Guacamole with vegetables – a healthy snack

Guacamole is a thick Mexican sauce made from
avocado. It is usually eaten with fried corn chips, well.
flavored with salt. All together it turns out quite calories.

If you follow the figure, guacamole is quite possible to adapt.
under the diet kitchen, choosing the appropriate supplement, for example
young vegetables baked in the oven.

Гуакамоле с овощами

This dish is not only light, but also very healthy. Avocado
contains valuable substances that support the beauty of the skin. therefore
Try to eat avocado dishes more often, and we will use guacamole with vegetables.
let’s cook right now. Ingredients


– Avocado – 1 pc .; – Tomato – 1 pc .; – lemon juice – 1 teaspoon;
– onions – 0.5 pcs .; – garlic – 2 cloves; – cilantro or arugula
– 5 g; – olive oil – 5 ml; – salt, spices, hot pepper – by
to taste. – young potatoes – 1 pc .; – Mini carrots – 5-6 pcs .; –
zucchini – half.

Guacamole Recipe with Vegetables

Cut the cilantro or arugula, as small as possible, peel the onions and
finely chop it too.

Tomato for guacamole is better to use without peel,
so first we make shallow cuts, then pour the tomato
boiling water for 30 seconds, then easily remove the skin.
Pulp finely cut, add onions and herbs, as well as salt, spices,
olive oil. 41

Now squeeze the garlic into the tomato mixture, to taste
add some bitter pepper. Avocado pulp scraped with a spoon,
add to the rest of the ingredients. Pour lemon juice over the sauce.
61 71 After that, you need to kill guacomole until homogeneous
states in a blender. It is important that the sauce is not liquid if
after all, it seemed to you to be watery, you can add some more
мякоти avocado. Adjust the sharpness of the sauce to your taste. 81 Different vegetables are perfectly combined with guacamole. therefore
Cook for him young vegetables on the grill in the oven. We cut
marrows squash, carrots “mini” and new potatoes (by the way,
you can not clean it). 101 Sprinkle vegetables with a little oil,
spread on the grid, bake about 20 minutes at 220 ° C, you can
turn the vegetables over to make strips off the rack
parties. 1111 141

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