Gargling with soda: indications,contraindications and features of the procedure. Recipes for rinsingthroat soda

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Полоскание throat soda – один из самых простых способов лечения
throat diseases at home. The procedure disinfects
oral cavity, and with regular conduct can significantly reduce
pain and ease the course of the disease.

Полоскание throat soda: при каких заболеваниях необходимо

Ларингит – воспаление слизистой гортани,
caused by overcooling, after a strong overvoltage
vocal cords due to some infectious diseases
(measles, flu, etc.)

Repetitive process of inflammation of the larynx or long
inflammation in the nose leads to a chronic course of the disease. Such
a form of the disease develops in teachers, experienced smokers,

Фарингит – воспаление слизистой глотки,
caused by inhalation of cold air or due to
chemical irritants. The pathology is manifested by pains, soreness,
discomfort in the throat.

Most pharyngitis causes viruses, among which the most
common are rhinoviruses. Pharyngitis is usually not
accompanied by deterioration in general condition and increased
body temperature.

Тонзиллит или ангина – инфекционное
a disease characterized by acute inflammation of the tonsils.
Tonsillitis (primary angina) – a common disease of the upper
respiratory tract, appearing mostly in the fall and
in the spring.

Most often, children and young people are ill. Infection occurs from
a patient with angina, as well as from a carrier of streptococci. Transmitted
the easiest way: airborne, when talking and coughing

Тонзиллит (вторичная ангина) возникает на фоне
infectious diseases: measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, adenoviral
and herpes infection, syphilis and others. It affects the palatine

Стоматит – заболевание слизистой оболочки
oral cavity, affecting both adults and children. Most frequent
Causes of stomatitis are:

• mechanical injury

• action of some toothpastes and mouthwashes

• stress

• allergy

• bacteria

• hormonal changes

• diseases

Stomatitis occurs as a reaction of immunity to various
irritants. With the disease, ulcers are formed in the mouth, on
lips, cheeks, tonsils.

Dry cough. Appears in chronic
bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, pleurisy, inflammatory processes
in the nasopharynx. Dry cough often occurs with ARVI, flu,

Полоскание throat soda: рецепты и способы

At first painful sensations in the throat, it is recommended
use the tool that is available in the kitchen of any hostess.
Soda treats heartburn, arrhythmia, hypertension, bronchitis, rhinitis, inflammation
oral cavity and pharynx.

For gargling soda solutions are prepared as follows:

1. Классический способ: В 1 стакане воды растворить 1 чайную
spoon of soda and mix. For one rinse need to spend
whole solution.
The procedure is done 4-5 times a day.

2. В два стакана налить теплую воду. In one dissolve
a teaspoon of soda, and in another – a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.
Gargle alternately with one solution or another.

The procedure is repeated every 3 hours.

3. A popular recipe: “Children’s sea water.” In classic
soda solution (1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of soda) add 1
a teaspoon of salt and 2-3 drops of iodine.

4. Another recipe that treats even a sore throat without antibiotics.
In a glass of warm boiled water dissolve 1 teaspoon
salt and soda, add 1 beaten egg white.
Water for
The preparation of such a means should be warm. In hot protein
simply cooked.

It is recommended to gargle with the healing mixture 3-4 times a day.
day. With angina – 5-6 times. After the first rinse becomes
much easier. Soda and salt reduce inflammation, and protein gently
envelops the throat.

5. Кипяченое молоко остудить, добавить в него 1 чайную ложку
honey (in the absence of allergy to the product), a pinch of soda and 1
a small piece of cocoa butter.
Mix everything well and
sip slowly.

Such процедура хоть и не является полосканием в полном смысле
of this word, but still allows healing components to envelop
throat and positively impact it.

When gargling, it is important to follow some guidelines:

1. A solution of soda should be used only fresh.

2. Water should be applied warm. Cold water will only increase
inflammation, and hot –

do, even if not strong, but the burn.

3. Acting positively on the throat constituting the therapeutic
The solution may have a negative effect on the gastric mucosa.
Therefore, soda solution can not be swallowed.

4. The rinsing procedure should be carried out after a meal and in
for half an hour do not eat any food. So you
allow useful substances to work as much as possible

5. During rinsing, it is necessary to tilt the head back,
while sticking tongue forward. So the solution as deep as possible
penetrate the throat.

6. Each rinse should last about 30 seconds.

7. To healing the solution got better on the tonsils,
during the procedure, utter the sound “s”.

8. All components of the drug mixture must be well dissolved.
in water. This will help protect the mucosa from burns.

Полоскание throat soda: в каких случаях не помогает

Soda is a universal remedy for inflammation in the throat. But she does not
omnipotent if the disease is running. Soda is not able to help,
if the sore throat is such that you cannot swallow the saliva and she
simply flows from his mouth.

Сода не поможет и в том случае, если налицо отек
, трудно дышать, во время дыхания слышен свист или

Также тогда, когда боль сопровождается высокой
температурой тела
и продолжается более 2-х суток, не имея
signs of a cold, and in the back of the throat is clearly visible
pus, it is important to know that soda will not help.

In addition, soda is powerless if the patient:

• It’s difficult to breathe

• his lymph nodes are enlarged.

• voice changed

In such cases, an urgent need to seek medical attention.

Полоскание throat soda при беременности

Future mothers are subject to various
diseases, including sore throat. And if many
medications for pregnant women are contraindicated, then rinsing
a solution of soda pregnant is allowed.

The proportions of the preparation of therapeutic mixtures for expectant mothers are
same as for all. You can not only use iodine. Gargle
беременным рекомендуется 5-6 раз в day.

Полоскание throat soda детям

The rinsing procedure with soda solution is carried out for children who
turned 2 years old. Parents need to teach your baby the rules.
carrying out the procedure when the child is told that to swallow the solution
can not.

Rinsing with iodine should be done 1-2 times a day.
day. Для детей используют такой рецепт: на 1 стакан теплой
boiled water is added in half a teaspoon of soda and salt.
You can add 1 drop of iodine.

The procedure is carried out for 3-5 days without refusing.
from drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Полоскание throat soda – противопоказания

Excessive fascination with any drug is fraught
negative consequences. Is no exception and soda. Not worth it
to think that if you gargle more and more often, it will come faster
recovery. In all it is important to comply with the measure.

If you use soda for a long time, you may
nausea. Soda is alkali. She is very dry. With too active
there is a risk of dryness of the mucous membrane

Soda solution is not recommended for people who suffer.
язвой желудка. When rinsing a small part
means enters the stomach. This may cause aggravation.

Soda solution can not be applied to those who
аллергия на соду или индивидуальная
intolerance of the product. In addition, people with diabetes
also can not use soda. After all, they have already raised the level
alkali in the body.

Соду нельзя применять тем, кто имеет хронические,
онкологические заболевания

Despite a number of positive properties, soda is not designed for
constant use. Only dosed its use.
able to give the expected result.

Soda is not a panacea for sore throat. Rather it
adjuvant which when properly applied
принесет recovery. Using it wisely is possible at an early
stage win inflammatory processes in the throat.

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