Gnawing envy? Envy silently!

Чт, 26 фев 2015 BUTвтор: Людмила Кириллова

What is envy? This infection can really poison life,
if you go with her about. Difficult, I agree. However without taming
petty thoughts of happiness is not found. Just do not say that
never envied, i won’t believe. And they envy you, even if
it seems that there is nothing. There is always an individual who wants
the same eyelashes, salaries, fans, position in society,
entertainment, sharp tongue, etc.

For myself, I share the envy into two categories. The first is
motivational. This is when there is an incentive to reach, to conquer,
prove. The second is devouring. All the powers of the soul are directed absolutely
not there, the handles are folded, hopelessly splashing in the eyes of “Why not
me-ee?!. “Often we envy the fact that on the surface, and dig deeper
– there is no need for such “happiness” forever … To make it clearer, I will tell
three stories: about devouring envy, motivational and about “on
surface “.


Bear and Grishka

These are my students, names, of course, others. Both guys are awesome
good, creatives, athletes. Both are addicted to shooting and editing.
video clips. So why talents disappear? From my lung
kick-send sent their masterpieces to the All-Russian competition. And both
passed a grand selection! The next step is the online voting.
Mishkin video immediately began to gain points, Grishkin sadly hangs in
the middle of a rather big list. Bear wins in parallel
regional competitions in their sport creates a couple more
video, training, meeting with friends, spinning love, driving in
your pleasure on cars. In short, he lives a rich life. BUT
poor Grishka completely plunged into competitive passion, tirelessly
Refreshes the page to track, compare, upset.
In short, Grishka died, he left school, he pouted his lips to the whole world,
seeks out “shoals” in the work of competitors, and the number one enemy
announced for himself Mishka. Not explicit, but visible to the naked
with a look.

Резюме: нельзя погрязать в болоте черной
devouring envy. It is always necessary to develop in several areas
so that failure in one is compensated by achievements in another. AND
it doesn’t matter if it’s about work, study, love, hobbies, belly dancing or
spitting in the distance.

Madame Jeanne

It is simply impossible not to envy: beauty, husband
money, a son in an elite gymnasium, foreign trips, cool car.
We sat somehow over a glass of tea, chatted, soon her devout
smacked his wife and urulil on business. Apparently, Jeanne just speak out
it was necessary, or maybe the wine played a dirty joke. Smearing mascara
told a friend about life-byte, that her husband is in bed
gets up, gagging his mouth so as not to scream from the pain. Oh mistress,
throwing a legitimate spouse with ridiculous threats. About a teenage son,
who accidentally found traces of injections …

Tell me, will you exchange peace of mind for external gloss? I – exactly
not. No money to compensate for sexual abuse.
husband is a sadist. Thank you, do not need rags, beauty, if
the only son turns into a narka.

Резюме: не завидуйте. You don’t know what,
you may have to endure someone whose share you think

The fun of Mary

For a snack, left a positive story. Once upon a time there was Mary.
She was jealous of a scary colleague who managed to achieve more
skyscrapers success in their careers, rather than our heroine. BUT еще больше —
appearance Looked through Masha, magazines, shook, and went to
professional makeup artist. Made that of her real doll –
that’s what the master’s hand means! AND подумалось Мане, а чем она хуже?
Surely not be able to themselves, beloved, correctly paint lips and tone
overlay? Signed up for the relevant courses, turned out to be very
capable student. Yes, such that they offered her a bread place in
luxury salon, and then opened his own. Now thriving on
the envy of a former colleague.

ANDстория может показаться фантастикой, но Фортуна и не такие
Knee issue. It comes more often to those who are actively
goes through and not whines on the stove.

I admit, and I envy, just trying to deal with
strangler in the early stages, so as not to enslave at all. AND мне
envy. My success, marriage, appearance, popularity among
student fraternity. However, to turn the soul before each
I do not intend to meet, so go ahead. AND да, завидуйте,
gentlemen, silently – unfortunately, I’m not putting my cheeks for blows
learned …

AND напоследок…

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