Gestosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Mar 21, 2016

Гестоз – это осложнения при беременности,
which are caused by the breakdown of various functions vital
important organs, especially the bloodstream and vascular system.

Gestosis – symptoms (signs)

The first signs of preeclampsia are the appearance of various edemas,
which is called dropsy of pregnant women. Initially, the legs begin to swell
and hands. More serious symptoms include:
blood pressure, as well as the appearance of protein in the urine.

When manifesting these signs, be sure to visit
obstetrician-gynecologist, since this complication may unfavorably
affect the development of the child. Treatment of this disease
It is carried out only in a hospital setting, unlike the light form,
which can be treated at home.

Depending on the manifestations of preeclampsia is divided into eclampsia,
swelling of pregnant women and preeclampsia. Edemas are divided into obvious and
secretive. In the early stages of preeclampsia, hidden edema may appear,
which are associated with fluid retention.

Attempting diuretic self-medication does not reduce the volume
edema and worsen the condition of the fetus and pregnant. Should also
remember that not all edemas during pregnancy are associated with this
disease. And do not be afraid ahead of time, and be sure
you need to consult with your doctor.

The manifestation of preeclampsia can be very different: from stretched to
months of low symptom forms, to lightning and catastrophic
its consequences.

Gestosis – diagnosis

The diagnosis of this disease can be made on the basis of
various laboratory and clinical data. For early diagnosis
this disease requires timely registration in
female consultation, and also it is necessary to visit
regular routine check-ups at the gynecologist and at specialists who
who can send you for consultation. If the attending physician
found you have a suspicion of preeclampsia, you will need:

• pass a complete blood count to determine the amount
platelets and red blood cells; • pass biochemical blood tests
with the determination of the concentration of protein, electrolytes, creatinine and nitrogen
urea; • be tested for clotting and fluidity
blood tests • pass urine tests to determine the amount of
protein; • control diuresis; • carry out blood measurements
pressure on both hands, since there is a big difference in
testimony that indicates the depth of the occurring
violations • maintain constant weight control • conduct
examination of the fundus • to undergo ultrasound and
fetal dopplerometry; • consult a general practitioner,
a neurologist and a nephrologist.

Гестоз – treatment

Modern medicine is not yet able to completely cure
of this disease, but in many cases it is possible to control this
states. Правильное и современное treatment будет способствовать
prevention of severe forms of the disease. Самоtreatment ни в коем случае
unacceptable because without professional and individual
treatments are possible even more complications that will lead to
deterioration of the fetus and pregnant.

With this disease that is treatable, doctors do not
will stimulate preterm labor. Because
premature delivery can only be performed when
inefficiency of treatment or deterioration
baby and pregnant. Treatment of preeclampsia should be individualized, and
timely and proper initiation of treatment can prevent
development of the most severe complications.

Если ваш лечащий врач назначил treatment, то необходимо быстро и
to fulfill all his appointments in a disciplined way, since this can
lead to recovery. Do not do self-healing!

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