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If simple scrambled eggs are fed up, you can add a popular dish.

They do not require long cooking, tasty and

Is breakfast delicious?

Sausage Fried Eggs – General Cooking Principles

Eggs can be used differently, but in most recipes
used chicken products. They are the most common and
available. But similarly, you can cook dishes with duck, goose,
quail eggs. Any product requires shell washing, so
as it focuses a large number of microbes.

Sausages are most often laid on a griddle with butter until eggs,
pre-fried. This is done quickly, as the product is already
ready to eat Often with sausages fry vegetables: tomatoes,
zucchini, onions. Cheese and mushrooms can be added to the eggs.
Spices and herbs in all forms are welcome.

Common scrambled eggs with sausages (eggs)

The easiest recipe for fried eggs with sausages, which is prepared for
A couple of minutes. Spices choose according to your taste.


• 2 sausages;

• 3-4 eggs;

• 20 ml of oil;

• spices, greens.


1. Heat the oil.

2. Cut the sausages into slices. Put in one layer on
skillet. Fry until golden brown.

3. Turn the pieces over to the other side.

4. Immediately break the eggs.

5. Sprinkle with salt, can be seasoned with other spices.

6. Cover the pan. Bring the eggs to readiness protein.
The yolk can be left slightly raw or roasted.

Fried eggs with sausage “Heart”

Option of a very beautiful and romantic fried eggs in the shape of a heart. For
cooking need sausage. It is desirable that she was
long and not very thick. Ingredients for cooking are indicated.
one heart, but for a full portion, it is advisable to make two


• 1 egg;

• 1 sausage;

• oil, spices.


1. Clean the sausage from the shell. Put on a cutting board.
Cut lengthwise into two parts, not reaching the opposite tip
about a centimeter.

2. Now turn the edges outward so that the heart turns out.
Seal the ends with a toothpick.

3. Put the heart in a preheated pan with butter. Fry
one side.

4. Turn the heart.

5. Immediately break an egg into it, season with spices.

6. Close the pan, fry the eggs under the lid until cooked.
squirrel and yolk. The state of the latter is doing to your taste.

7. We lay out a heart on a plate with greens, we delete

8. Serve the hearty scrambled eggs with fresh vegetables, you can draw
arrow piercing the heart of ketchup.

Fried eggs with sausages and bread

Recipe nourishing scrambled eggs with sausages, which is served immediately with
bread. It will be much tastier if the dish is cooked on melted
or just butter.


• 2 pieces of bread;

• 2 sausages;

• 3-4 eggs;

• 4 sprigs of parsley, dill;

• 25 g of oil;

• spices.


1. Cut the bread into cubes, put it in a frying pan with hot
oil Begin to fry.

2. Clear the sausages from the films, quickly cut, not finely.
Add to the bread.

3. After a minute, stir and you can break the eggs. Do it
right in the pan.

4. Sprinkle the eggs with salt, add the pepper, any seasoning. Important
do this before they start to clutch.

5. Cover the pan, cook on medium heat three

6. At the end of the dish sprinkle with herbs, shift to
small plates.

Fried eggs with sausages in the form of heart №2

Another way to cook beautiful and romantic fried eggs with
sausage. This method differs from the recipe above the content.
The filling for hearts contains bright droplets of peas and bulgarian


• 3 sausages;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 spoon of green peas;

• 2 sprigs of dill;

• 0.3 sweet pepper.


1. Cut along sausage, do not reach the end. We turn off
hearts, pinching tips with toothpicks.

2. Immediately prepare the egg mass. For этого яйца смешиваем со
spices, add the green peas and pieces of Bulgarian pepper.
It does not need much, just to make the filling bright colors.

3. Cut the greens, also add. Stir.

4. Fry hearts with one hand, turn over.

5. Spoon the egg mass with pepper and peas.

6. Закрываем сковородку, готовим под крышкой три minutes

7. Serve with vegetables, herbs, decorate the hearty dish in its own way
to taste.

Fried eggs with sausages and onions

A simple version of fried eggs with fried onions, giving your dish
aroma and taste. Get two full servings. Optionally, you can
do more or less use onion medium


• 4 eggs;

• 2 sausages;

• 1 onion;

• spices and oil;

• any greens.


1. Cut the onions as you like. Someone prefer half rings
some like little pieces. Throw in a griddle, fry with
three spoons of oil to transparency.

