Ginger tea for weight loss: healthyrecipes

imbirnii-chai-dlya-pohudeniyaGinger – pretty famous
each hostess spice – used for making cookies,
cakes and main dishes, but can also be produced in the form of tea
or commercially distributed tablets and capsules for
losing weight

Although ginger is an effective remedy for nausea,
Researchers have also established its important role in the effective loss

Ginger decoction is completely harmless to most people and has
the tremendous potential of burning fat helping you to lose extra
kilograms and build a beautiful and slim figure.


Studies of the effectiveness of ginger tea for weight loss

Although research studies on the benefits of ginger for
potential weight loss has been carried out and some, but some
results are already there. So a prospective study conducted on
mice and published in 2008 in the Journal of Pharmaceutical
society of Japan “, revealed that he is able to significantly reduce
body weight in mice whose diets were rich in fat

In another experiment, scientists from Kuwait University,
published its findings in January 2007 in a British journal
�”Nutrition”, rats also lost weight by eating ginger in
raw. But still, clinical studies involving people and
The role of ginger tea in weight loss has not yet been carried out.

The benefits of ginger tea for weight loss

Asian, Indian and Arab cultures used ginger on
over the centuries for the treatment of digestion, nausea, arthritis and
heart disease. According to American researchers, he
effective for relieving chemotherapy side effects
nausea from motion sickness and reduce inflammation in patients

Preliminary research suggests that ginger can find
use in the treatment of cholesterol, the formation of blood clots and
oncological diseases, but additional
research in these areas.


Ginger is a popular remedy for the stomach and improves
intestinal patency. Just a cup of his broth will help
prevent the development of gas formation in the digestive

A more comfortable digestion means that your body will
absorb more nutrients from the food you eat, and,
accordingly, the total amount consumed


Reception of ginger drink can promote the raised
sweating, increasing the release of toxins from the body through


Drinking ginger tea from sachets, provided that ginger
is the only ingredient can also be effective
for treating pregnant women who suffer from
morning sickness.

Tea containing not more than 1 gr. ginger safely treats nausea and
vomiting if used for a limited time. Pregnant
women should drink it no more than four days
Having consulted with your doctor about its use.

Ginger Slimming Tea Recipes

Ginger is the main ingredient sold in stores and
pharmacies tea. But some commercial products in its composition
also contain other herbs, including mint, lemongrass, black
pepper, cloves and licorice root.

If you want to drink pure ginger tea, you can make
his own in two simple ways.

  • Первый способ: в чашку ложится 1 чайная ложка
    chopped ginger root and poured boiling water. If spicy taste
    too strong for you, try adding a teaspoon of honey to
    sweeten it a little.
  • Второй способ: в кастрюлю с кипящей водой погружаем
    sliced ​​or grated ginger root (at the rate of 2 tbsp.
    spoons for each liter of water) and boil for 15 – 20 minutes, until
    water will not become golden yellow. The latter method requires
    longer time but as a result you can do more
    amount of drink and store it for future use.


Ginger is a safe ingredient for most people.
but can cause heartburn, diarrhea and irritation of the mouth if
take in large quantities.

It can also interact with certain medicinal
drugs, including aspirin and other blood thinners. People with
gallstones should not take ginger without prior
consult a doctor.

In addition, pharmaceutical ginger slimming tea is often included in
yourself additional components that may cause
allergic or other adverse reactions in certain people.

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