Fruit salad – the best recipes. How toand make tasty fruit salads.

Sun, Aug 21, 2016

Fruit salad – general principles and methods of cooking

In the summer, our body has the ability to stock up
vitamins and beneficial trace elements. As a rule, the main number
Russians eat fruit in its purest form, instead of
take advantage of wonderful fruit salad recipes.

As ingredients for vitamin salad can
use apples, oranges, pears, pineapples, kiwi, bananas and
a lot of other tasty and healthy fruits. Usually such dishes
run with honey, yogurt, sour cream or natural juice. AT
Generally, there are lots of options, you should only get acquainted with the rules
prepare the fruit and start cooking salads.

Fruit Salad – Food Preparation

First of all, the fruit should be thoroughly rinsed under running water.
cold water and dry with a napkin or leave on
lattice for a few minutes to glass the water.

With pears and apples, you must remove the skin and remove the core, then
cut into small pieces (cubes, slices, straw).

Oranges, grapefruits and tangerines are separated from the peel, dismantled
on slices and cut, necessarily simultaneously removing the bone. For
salad dressing can be used citrus peel, for this
it is necessary to separate its upper (bright) layer using a grater.

If grapes or cherries are necessary for a salad, berries should
remove from the branch, wash, dry on the grid and remove

Recipe 1: Fruit Salad – Traditional

Traditional fruit salad, the most popular recipe,
which includes several varieties of fruit.

Ингредиенты:– 1 большое яблоко;- 1 груша;-
70-100 grams of plums; – 150 grams of green grapes; – 40 grams
almonds; – 2 tablespoons of sugar; – 20 grams of lemon juice; – 100
grams of white table wine (if not, you can use

Cooking method

Fruits cut into small cubes, pre-cleared from
кожицы и удалив bones. Large grapes cut in half.
Mix the ingredients, season with sugar, lemon juice and wine.
Сверху посыпать орехами.AT некоторых случаях в данный рецепт
add cream, which is especially popular with children.

Recipe 2: Fruit Salad – Apple and Walnuts

Incredibly simple and nutritious salad, the preparation of which
takes a minimum of time. When serving, it looks very

Ингредиенты:– 3-4 яблока;- 150 граммов грецких
nuts; – 100 grams of celery root; – 40 grams of green lettuce; –
100 grams of mayonnaise (can be less); – black pepper; –

Cooking method

Peel the apples, cut into small cubes. Celery root
rinse in running water, peel, cut into slices. The walnut
Be sure to cover the nuts with boiling water, then chop finely.

ATсе ингредиенты фруктового салата смешайте, посолите, поперчите
and season with mayonnaise. Salad served on green leaves
salad dressing

Recipe 3: Fruit Salad – “Tropical”

Tropical Salad is the perfect solution for those who love
fruits and sweets, a combination of condensed milk and ripe fruit
give a pleasant and unique taste.

Ингредиенты:– 2 яблока;- 1 небольшой ананас;-
2-3 bananas; – 25 grams of grapes; – 100 grams of condensed milk; –
50 граммов майонеза;- 50 граммов зеленого salad dressingСпособ
Cook the fruit pulp cut into small pieces, add
mayonnaise and condensed milk. Salad is served chilled on the leaves
salad dressing

Recipe 4: Fruit salad with tangerines, mushrooms, cheese and

Fruits go well with mushrooms and cheese, adding
black ground pepper spiced up.

Ингредиенты:– 2 яблока;- 5 мандаринов;- 2
small sweet peppers; – 200 grams of hard cheese; – 100 grams
mushrooms (mushrooms or white); – 1 glass of yogurt; – 2 tablespoons
lemon juice; – 1 teaspoon of natural honey; – 1 teaspoon

Cooking method

Wash, peel and dice apples. Wash mushrooms and
boil to a state of complete readiness. Peel sweet pepper and
cut into rings. Tangerines clean and disassemble into slices. Solid
сыр нарезать кубиками.ATсе ингредиенты сложить в салатницу (кроме
tangerines), dressing with yoghurt, lemon juice, mustard and
natural honey. Mix the salad thoroughly (do this
neatly, in order not to turn the dish into porridge, the fruit must be
slices), put in a salad bowl and decorate with tangerines.

Fruit Salad – useful tips from experienced chefs

Fruits should always be washed in running cold water, do not
soak them, then vitamins, mineral salts and
other beneficial substances.

AT процессе мытья фруктов не будет лишним потереть их щеткой, так
easier to get rid of bacteria. Then be sure to wipe
fruit napkin.

It’s no secret that there are fruits that instantly darken,
when you cut them into pieces, they include apples, bananas,
peaches, pears, etc. For того, чтобы предотвратить негативное
the fruit should be sprinkled immediately after cleaning
lemon juice

AT том случае, если салат требует большое количество лимонного
juice, put lemon in warm water and leave it for a few
minutes, in this case, citrus will be much better to give
the juice.

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