Green soup of young nettle

Whilst it’s summer and you can get young nettles, don’t miss
moment – cook tasty and healthy soup and fill the body
with vitamins.



на 3 порции _DSCten28_3000x2008_1 – одна chicken breast – 3-4 картофелины
– medium onion – young nettle – big bunch – 2-3 chickens
eggs (boiled hard boiled) – salt, pepper, 2 leaves of laurel


Put the broth to boil as soon as it boils, drain the first one.
water and let it boil again. Remove the foam and cook another 15

_DSCten41_3000x2008_1 Put sliced ​​potatoes in broth,
salt to taste. _DSCten44_3000x2008_1 Add chopped onion, boil
until fully cooked vegetables. _DSCten49_3000x2008_1 Pre-boiled hard boiled eggs
finely chop. _DSCten63_3000x2008_1 Rinse the nettles well with cold
water, then scald with boiling water and allow to drain. _DSCten64_3000x2008_1 Nettle slightly wring out and small
chop (slice). _DSCten72_3000x2008_1 Extract boiled chicken fillet from
broth, cut into small pieces and put back into the broth.
_DSCten82_3000x2008_1 Dip chopped nettle in broth.
Then add the chopped boiled eggs. _DSCten93_3000x2008_1 Then cook the green soup no more
ten minutes, and 5 minutes before shutdown, do not forget to add leaflets

_DSCten96_3000x2008_1 Soup served with sour cream and herbs.

Calorie content

Ingredients amount B / F / U Kcal
chicken breast 1 PC. (200 g) 60/7/0 322
potatoes 3 pcs. (200 g) 2/0/60 206
bulb 1 PC. (1teng) 0/0/ten 44
nettle 1 bunch (30 g) 1/0/2 ten
chicken egg 2 шт (ten0 г) 12/ten/2 155
water 1.5 l 0/0/0 0
Total (3 servings) 737 kcal
1 serving (about 400 ml) 245 kcal

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Dietary soups

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