Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in signzodiac

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and light types.
connections that happen between people. Every person wants to have
near a reliable, loyal friend who never betrays, but in
difficult moment will throw everything and come running to you. But sometimes in life
it is different: the person whom we consider to be close and to whom
we trust our innermost thoughts at the most unexpected moment
betraying us, destroying everything we believed.

How not to make a mistake with a friend? How to understand that here it is –
true friendship? How in time to see a girlfriend or bitch or find
is her sister in her face? All these questions will help answer

Самые верные и преданные подруги по знакам zodiac

Одними из самых верных, надежных и преданных знаков zodiac по
rightly considered Scorpions.

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

It is known that representatives of this sign have very
difficult character: they are overly emotional, sensitive,
demanding, jealous. But if there is a man next
a scorpion will love with all his heart and who can accept it with all
bright advantages and disadvantages, the scorpion will be immensely
betrayed and devotedly faithful to him.

Women Scorpions, as a rule, do not have more than 1-2
friends, because they are extremely demanding of those who are considered

It is not easy to enter the chosen circle of Scorpio, but once you get into
him, you can be sure that the scorpion will always have
help, support and never tell a friend the words “no.”

Woman Scorpio is ready for much for the sake of her friend. If needed –
will rush at three in the morning with a package of medicines or give up
your money. But in return, it requires the same attitude. Scorpio
it is important to know that his feelings are responsive. If a friend is ready
every day, every minute to prove and show that it is not in vain
let in the heart, then she will get the best in the world wealth – a friend,
which sometimes gets closer than a sister. Scorpio is always
keeps this promise. If he promised, he will fulfill the promise
no matter what.

As perceived friendship Raki

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

No less good friends are female raki. Raki – very
gentle, soft and kindhearted creatures that are above all
put warm, sincere relationships with people. Be friends with cancer
easier and easier than with a scorpion. After all, a female cancer is not inclined
constantly doubt, check, wait for evidence of loyalty.
She quickly becomes attached to her friend and lets her into her heart,
sharing with her all the good that she has. Crayfish are generous. Friend
will never be left without a gorgeous gift for any holiday,
from a good, open cancer. Cancer by doing something
pleasant for a friend, will not sit and wait for the response step. Her
more important to give than to receive.

Communication with Cancer is always beneficial. After all, female cancer
considers it his holy duty in all things to be a mentor,
Advisor, the second mom to a friend.

For her, friendship is almost the same as blood relations.
Do not hurt the cancer. Once hitting her for the sick, she
will never be able to relate to her friend as before. Crayfish
loves faithfully, and therefore the pain feels sharper. Instead of the word
�”Girlfriend” cancer often uses the word “sister.” For her is extremely important
feel a spiritual connection with a friend. She is not so demanding
like a scorpion, but tends to be on the same wavelength with

Is it good to be friends with fish

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

At first glance, it may seem that these silent,
constantly self-absorbed, too serious creations are bad
are friends, but this is not at all the case.

Fish-girlfriend is good because it respects not the word, but the deed.
From her you can hardly wait for a beautiful speech about the importance of friendship and
love that she feels for her friend, but she will certainly be
near when a friend needs it.

Fish silently does good deeds. Sometimes she rescues her friend
brings her benefit in secret, as it does not expect her to praise or

If a friend borrowed a fish, time is running out, and
nothing to give, the fish will not make a scandal on this
about She can easily forget about the debt and still throw
of money.

How to relate to friendship Taurus

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

Taurus is also among the friendliest and most faithful.
знаков zodiac. They are good friends, but on friendly terms with
they should always be “guiding”. They are often addicted.
from a friend (her opinions, words, decisions, moods) and beautifully
adapt to it.

Tauruses are afraid of offending, offending, hurting a friend,
so they treat friendship as a job that needs to be
perform in good faith.

They firmly believe in what you get from friendships
what you invest in them. Tauruses often suffer from their excessive
gullibility. They are ready to surrender to their friendship with all their being, quickly
are tied and opened by a friend, but not always appreciated
by others.

What signs do not know how to be friends

An extremely cautious woman needs to be with

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

Representatives of this sign have one bright
dignity, which in friendship sometimes turns into a disadvantage –
they masterfully speak beautifully. Their deeds and actions are often
differ, which causes a storm of emotions in those with whom they are friends.

Aquarius is hidden, closed and not always even the closest
her friend manages to find out what she really thinks and feels

Aquarius is not capable of truly low actions, but also to expect from
his help and support in difficult moments is not necessary. Aquarius
He values ​​distance above all and rarely allows friends
come close to yourself. With her, good and nice time, go
shopping, watch a new movie, but for more important and
responsible affairs it is better to have a backup option.

Should I be friends with Leo

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

A woman Leo rarely needs friends. She is quite
self-sufficient person and able to do without friendly
relationship. Responsible it can not be called. She can easily
forget about the promise given to a friend or do not do as ordered

Lions are often selfish.

This means that in a friendship with them in the foreground
their own emotions, feelings and needs. If the girlfriend will not
an obstacle, does not touch the interests of the lion, the lion for a while
can pretty well be friends with her. But as soon as the lion
she feels that something is not going according to her scenario, she will immediately make
a sharp and sometimes painful step.

Making friends with Scales – weighing all the pros and cons

Girlfriends are stinkers and girlfriends-sisters in sign zodiac

Libra – women for the most part belong to those friends
who are used to taking more than giving.

They will gladly accept birthday gifts from a friend,
but they themselves can forget about her name day.

Also, in a difficult moment, they will gladly run to a friend for advice.
and support, but they themselves can withdraw at times when a friend
will need their presence. Scales are looking for benefits in everything. They
will be the ideal friends as long as they feel they are,
what to get from this friendship. It is not so much about material
values, how many other benefits of friendship (personal growth,
development of self-confidence, not a boring pastime,
useful friend communications). Do not expect large scales
attention. Another disadvantage of friendship with weights is their constant
скрытое соперничество с girlfriend. They не станут желать зла подруге,
but at heart they always want to be better in everything, to transcend it.
If they fail to do this, the relationship most often fails.

You should always pick your friends carefully, checking them.
time, the trials of life that fall to each
person And the stars will help not to be mistaken.

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