Glaucoma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Глаукома — распространённая группа заболеваний
the eye, which is characterized by periodic or constant
increase in intraocular pressure with the further development of typical
visual defects, as well as a gradual decrease in vision and
possible optic atrophy.

In medicine, there are 2 main forms of glaucoma: angle-closure
and open. In addition, the innate, juvenile,
secondary glaucoma, which may be associated with a variety of
anomalies in the development of the eye.

Glaucoma – causes of the disease

Glaucoma is a multifactorial disease with a threshold
effect, that is, for the development of the disease requires a number of reasons
which together give rise to

The most important factors include the following:
heredity, the individual characteristics of the organism, anomalies
eye structure, pathology of the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine
systems. Modern medicine believes that the development and
progression of glaucoma – a whole consistent set of
a variety of factors that are summarized in their action and
activate the mechanism leading to the occurrence of glaucoma. TO
Unfortunately, until now, impairment of visual functions during
This disease is not well understood.

Glaucoma – Symptoms

Glaucoma rarely causes complaints. Anxiety usually
вызывает острая форма diseases.

The closed-angle shape is characterized by the following symptoms: –
severe pain in the eye; – rapid vision loss; – frequent headaches
pain (especially on the part of the patient’s eye); – nausea and vomiting; –
fear of the light.

Congenital glaucoma further characterizes the enlarged
the size of the cornea and the whole eye.

Glaucoma – diagnosis of the disease

In the diagnosis of glaucoma, determining the level of
and regulation of intraocular pressure. The following methods are distinguished.
diagnostics: – measurement of intraocular pressure using
tonometry and elastotonometry; – study of intraocular outflow
liquids using tonography; – study of the visual field when
using a variety of perimetry techniques.

Glaucoma – methods of treatment and prevention

Any treatment for glaucoma is aimed at normalizing
intraocular pressure. Modern medicine offers 3
возможных варианта:- консервативное treatment;- лазерное;-

TOонсервативный (медикаментозный) способ лечения глаукомы имеет
significant drawbacks, as long-term use of drugs
reduces their effectiveness. Eye drops required to bury through
strictly defined periods of time
is always. TOапли имеют побочные эффекты: прогрессирование имеющейся
cataracts, deterioration of eye metabolism due to decreased production
intraocular fluid, constriction of the pupil. TOроме того, многие
medications are contraindicated for persons suffering from cardiovascular and
respiratory diseases. And most importantly – the struggle goes with
symptoms, and not with the disease in general.

The most effective treatment for glaucoma is
laser therapy and surgery. They are prescribed for
reducing the effectiveness of drug treatment to form
additional outflow of intraocular fluid.

Great attention is paid to the prevention of glaucoma, since
the disease was detected earlier, the fewer
зрения пройдёт treatment. Preventive measures include
examination by an ophthalmologist at least once a year, which includes
In itself measurement of intraocular pressure and definition of a field of vision.
Preventive measures usually start at age 40 (if
no genetic predisposition).


Andrei 12/03/2016 All symptoms are clear and thanks to this article
the diagnosis is made. Now wants to try alternative medicine
for example, here are these recipes, I want
learn the opinion of experts.

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