Fried Adyghe cheese – for salads,sandwiches and just like that! Different recipes of Adyghe friedcheese

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Adyghe cheese – a product that can be fried!

It turns out very tasty, juicy, with a pleasant sourness and
cottage cheese flavor.

This cheese is put in salads, used for sandwiches,
as a snack, breakfast and even served for dessert.

Have you tried?


Fried Adygei cheese – general cooking principles

Before hot cheese does not require any pre-treatment.
Simply cut the piece into several pieces. More often
make elongated rectangular plates or cubes. Highly
it is advantageous to cut the cheese thickened straw. When frying in batter dishes
get a lot of even a small piece of the product.

What is fried cheese:

• in flour;

• in breadcrumbs;

• in eggs;

• in the test;

• in pita bread;

• in nori.

Highly интересны рецепты с помидорами, которые имеют много разных
options. One of them is slightly lower. Adygei cheese is fine
combined with all spices, can be prepared with honey and sugar.
Sweet dishes are used for desserts, breakfasts, afternoon snacks.
Salty and spicy dishes complement different sauces, sour cream,
greens. Часто кусочки cheese режут кубиками, панируют в муке и
just brown for salads.

Масло для жарки cheese адыгейского чаще используют растительное
refined. To give the product a more pleasant taste, you can
add a piece of butter or ghee to the pan. The same
will contribute to the early appearance of the crust.

Grilled Adygei Cheese in Flour

Простейший рецепт жареного адыгейского cheese в муке. Such
the breading will be in any house. On the pieces it turns out thin, but
ruddy crust.


• 300 г cheese адыгейского;

• 0.5 glasses of water;

• 5-7 tablespoons of flour;

• 0.5 tsp. extra salts;

• 4-5 tablespoons of butter.


1. We release the cheese from the packaging, put on a cutting board and
cut into plates. Since the piece is most likely rectangular,
the pieces will turn out the same. Thickness is one centimeter.

2. Put the pan, pour a layer of oil, albeit
heats up.

3. Mix the fine salt with flour. If you want to make cheese for
beer, then you can take more salt. But she must be

4. Pour water into another bowl.

5. Берем один кусочек cheese, обмакиваем в воде, панируем в
salted flour.

6. Put it on the pan. Similarly, we pan the rest

7. Blush on each side until golden brown.

8. Spread the pieces better on paper towels. Can take
napkins. They will absorb excess oil, the slices will not be so

Fried Adyghe cheese with tomatoes

Recipe is very juicy and tasty dishes. You can submit it to
as the main breakfast food either use as
addition to lunch or dinner. Tomatoes should not be watery,


• 250 g tomatoes;

• 250 г cheese адыгейского;

• 1 tsp. Provencal herbs;

• 2 tablespoons butter;

• 2 spoons of vegetable oil;

• salt;

• 1 spoonful of flour.


1. We cut Adygei cheese into cubes, no less than

2. We throw butter in a pan, let it warm up.

3. Sprinkle cheese with a spoonful of flour, stir and spread it into
pan. Fry the pieces until golden brown, stir

4. Put the cheese on a plate, sprinkle with a layer of fine salt and
half of Provencal herbs. If you like, you can add greens

5. Add vegetable oil to the pan, heat up very
strongly, almost to haze.

6. Cut diced tomatoes, can be on slices. Run in
butter and fry too.

7. Put the tomatoes on the cheese, sprinkle with salt and herbs until they

8. Украсить блюдо можно свежей greens. Eat it like hot
so and in the cold.

Fried Adygei cheese in croutons with egg

Вариант блюда из жареного адыгейского cheese с шикарной
breading. Rusks must be white, you can
cook them yourself from dried bread.


• 200 г cheese;

• 150 g crackers;

• 2 eggs;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• black pepper, sweet paprika;

• butter.


1. Mix breadcrumbs with flour, add to them
pepper and paprika, you can throw any other seasonings, but small.
Do this immediately in a large bowl.

2. Beat egg with a pinch of salt.

3. Cut the cheese into plates by centimeter. Size of pieces
arbitrary. If you make small bars, then due to the breading
dishes get a lot.

4. Dip the cheese in the egg, then breaded, spread on the board
chopping all the pieces. Let them lie down for a bit
got stronger.

5. Then take the first piece, re-dip into the egg, paniruem
in flavored crackers.

6. Immediately lay out in hot oil, fry the product until
golden brown crust. Cooking so all the pieces.

Fried Adygei cheese with nuts and honey

Сладкий вариант жареного cheese, который идеально подходит для
family breakfast. You can use this dish as
dessert. It will especially appeal to children who rarely complain.
Adyghe cheese and eat it reluctantly.


