Gargling with salt: children and adults. howgargle with salt to relieve pain and inflammation:recipes

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Чтобы снять ощущение боли в горле применяются
different treatments, and the most popular is

Полоскание горла солью — эффективный и
time-tested folk method recognized in the traditional
medicine. Salt-based solution – universal remedy for the throat
and oral cavity. Salt rinses relieve such symptoms well.
throat diseases, like discomfort when swallowing, burning,

Properties of water-salt solution

Due to the fact that in water-salt solution the saturation of salts
more than in the tissues of the throat, it is called hypertonic.

Hypertonic solution promotes removal from cells
excess fluid and reduces swelling. In addition, it displays
accumulated mucus due to which disease causing bacteria multiplies
bacteria, cleaned and moisturized throat, tonsils, oral

This solution has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

Unconditional benefit brings sea water, rich in iodine and
minerals. Regular rinsing of the throat with warm sea water
will help get rid of many pathogens.

Gargling with salt: medical indications

Gargling with salt greatly facilitates the flow of such
diseases like:?

  • purulent tonsillitis,
  • purulent pharyngitis,
  • laryngitis,
  • tonsillitis.

The composition fights with the accumulated pus and helps to get rid of
dead cells from the tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall. In the throat
inflammation, pain and swelling are reduced.

While in the tissues there are purulent discharge procedures are carried out.
каждый час.

После прекращения выделений, полоскания проводятся не
более 3 раз в день
, иначе возможно чрезмерное высушивание

It should be remembered that rinsing will not help cope with purulent
angina yourself. It is a great helper.
средством и должно использоваться в комплексе с

Rinses are used for acute respiratory diseases.
accompanied by copious secretions of mucus in the throat.
Hypertonic solution is used up to 5 times a day.

Positive rinsing results are indicated by results.
repeated studies conducted by foreign scientists.

So, in one of the foreign journals of practical medicine was
published the result of the study, the essence of which was to

Scientists have watched over 400 volunteers, for two
months for which the peak of colds falls. One half
volunteers rinsed throat 3 times a day, the other no action
did not undertake. According to the study, scientists concluded that
rinsing throat subjects 40% less likely to become infected with infectious
throat diseases. Even when they get sick, cold symptoms
were not so sharp.

Gargling with sea salt

Sea salt perfectly treats sore throat. Unlike
salt in sea salt is up to 92 microelements, among
which iodine, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, etc.

Another unconditional plus of sea salt – it is harmless to
little children. If a child swallows some water, it’s
danger to his body will not bring.

During exacerbation of viral diseases, after hypothermia
or contact with an infected person, doctors recommend doing
gargling with salt for the purpose of prevention.

Полоскание горла: recipes

• People have several recipes for gargling on
based salt solutions. All of them are simple to make, and
ingredients for them can be found in every hostess. Consider the most
popular ones.

• Salt rinse

• To prepare gargling with salt is enough two
components: salt and water. Half a teaspoon of salt
dissolves in a glass of warm boiled water. Therapeutic mixture
is ready. It is necessary to gargle her throat 5-6 times a day. It is important that
the solution was warm, because you can burn hot and so
sore throat, and cold can worsen the already heavy
state. When rinsing, throw back your head and
try to pronounce the letter Y. According to the doctors, the solution is faster
enters the foci of infection. Do not eat or drink after the procedure.
about half an hour.

Soda Rinse

To prepare the mixture, you need to mix a teaspoon of soda with
a glass of warm boiled water. Drinking soda has cleansing,
disinfectant properties, effectively fights fungi of the genus
Candida. 3-4 effects per day are enough to achieve the effect.

2% soda-saline solution

• The following popular recipe is also simple. A glass of warm
boiled water is taken half a teaspoon of soda and half a teaspoon
spoons of salt.

• Doctors speak positively about the results of such a procedure,
because soda and salt help remove pathogens from the throat
infections, destroyed tissues and mucus, which contributes to the rapid

Recipe “sea water”

When it’s not possible to gargle with natural sea water,
There is always an alternative – the solution “sea water”. For solution
You will need the following components:

• a glass of warm boiled water

• a teaspoon of salt;

• a teaspoon of baking soda;

• 2 drops of iodine.

Effective mixture for rinsing with angina

There is another interesting popular recipe that allows
cure a sore throat. This mixture is used much less frequently than
The above methods. For приготовления лекарства
will need:

• a glass of warm boiled water;

• a teaspoon of salt;

• teaspoon of soda;

• egg white.

It is necessary to dissolve salt, soda in a glass of water. Separately beat
fork egg white and combine with liquid. It is important that вода не
was hot, otherwise the protein will curtail. When sore throat rinse 5-6 times a
day. Protein envelops the throat, soda and salt reduce inflammation.
After a few rinses, a significant improvement occurs.
condition of the patient.

When gargling with salt is not necessary

• With pharyngitis, accompanied by cough and dry throat,
the effect of gargling with salt and soda will not be. Moreover, in
In this case, the treatment with soda-saline solution may be
contraindicated, as it is possible to dry the tissues and enhance
dry cough.

Features of gargling with salt in children

• Many parents ask themselves: is it possible to gargle
little baby? This solution is allowed to use, but
with some reservations:

• the child must be at least 5 years old, at an earlier age
children swallow the solution and it can adversely affect their

• halved soda concentration, for greater effect
salt is added in the same ratio;

• Pediatricians take great care to add iodine to
rinsing because iodine is a toxic substance and strong
an allergen.

Contraindications for gargling with salt in adults

• Despite the seemingly harmless components and
generally accepted by the people, gargling have salt

• various diseases of the stomach, such as ulcers, gastritis. If a
the patient will accidentally swallow the solution, may occur
exacerbation of the disease;

• болезни сердца, заглатывание содово-солевого solution может
disrupt the water-electrolyte composition of the blood, which can negatively
affect the work of the heart;

• oncological diseases;

• tuberculosis;

• toxicosis in pregnant women, the liquid can cause an increase in
gag reflex.

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