / strong> years < / strong>: Read reviews of vitamins for hair Priorin, and ordered her husband from falling out. He began to begin to form balding spots. In just one month, the drug stopped the process of further hair loss, and the bald areas on the head significantly decreased.

      Maria < / strong> , 37 < / strong> years < / strong>: After each visit to the pool, I wash my head, which is why my curly curls became brittle and dry. Priorin recommended a friend who lives in Germany – this remedy is very popular with them. Although the medicine cost me dearly, the structure of the hair quickly became strong.

      Eugene < / strong> 45 < / strong> years < / strong> : Within two weeks, after I started drinking Priorin vitamins, my hair stopped thinning, although before that I had dropped out in whole bunches. Very pleased with the result, so I advise the drug to friends with the same problem. I order it directly from a German pharmacy – so it goes cheaper. < P>


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