Gastroenteritis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Mar 21, 2016

Гастроэнтерит представляет собой заболевание
digestive organs, which is characterized by inflammation of the intestines
with a stomach. This type of disease can be both primary and
secondary. By the nature of inflammation, they are exudative,
alternative and more rarely productive. With the flow
gastroenteritis is acute and chronic. Most
exudative gastroenteritis is common.

Gastroenteritis – causes

The cause of this disease can serve a variety of
viruses. This can be safely attributed noroviruses, adenoviruses,
rotoviruses, astroviruses and many others. Viral gastroenteritis is not
may be caused by bacteria, parasites, medications
or diseases. Although the symptoms may be very similar.
The doctor will always be able to determine the true cause of gastroenteritis,
so that the patient can avoid recurring

Gastroenteritis – symptoms

The main symptoms of a disease like gastroenteritis
are vomiting and diarrhea, although each of these symptoms may be
dominant. Quite often, a person may experience a headache.
pain, fever, and abdominal pain. In total, all the symptoms
start somewhere on the 1-2 day of a viral infection, which, in its
turn, is considered the cause of gastroenteritis. Symptoms can last
up to 10 days – it all depends on which viruses are
следствием diseases. Sometimes a disease can last for
1-3 days.

Gastroenteritis – diagnosis

Diagnosis of gastroenteritis begins with the study
clinical picture. Врач, который занимается treatmentм, подробно
examines all the data of epidemiological history and directly
available laboratory test results. If
the diagnosis of the disease could not be confirmed by laboratory
research, it can not be called reliable. Concerning
laboratory research methods, then apply those that
provide an opportunity to find a virus or viral antigen in
feces, and also to find in the serum certain

Гастроэнтерит – treatment

It is worth noting that the disease as its treatment
does not imply the use of antibiotics. Others
drugs should be used exclusively after
diagnosis of gastroenteritis, as well as the appointment of the attending physician.

After the discovery of the first symptoms of this disease you need
use certain methods. For several hours
after the onset of symptoms you need to completely abandon
eating food, so that can restore activity
gastrointestinal tract. Also in this case, extremely
It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (juice or water). When
nausea feels off, you can already eat some rice
banana or rusk. During exacerbation of the disease, the patient is translated
in the conditions of the hospital.

When гастроэнтерит найдет у детей, то нужно более внимательно
treat this problem. After the first symptoms you need to
fill the body with fluid. During oral rehydration
apply remedy pedialit. We need to water the child more often,
broth hips or tea. It is worth noting that the use
apple juice or milk negatively affects the state

If this disease occurs in an infant, then
it is desirable to shift feeding for one hour, and when it comes
time, then attach the baby needs for a while. Children who
translated into artificial feeding, it is necessary to give very
small doses of specialized medicines for
oral rehydration.


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Yellow-green is also a sign of gastroenteritis ????

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