Gymnastics for weight loss belly: 15 steps todream

every modern girl wants to get a flat and beautiful

However, few people know how to properly implement this desire, yes
also keep the aspen waist for many years.

If you believe that traditional simulators, the load of which
is aimed at the abdominal area, can reduce centimeters of your
waist then you are deeply mistaken.

Slender and seductive figure – is the result of enhanced,
regular and very difficult work on yourself.

In addition, the trained abdominal muscles not only have excellent
view, but also have a positive effect on health
person After all, a well-developed press diligently protects the lower back.
from bruises, injuries and contributes to the coordinated work of internal

However, do not forget that regular physical education is
of course, great. But if you are aiming to make your press not
just fit, but also beautiful, you need to simultaneously with
gymnastics slimming belly, create for your body
calorie deficiency, that is, consume them less than you
spend during the day.

And now let’s proceed directly to exploring the most
important steps by which you can feel yourself
beauty The first thing you need to do is balance
your food, and only then you can begin to perform
special training.

What is the basis of gymnastics for the abdomen?

Any training must first begin with a good
warm-up in order to avoid various kinds of trouble
in the form of sprains and injuries.

To do this, follow: head movements in different directions, then
swing your arms, legs and squats. Tilt the torso to the right
left, back and forth to warm up and stretch your abdominal muscles
press and back. Finish the warm-up with jumps (you can use a skipping rope), and
only then proceed directly to the execution
accentuated exercises for the abdominal muscles.

To determine exactly which part of it needs the most
In the study, you need to do the following. Lie on your back and
lift your legs straight up to 30 degrees. If you see on
longitudinal tubercle, then the main efforts will be necessary
put it on the rectus abdominis.

Next, lower the legs and, lying on your back, tear your head and shoulders from
floor. If you see a small, crossing the body, bump in
navel area, then special attention should be paid to exercise
for transverse muscles.

All classes must be conducted regularly, gradually.
increasing the load and making the transitions to more difficult exercises
(when your body is ready for this). To the disposal process
from fat was more intense, in addition to gymnastics you can
perform vigorous aerobic workouts, such as daily running
on site or stadium, cycling, jumping, and much


As for the main series of exercises gymnastics for muscles
belly, they can be divided into three basic groups,
performed in different planes: sagittal (folds forward),
frontal (folds sideways) and transverse (turns).

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the training,
it is necessary to perform not only basic twists, which
develop the abdominal muscles in the same plane, but also connect
load in other directions (possible with the help of kinesis).

Gymnastics for weight loss abdomen: a basic complex

1. Straight Twists

This exercise helps to strengthen the upper abdominal muscles.
To do this, lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and put on
width of their shoulders (you can even a little wider). Put the pens on
whiskey or fold as a lock on your chest, take a breath and on
exhale begin to raise your head and shoulders forward, lifting off a little
верх спины от floor. Then inhale again, go back to the initial
position. Only 3 sets of 14 – 16 times.

2. Side twists

The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. In
the runtime of the foot remain motionless, and the head as you exhale
reach for the left knee and return to the starting position. And then
inhale again, exhale, and do the same towards the right
the knee. Only 3 sets of 14 – 16 times. 3. Side twists

The initial position of the body is similar to the first two exercises.
Only now bend the legs in the knees and lift them (legs
parallel to the floor), and handles close behind your head so your elbows
looked up. Then, on the exhale, start doing versatile
twisting: when the right knee should touch the left elbow, and
after the left knee of the right elbow. Only 14 – 16 times without

4. Leg lifts

Starting position: lay on your back, put your hands along
torso, and rest your palms on the training mat. Next on
inhale, raise the straight legs up perpendicular to the floor, and on
exhale lower to the original position. Only 3 sets of 14 – 16


5. Touch

Lie on the floor, lift your legs up to 90 degrees, while not
forget to control your neck and head to
relaxed state. Further gently lifting your shoulders and head from
floor (just do not make sudden movements), try to get your hand
opposite toe of the foot. Return to the starting position and
do the same with the other hand.

6. “Smooth board or plank”

For the next gymnastics exercise, you will need to lie down.
on the stomach, then rise, focusing on the foot and outer
side of the forearm The body is one straight line from
head to toe. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds,
then lie down on the floor to rest and repeat the plank again. Total 8 –
10 time.

7. Rise buttocks

Lie on your back, bend your knees, putting them on the width
shoulders. Then, with your hands, grasp the heels and lift while inhaling, not
taking your head and shoulders from the floor, your pelvis as much as possible upwards.
Выдохните и вернитесь в стартовое position. Do everything slowly,
movements should be uniform. Only 3 sets of 14 – 16 times.

8. “Birch”

The starting position is the same, only now the legs are necessary.
cross and stretch up, arms remain stretched along the body. Of
This position needs to raise the buttocks up and down again.
At first, this may seem like a difficult task, but gradually you
cope with it. Start 3 to 5 times, increasing over time
number of repetitions.

9. Reverse single twists

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your hands on your stomach.
Of такого положения (не разгибая ноги) максимально близко подтяните
right knee to chest. Then put it on the floor and repeat the same.
most with the left foot. Doing the exercise is necessary slowly. Total
3 сета по 14 – 16 time.

10. Scissors

Lie on your back, legs closed together. Lift them up
floor surface (degrees 20 – 30) and start to perform
scissor-like movements: first the right foot on top, then
left. Only 3 sets of 14 – 16 times. 11. Belly dance

Упражнение выполняется из положения стоя, ноги на ширине shoulders.
Alternately, pull in your belly, then stick it out. It does not
forget about the back, which should be smooth, and the posture is straight.

12. slopes

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. Get started
to tilt the body forward, trying to reach out with palms
semi: first with your left hand to the right side of the sock, then mirror
vice versa (alternately).

13. Circular rotation of the hips

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on a belt. Do by
10 circular movements of the hips – first in one direction, then in
another one. Total 3 сета.

14. Disk Health

Stand on the disk and perform vigorous turns body. With
this socks stop should look a little inward, and hands lie
on a belt or to be divorced on the sides. Duration 7 – 8

15. Jumping

And finally, in the last exercise of gymnastics to reduce
живота, встаньте прямо и поставьте ноги на ширине shoulders. Make a
jump as high as possible, after landing you must touch
palms training mat. Then immediately jump back,
Stand tall and complete the next round. Total 12 – 15

Some important tips

Always try to give all the best during your workout.
percent. Between approaches, take a break of no more than a minute.
Gradually increase the number of repetitions and start
use weights for legs and dumbbells.

Do not forget about cardio loads, watch during training for
heart rate with a special heart rate monitor. Gymnastics
for a flat stomach can be supplemented by swimming, cycling
or running. And do not forget about healthy eating.

Video training: gymnastics for weight loss belly

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