For all ages, swimming in the pool is useful.for good health. We destroy the myth that for pregnant women swimming in the pool- it’s bad

ATт, 23 фев 2016 Автор: специалист по валеологии
Nikolay Bobrovnikov

Swimming as a sport originated in ancient times
Egyptians, 2,5 thousand years before our era: on the tomb of the Egyptian
Pharaoh found a text narrating the lessons of the royal swimming

For the ancient Greeks, sport is a cult occupation, they naturally
athletic, swimming was considered a good exercise for the body and
the soul.

Water is far from alien to the human element, because the first few months
life, the child lies with the mother in the stomach, filled with water.

Эта среда для него привычна и

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits and beneficial effects on the body.
this sport, like any medal – there are two sides. therefore
Before going to the pool, every adult must
you need to know the benefits and harms of swimming
an organism.

Swimming in the pool: features of this sport

There are two types of pool: 25 meters long, and 50 meters.
Rarely meet custom – with a length of less than 25 meters. The average
значение температуры воды составляет 25 – 26°С.
The pool is cleaned with chlorinated water, although in some modern
pools cleaning equipment works on ozone. AT
public pools ozone purification is used in conjunction with

Swimming in the pool: what are the health benefits?

The fact that swimming improves physical health, you probably
heard a lot. However, many do not know that swimming in the pool
полезно для психического и эмоционального
здоровья человека
. ATода расслабляет, успокаивает, снимает
stress, improves appetite, normalizes sleep. Thanks water
procedures, strengthens the nervous system, there is a feeling
calm, harmony. Relaxation activates performance
nerve endings.

AT воде пловцу приходится совершать силовые движения, которые
involve almost all muscle groups. therefore это
сбалансированная тренировка для мышц, которая
strengthen bone tissue and the musculoskeletal system. When you
swim, there is a minimum load on the joints, improves
posture and produced endurance of the body.

Swimming in the pool health benefits, the body is literally
saturated with energy. Пловец осуществляет дыхательную
, во время которой происходит вентиляция легких
and their volume is gradually increasing. The body gets more
oxygen, metabolism accelerates, and this leads to burning
subcutaneous fat and improves digestion, which leads to strengthening

Плавание в бассейне польза для организма, тренируются
сердечные мышцы
. Regular visits to the pool strengthens
cardiovascular system, increases the power of the heart – in one
the heart cycle is able to push out a much larger volume of blood.

Swimming in the pool: what is the possible harm to health?

Swimming has a number of contraindications, so before you begin
visit the pool regularly, it is better to consult with
general practitioner, orthopedist and neuropathologist. Contraindications to this
виду спорта не так уж много, но, тем не менее, не
swimming is recommended:

• при простудных заболеваниях, таких как ОРЗ, ОРATИ, грипп,

• with neurological abnormalities, accompanied by

• with congenital severe heart disease;

• with epilepsy;

• in case of serious dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system,
when a person needs constant fixation of limbs;

• in case of skin infectious diseases.

Since the pool water is decontaminated by chlorination,
this chemical element adversely affects the skin,
mucous, hair and nails. Frequent cases
allergic reaction.

Swimming in the pool: the benefits for weight loss

Swimming in the pool does not harm, the load is distributed
evenly over the swimmer’s body, with no risk of sprains,
muscle overload and stress on the joints. Water resistance at 12
times stronger than air resistance, therefore during water
тренировки затрачивается 400- 500 ккал, а это на
25% more than energy consumed during intense running. With
This movement in the water is light and smooth, you will not feel muscular
stress, which you feel, sweating in the gym. No species
sport does not fight so mercilessly with cellulite as swimming, water
Massages the skin, improves elasticity and tone. When you плаваете
in the pool, the blood flow increases, the fluid begins to evenly
circulate in the lymphatic system, so this sport
is not just a means of combating cellulite deposits, but
и методом профилактики «апельсиновой корки».