2. Add sausages, cut into arbitrary slices.

3. You can stir in a minute.

4. Immediately break the eggs. Sprinkle with spices. If there is a wish,
then you can stir everything up. Scrambled eggs will look like an omelet.

5. Close, bring to readiness on fire below average.

6. Decorate with greens, served with fresh or canned

Fried eggs with sausages and cheese

Cheese for such eggs can be used any, but it is desirable
so that it melts. In this case, the dish is the most


• 4 eggs;

• 2 sausages;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• spices;

• 2-3 sprigs of dill;

• 3 spoons of butter.


1. We cut peeled sausages in circles, but not thinly. Do by
half a centimeter.

2. Add oil to the pan, you can use any. We put
warm up.

3. Run the sausages, fry for a minute, stir.

4. Pour eggs one by one, no need to stir.

5. While the eggs are raw, you need to salt and sprinkle with pepper. Spice
can be any, select at will.

6. Close the pan with a lid, cook the eggs for a minute.

7. Head this time cheese rubbed. Can be large shavings or
small, does not play a special role. You can just cut it small

8. Open, sprinkle with chopped half-roasted cheese
scrambled eggs.

9. Close again and cook on low heat for a couple of minutes. Cheese
should completely melt.

Fried eggs with sausages and zucchini

For этого блюда понадобится немного кабачка, который
pre-fried with onions. Get two big servings
или три среднего size.


• 0.25 kg zucchini;

• 1 onion;

• 3 eggs;

• 2 sausages;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• garlic, spices, parsley.


1. Cut the onion half rings, send in a preheated frying pan.
Pour oil into it immediately.

2. Rinse the zucchini, cut into strips and add to the onion, fry
almost to readiness.

3. Peeled sausages crumble, shift to vegetables.

4. Mix the vegetable mixture with salt and pepper.

5. Beat the eggs. They also need to be seasoned with spices.

6. Cook under the lid for about three minutes. See as
proteins and yolks.

7. Chop the garlic with parsley. Sprinkle ready eggs, give
stand under the lid for a moment and you can serve.

Fried eggs with sausages and tomatoes

The recipe for delicious scrambled eggs, which includes fresh tomatoes.
Sausages are also needed, instead of which you can use any
boiled sausage.


• 4 eggs;

• 0.2 kg sausages;

• 0.2 kg of tomatoes;

• 0.1 kg or less onions;

• 25 ml of oil;

• greens, spices.


1. Cut the peeled onion head in arbitrary pieces.
Перекладываем в сковородку с уже разогретым oil Fry a couple

2. Put tomatoes with slices or circles to the onion,
Cooking until soft. Vegetable mixture, salt and pepper.

3. Clean the sausages, cut them in circles and also lay them in
pan. If it comes to a sausage dish, then you can cut it into cubes,

4. After a minute, break one egg. A little bit on top
add salt, cover the pan and bring to the desired readiness.

5. You can break the eggs in a bowl, whisk together with
щепоткой соли, а затем вылить в pan. Also cover, bring
until ready.

6. At the end, sprinkle the scrambled eggs with greens, serve until the table

Fried eggs with sausages and mushrooms in the oven

Немецкий рецепт яичницы с sausages. For этого блюда также
need canned white mushrooms. But instead you can
use pickled champignons or another similar


• 4 eggs;

• 2 sausages;

• 5-6 canned mushrooms;

• spices, oil;

• for feeding greens.


1. Take out the marinade mushrooms, cut into small

2. Sausage should be cut first into two parts, then

3. Put sausages and mushrooms in a greased mold.

4. Break all four eggs from above. Try to distribute
uniformly in shape.

5. Sprinkle the eggs with salt, pepper or other spices.

6. Put the mold in the oven. The stove must be heated to 200.
You can cook this dish in the microwave, in this case
set the maximum power, yolk must be pierced,
so that it does not spread in all directions.

7. Bring the scrambled eggs to readiness, sprinkle with a German dish.

Sausage Eggs – Tips and Tricks

• To make scrambled eggs, warm the pan well before
cooking. If you break the eggs into cold or slightly warm
the surface, they will start to absorb the oil, can stick,
get not very tasty.

• The most delicious and fragrant scrambled eggs are obtained in a mixture
butter and vegetable oils. You can use a mixture with
by adding ghee or pork fat.

• Italian herbs are a wonderful addition to any fried eggs,
just a few pinches to fill the dish amazing

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