• 0,3 кг cheese;

• 80 g honey;

• 2 spoons of nuts;

• 50 grams of oil;

• 3 tablespoons flour;

• 100 ml of milk.


1. Нарезаем пластинками кусок cheese.

2. Pour flour in a bowl, you can add cinnamon to it or
vanillin. Cheese get even more delicious.

3. Chop the nuts, lightly fry in a skillet. Honey is also needed
prepare in advance so that everything is at hand.

4. Dip the pieces in the milk, then in the flour mixture.

5. Fry in a skillet, just brown with two

6. Spread on a platter.

7. Immediately pour honey.

8. Top falling asleep nuts.

9. We give to stand for ten minutes, served to the table. Very dish
simple, quick to prepare.

Fried Adygei cheese in noria

Рецепт очень аппетитного адыгейского cheese в нори. Would need
just two sheets of seaweed for sushi.


• 150 г cheese;

• 2 sheets of nori;

• 3 tablespoons flour;

• 60 ml of water;

• butter;

• egg;

• pepper, salt, turmeric.


1. Slice the cheese into bricks similar in size to the crab

2. Make a batter. To do this, pour water into a bowl, add an egg
and spices. Beat with a fork. It remains only to add flour and well

3. We will deal with nori. The leaves must be cut into pieces. At first
in half, then each half crumbled into 3 parts. To
Algae are not crumbled, you need to take a sharp knife. Can
use ordinary scissors.

4. Сбрызгиваем нори водой, заворачиваем кусочки cheese. Will turn out
miniature rolls.

5. Heat the oil in the pan.

6. Dip rolls with cheese in batter. We don’t make a thick layer of dough,
shake off excess immediately.

7. Fry the rolls until the dough is red.

8. Serve such rolls with spicy sauces, ketchup or just with
sour cream.

Fried Adyghe cheese in pita bread

Where only do not use thin pita. Even cook with it
жареный cheese. It is amazingly tasty and satisfying.


• 2 sheets of pita;

• 200 г cheese;

• 1 spoon of mayonnaise;

• 2 eggs;

• spices, oil;

• 1 scoop of starch.


1. Make the batter. To do this, break the eggs, add spices.
Starch and whisk well. Enter a spoonful of mayonnaise. Can
use sour cream, cream. Leave aside.

2. Cut the pita bread into slices. It is better to make rectangles.

3. Cheese is also cut in small plates.

4. Теперь берем кусочек cheese, кладем у узкой стороны
rectangle, bend the sides inward and do closed
bundle. Use the technique of stuffing pancakes.

5. Immediately spin in the pita bread all the cheese. Fold on the chopping
the board, the seam should be located below so that the pita is not
turned around.

6. Now pour the oil, send the pan to heat.

7. Take one convolution, dip it in the batter and put it in
griddle. Be sure to stitch in the oil to make the pita complete.

8. Обжарьте с двух сторон до golden brown crust. Take out on

Fried Adygei cheese in airy batter

Вариант жареного cheese в очень пышном кляре. Externally, yes, and by
taste, this dish is very similar to small pies with a filling.


• 2 eggs;

• 250 г cheese;

• 1 cup of kefir;

• 0.7 tsp. soda;

• flour;

• butter.


1. In kefir pour soda. Stir. It is better to pour
product in a bowl, as it starts to foam. Can take ряженку,
leaven, sour milk.

2. While kefir stands, break eggs, beat with salt, throw
a pinch of sugar. Whisk whisk.

3. Add kefir, stir.

4. Pour flour. It should go so much to get
thick dough for fritters. Stir until smooth.

5. We cut the cheese into cubes or squares, depending on
desired shape of products.

6. Heat the oil in a skillet. Для этого cheese нужно налить
слой жира с половину centimeter.

7. Окунаем кусочки cheese в кляр, перекладываем в раскаленное
butter. Spread so that they do not touch each other.
a friend.

8. Fry until golden brown, overturn. Same with
the other side.

Fried Adygei cheese – tips and tricks

• Для панировки cheese можно использовать не только пшеничную, но
and cornmeal. The output will turn out delicious, beautiful pieces
with a delicious aroma. To получить кукурузную муку, можно
grind a few spoons of cereal for porridge in a coffee grinder, then

• To придать жареному сыру необычный вкус и легкую кислинку,
Dip the pieces before breading, not in water, but in white wine. Can
use also the wine is red, but the product will tint slightly.

• In the flour and breadcrumbs, you can add any spices and
dry greens. But remember that they can burn in oil,
Watch the process carefully.

• Adygea cheese does not need to be fried for a long time, since the product itself
already ready. Orient to the color of the crust from the breading or
on readiness klyara.

• Any fried dish becomes fatty if the product
закладывается в слабо разогретое butter.

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