Gastric bandage: once and for all

In other words, a panacea for overweight was found. And scientific
research – more proof of this. In 2005, the group
American scientists commissioned by the American Agency
health research and development, published in
the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” the results of their
experiments. They compared dietary, medicinal and
surgical methods of weight loss. As it turned out,
pills and diets were ineffective. For ten years
experiments, the leg “under the knife” lost from 20 to 30 kg and
maintained weight at this level and beyond. For comparison: supporters
diets dropped an average of 9 kilograms, and taking pills –

And how are things in Russia? Our compatriots are not in a hurry
refer to the services of surgeons. But it’s not about the dangers.
bandaging, and in the shortage of funds – the cost of the operation
ranges from 150 to 200 thousand rubles. In addition, it is worth considering – in
installation bandage may refuse. It will happen in the event that
if you are not diagnosed with a high degree of obesity, as well
there are diseases of the heart, blood vessels and lungs. Why go
easy way with a simple unwillingness to do fitness and observe
diet will not work. The bandage is shown to people, body mass index
which are from 35 to 50, suffering from diabetes and other diseases.
If BMI is higher, constriction of the stomach will be useless.

But even after installing the bandage, you stick to a diet
still have to. In no case can not eat large
in portions, at the same time to eat liquid and solid dishes. AT
within a month after bandaging patients observed
aversion to food. However, there is still necessary. The main thing – correctly
pick up the products and prepare them correctly, as in the stomach
there is little space left. Heavy food such as meat, fish and flour
products are poorly digested. AT первые 20 дней лучше всего
limit to liquid food. Each reception should take at least
half an hour, while carefully chewing it. Solid
chopped food in the diet should be entered only after the third
of the week. Note: the menu should not contain fatty foods. With such
diet will have to accept for life – because bandage
set not for a while, but forever.

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