For pregnant and lactating women: swimming in the pool is useful
or harmful

Для беременных плавание в бассейне польза для
научно доказанный факт, так как помогает
relax the spine, which accounts for most of the load
pregnancy time. Back pain and osteochondrosis with regular
visiting the pool will not be felt.

For those women who are carrying the fruit and added in weight –
swimming necessary kind of physical activity: in the pool
minimal risk of injury or stretching, with the body
the future mother can actively expend energy, and hence the extra

Regular visits to the pool have a beneficial effect on cardio –
vascular system, lowers blood pressure and strengthens
vessels that relieves a woman from varicose veins and
hypertension associated with pregnancy.

Respiratory gymnastics while diving in the pool helps the future
mothers prepare for childbirth. Proper breathing is important during childbirth,
as enough oxygen helps the muscles better
shrink – respiratory imitation occurs during contractions.

Swimming has a calming effect on the psyche, and allows
pregnant woman to relax, relieve stress and get rid of
fears associated with the upcoming childbirth and heavy bouts.
Regular visits to the pool during pregnancy will help the woman
to feel more energetic, more energetic and to get rid of ailments,
caused by loads.

Nursing mothers are not contraindicated to visit the pool, because after
the birth of the baby, every woman seeks to gain fitness shape
and slim fit body, and swimming is an effective way
destruction of extra pounds and swimming in the pool does not harm
will bring a weakened body. With лактации не
забывайте о правилах предосторожности, которые,
respecting every woman will keep the milk production sufficient

1) every kind of hypothermia sometimes leads to
loss of milk, so after visiting the pool it is desirable
bask in the sauna or under a warm shower.

2) should carefully approach the choice of a bathing suit –
the main thing is that he does not pinch and squeeze the chest.

3) you should not overwork and exhaust yourself kilometer long
swim, nursing mom should choose for themselves feasible
load that will only benefit the body and

4) after training in the pool, rinse the body, wash
Chlorinated water, dry hair and change wet clothes to
dry kit. And only after these procedures, go home to

Moderate Exercise Will Not Cause Loss
milk They change its taste, because when you exercise,
lactic acid is produced, but after an hour the effect of acid
weakened and soon after visiting the pool you can easily
continue to feed the baby.

Плавание в бассейне для детей: полезно or harmful

Swimming in the pool is good for a growing child’s body,
the child develops endurance, correct posture is formed,
strengthens the immune system.

A visit to the pool hardens the children’s body, increases
resistance to viral and catarrhal infections. Once
the child will go to school – the load will increase
spine, he has problems with posture. Since childhood
many begin to form scoliosis, which later will play
not the best role in the physical activity of the child.

Swimming promotes proper development
musculoskeletal system, helps to form a muscular corset,
supporting spinal column. Frequent movement of the legs in the water
prevents the development of flatfoot, which is often found in
toddlers and strengthens the ankle muscles.

Swimming has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system.
child’s system: sleep and appetite normalize, tone increases
organism. Dive into the water with breath holding increases
brain circulation that is conducive to mental development
your crumbs. Записав ребенка в секцию плавания, вы
develop your baby physically, and from childhood teach to discipline and

Swimming in the pool health benefits tangible, you’re charging
positive and cheerful, and the body becomes slimmer and fitter.
Swimming has beneficial effects on all organs and systems.
organism. ATам не стоит прерывать занятия во время беременности и
lactation, follow the recommendations and precautions.
The only harm when swimming in the pool is bacteria and skin
infectious diseases, but don’t worry about it, since
the risk of catching the infection is minimized.

Public pools are equipped with well-developed installations.
purification of water that kill the pathogenic bacteria. Although
The chlorinated purification method in itself creates the chance of becoming
allergen and irritant mucous, cause of deterioration
hair, skin and nails. But the benefits of visiting the pool are much
more – feel free to go to the pool yourself and do not forget to take
своих children.

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