Golden rules of intimate hygiene

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Let’s not talk about the need for intimate hygiene. This is an axiom.
Proper care of sensitive areas is a powerful foundation for women.
sexual health. Many urinogenital infections
systems develop due to improper intimate hygiene. Let’s talk
about how to properly care for female genital organs,
which the poets of antiquity called no other than the finest
flower with divine nectar. What procedures and tools will help
we make this flower ever flowering and fragrant.

Washing away

Washing away — ежедневный гигиенический ритуал, проводить который
необходимо два раза в день, а также перед интимной
proximity and after. It is not necessary to use soap every time or
foam, it is enough to wash with soap and water once a day, and everyone else
warm running water.

The jet should be directed from the pubis to the buttocks to the vagina.
Do not get the disease-causing bacteria from the anus. No way
In this case, you cannot direct the flow of water directly into the perineum, this may
lead to infection and internal inflammation.

After the procedure, intimate places you need to gently blot with a towel.
or cotton napkin. Change the towel preferably every 2-3
day, and for diseases such as thrush, it is better to use
disposable wipes. Forget about using sponges or scourers,
intimate places are too tender, they can be easily injured.

Special squad for washing away

Means for intimate hygiene can be anything, everything depends only
from your preferences. You can buy soap, mousse, foam, milk
or gel. Before buying, pay attention to the label of the selected
средства, значение рН должно быть в пределах
. The closer the score to 7, the lower the acidity. BUT
the vagina needs increased acidity.

It is in an acidic environment that beneficial bacteria can fight against
harmful microorganisms. Cosmetics with higher
may cause dry mucous membranes, leading to
inflammation and microcracks.

If you are constantly in motion, you drive very active
lifestyle, pay attention to the means that include
lingonberry, linden or apricot extract. These plants reduce
perspiration and help maintain freshness throughout the day. If a
your skin is capricious and prone to inflammation, choose a product with
calendula, chamomile, mimosa, oak bark or tea oil extract
tree. They protect against fungal infections and eliminate inflammation.
Women during menopause can recommend soap or gel with
provitamin B5. It will help to cope with the dryness of the vagina, with
which women often face at this time.

Panty liners

Panty liners просто незаменимы при овуляторных
discharge or in the last days of menstruation. But wear them every
Day gynecologists do not recommend. Gasket made of waterproof
material and does not allow the skin to breathe. Change the daily need
каждые четыре часа
. Better to opt for
odorless gaskets, aromatic additives often lead to

Hygiene during critical days

The choice of hygiene means depends on the amount of discharge, type
clothing and personal preference. Both tampons and gaskets have
its pros and cons. The tampon is comfortable when you fit
clothes, a short skirt or a pair of pants; the skin does not sweat on it.
But tampons create a favorable environment for infections in the vagina, and
with gynecological diseases, they are generally contraindicated.

Gaskets come with gel fillers, nets, impregnations
and flavors. But the more natural the material of which is made
laying, the less chance of getting irritated.

The gasket should be changed every three to four hours in order not to
prevent the development of infection and irritation. Before changing
hygiene products need to be washed if this is not possible,
You can use a wet napkin for intimate hygiene.

Travel Kit

If a впереди маячит перспектива долгой дороги и некоторое время
you will have to do without a shower, wet will become faithful helpers
napkins for intimate hygiene. They can be purchased at any
cosmetic store or pharmacy. To prevent allergies,
choose napkins without flavors. But ordinary wet wipes
for these purposes will not work, since they have in their composition

Special wipes clean the skin with supplements with
antiseptic properties (for example, calendula or chamomile),
enhancing the protective function of the vagina. They also include
vegetable oils that moisturize the mucous membrane. Gynecologists
recommend using wet wipes for intimate hygiene
after visiting the public toilet.

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