Gold and silver water: useprecious metals with health benefits

Fri, 03 Apr 2015

For many of you, it will surely be a revelation that
quality jewelry or products made of gold and silver can
make healing water enriched with a piece of precious

Gold and silver water has been successfully used for beauty and
health back in ancient times. We just need to learn from experience.
the ancients and experience these amazing liquids on themselves.

Golden water

The healing properties of golden water are many-sided, its reception:

– strengthens the immune system;

– improves memory;

– activates mental activity;

– helps to cure infertility and impotence;

– eliminates alcohol dependence.

In cosmetology, golden water has also found its use,
because it is suitable for all skin types, strengthening capillaries, improving
microcirculation and supporting dermis turgor. Used as well
golden masks.

The use of golden water with oily skin allows you to achieve
gradual leveling of the surface and dullness of the skin. Dry
skin will become soft and moisturized. And of course, golden water
helps to eliminate the signs of old age on the face, as well as to prevent them
development: this metal is not rejected by the human body and with
used successfully in plastic medicine.

Regular rinsing with golden water of the hair will strengthen the bulbs,
relieves dandruff and gives shade amazing shine.

Cooking golden water

This unique liquid can be prepared at home.
To do this, you need purified drinking water and the actual gold.
Here you need to be careful with the latter: gold jewelry consists of
alloy metal, not pure gold. Ideal if it is
5-10 gram gold bar or antique ring without stones
pre-known quality. Gold and a glass of water are placed in
pan and simmer until half boil over

Application of golden water

Prepared healing drink can be drunk, make lotions or
masks based on golden water. Internally allowed to take 1-3
st.l. golden water for 10 days.

Outwardly golden water is used as a base for masks.
or lotions, no restrictions on its use.

The fact is that gold is an excellent conductor of useful
substances into the skin, so this water will greatly enhance the effect
rejuvenating masks.

But do not keep it for more than 3 days – it is better to cook

Silver water

Even children know that silver kills bacteria: indeed,
this precious metal has excellent antiseptic
properties. Moreover, silver, unlike the strongest
antibiotics, destroys several hundred known bacteria, then
as the spectrum of action of drugs is always limited to a few dozen

Silver water применяется для лечения многих заболеваний
internal organs, including pancreatitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis,
dental problems, gastrointestinal diseases,
bones and joints.

The outdoor use of silver water ensures speedy
wound healing, cleansing the skin of acne and blackheads, relieves

Cooking silver water

Silver should be dropped into the jar with purified drinking water.
spoon, coin or just an ingot of silver, to insist for

Application of silver water

Silver water can be drunk, but not more than 1 cup per day. But
you can wash your face with silver water without

It is also recommended to add silver water to the bath, as general,
and local, foot or for hands.

Is precious water good for you?

As in any other theory, there are opponents of the use of gold
and silver water. They are right in one thing: everything must be respected
measure and common sense. You can not drink this water in liters, drink it
children, and take pregnant and lactating women!

And finally, a little trick: before you lower
gold or silver in water, firmly squeeze the metal in your hands and
think about something beautiful – the positive energy of the finished water

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