Good laxatives: review. eighteffective laxatives for pregnant and lactatingof women

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Многие, особенно of womenы во время беременности и периода
lactation, face the problem of constipation and difficulty stool.
To resolve this trouble, there are good laxatives.
funds, and the doctor individually selects each drug in
depending on complaints. All existing laxatives can
divided by:

– Osmotic means. Increase osmotic in the intestine
pressure and promote water retention from surrounding tissues, in
the result is that the emptying is softer and easier;

– Prebiotics. Soft remedy that brings the result by 2-3
day. They are completely indigestible carbohydrates, which
reach the intestines, are fermented, without changing their structure, and
gently removed from the body;

– Means of irritant action. The mechanism of action is
in stimulation of receptors in the nerve fibers located on the walls
intestines, which leads to the secretion of secretions, reducing smooth
muscles of the intestine and, as a consequence, the act of defecation;

-Microclysters. Refers to high-speed tools
bringing the result in 5-15 minutes. Valid only in
large intestine.



Good laxative, refers to drugs
irritant, can be taken by adults and small children
from 2 years. Produced by the manufacturer in the form of tablets, candles or
капель, действие наступает через 6-eight часов, для чего достаточно
one pill. The product is very effective, but should be taken.
with care because it is addictive and provoke
pain in intestines. Часто назначают of womenам после
childbirth with constipation and people with weak peristalsis.


This drug is osmotic and will be effective.
на вторые или даже третьи day. Lactulose, which is active
is broken down in the intestines and helps retain water and
increase osmotic pressure. It is a milder remedy, less
эффективное по сравнению с Bisacodylом, однако оно является
absolutely safe, and therefore without fear can be applied
беременными и кормящими of womenами, а также людьми преклонного
age Release form – drops, there are practically no contraindications,
prescribed for constipation, dysbacteriosis and hepatic


Refers to laxatives fast-acting microclysters. Citrate
and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate provide peptization (disintegration
lumps) fecal masses, and polyalcohols increase the water content in
intestine, due to which the excretion of feces occurs without
difficulties. Microlax не имеет побочных эффектов и его назначают
беременным of womenам, of womenам после родов и пожилым людям.


Treats good laxatives annoying
actions. It is prescribed for persistent constipation and low peristalsis.
intestine. Annoying action renews the receptor
intestinal activity and copes even with severe constipation.
Беременным of womenам и маленьким детям не рекомендуется применять,
since it can cause flatulence and pain, after childbirth you can
apply without fear. Guttalaks не вызывает привыкания, и
You can take it for a long time.


Available in the form of candles and assigned to young children. Each
mom faced constipation in her baby, especially after
introduction to the diet of complementary foods. Potent drugs for children
давать небезопасно, а вот Glitselaks разработан специально для
children. Glycerol, which is the active substance, quickly and
effectively softens fecal masses. It helps the child to go to
toilet without difficulty in 10-15 minutes after application. Also
available for adults.


An effective prebiotic drug. Available in
tablet form and has a mild laxative effect.
It is prescribed for constipation arising after suffering bacterial
infections after taking antibiotics. Naturally
restores the intestinal microflora due to the content of lacto- and
bifidobacteria. Stool normalization is achieved after 10-14 days
taking the drug. Absolutely safe remedy assigned
lactating mother and children from the age of six weeks.


Treats irritating bowel remedies. The effect is achieved
due to swelling of the drug, which leads to an increase in the content
bowel, and irritant causes contraction of the walls
intestine that promotes fecal masses. The result comes on
вторые-третьи day. Forlax назначается пожилым мужчинам и
of womenам после 60 лет при хронических запорах. Also можно
применять беременным of womenам, поскольку действие препарата не
provokes preterm labor.


The drug has a mild effect due to swelling in the intestine.
and pressure on its walls. This leads to reflex contraction.
гладких мышц и продвижению содержимого intestine. Acting
the substance is psyllium seeds that are not digested
body and accumulate water. Назначают of womenам в период лактации
with weak constipation, when there is no need to take
potent drugs. При приеме Mukofalkа, следует пить
a lot of liquid, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect, in the form
education congestion. Not addictive, possibly long
use before stool normalization.

As a conclusion

Whatever a good laxative, apply it
It should be strictly prescribed by a doctor and only according to the instructions.
After all, a laxative, not only can be addictive, it
always removes the necessary trace elements from the body,
squirrels and water. This can lead to diarrhea, colitis (inflammation
colon), flatulence and abdominal pain. Because in no way
If you do not need to increase the dosage, if the long-awaited
effect, it is better to change the drug.

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