Food during workouts

Exercise is usually associated with loss of fluid. Allotment
sweat suggests that we work hard but, more
In addition, it is a warning signal of possible dehydration.

Dehydration leads to loss of activity, general weakness,
fatigue and, in some cases, injury. To avoid
possible problems, the loss of fluid needs to be replenished with water or
isotonic drink.

Food during workouts

Such drinks are often sold in fitness clubs, but they can
сделать и дома, самостоятельно,  смешав

500 ml non-carbonated mineral water, 500 ml fresh
orange or apple juice, a pinch of salt.

Isotonic drinks quickly restore fluid reserves in
lost in sweat during exercise
They are a source of carbohydrates that return energy, and contain
some sodium in the form of regular salt, which improves absorption
fluid our body.

If you weigh 70 kg and train 1 hour a day, losing with sweat
1 kg of weight, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water or
isotonic drink to compensate for fluid loss.

Weigh yourself before and after workouts to know how much water
required by your body. Don’t weigh in too often
weight loss process, but to determine the amount of
fluid it does not hurt. It is better to use digital scales: they
give the most accurate readings.

Weigh yourself before aerobics training, having as much of yourself
less clothes. Your weight in kilograms is ________.

Then, after training, re-weigh – and again at you
должно быть как можно less clothes. Now your weight in kilograms
equals _______.

Take away your weight after a workout from your weight before
exercise Multiply the resulting difference by 1.5. Result and
there will be the number of liters of water you need for
restore fluid in the body.

For example: weight up to = 70 kg weight after = 69.5 kg difference (loss
weight) = 0.5 kg (500 g) Multiply 500 g by 1.5 = 750 ml of water you need
drink up.

It is not recommended to drink plenty of water at once – this is
may even be life threatening. Need to drink liquid
gradually. There is a disease called “water poisoning”
or hyponatremia (low plasma sodium concentration
blood). Long-distance runners are most at risk
since they lose a significant amount of salt with sweat.

If you drink more water than you need, blood plasma (one of
blood liquids) increases in volume and electrolytes (salts) in
blood thinned, which reduces the amount of salt, indispensable for
certain organs, such as the brain, heart and muscles.

Weighing before and after exercise eliminates the risk of hyponatremia.
Drink a little water during sports, immediately after them and
gradually over the rest of the day.

You should not, of course, exaggerate the risk of this disease, because
that usually people don’t drink enough water even for
normal, not very active day.

Tips for restoring fluid in
in the body

  • Выпивайте примерно 250 мл жидкости перед exercise
  • Constantly drink a little water or an isotonic drink throughout
    time sports.
  • Recover fluid loss as soon as possible (but not
    immediately!) after training.
  • Most liquids take 15 minutes to fully
    soak up the body.
  • Try to drink 500 ml immediately after a serious workout, but
    Do not drink more than 500 ml per hour.
  • Drink what you like, except alcohol,
    caffeine drinks, tea or coffee that are unacceptable
    для restore fluid in the body.
  • We all sweat in different ways. Do not be equal to others, use
    only by your personal weight changes to determine the right
    you the amount of fluid.
  • Isotonic drinks before, during and after workouts help
    восстановить воду и соль в in the body и обеспечивают дополнительной
    energy due to the carbohydrate content.
  • Those who regularly go in for sports need to
    control fluid loss during workouts.
  • In the moments of rest in the intervals between sports activities, a little
    drink isotonic fluids.

Восстановление запасов воды в in the body необходимо не только
athletes, but also to any person.

Remember that a human body is two-thirds water, even
bones contain 20% water. The brain and muscle tissue is water on

Alcohol, coffee and tea are diuretics, that is, they
cause water to leave the body. Therefore in order to
return to normal operation and recover lost energy as
as soon as possible, it is necessary to restore the liquid reserve with other
drinks. Drinking a beer or even a cup of tea or coffee after
workouts, be sure to supplement them with a glass of water.

Carbohydrates and energy

Carbohydrates give energy. In the process of digestion, they turn into
glucose that is absorbed and used by the body. Not all
carbohydrates are absorbed equally quickly. To determine,
what foods give the body the fastest energy
consider their glycemic index (GI), measuring speed
the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and its absorption by the body.

Чем выше гликемический индекс продукта,
the faster the digestibility of the body. Products with high content
sugars have a high GI: honey, biscuits, chocolate, dried fruit, candy
and jam (jam). Food prepared so that the fiber in it
broke up into easily digestible forms, such as baked potatoes,
crackers, cornflakes, rice cakes and white bread, also
quickly give energy to the body. Fruits have a moderate GI, but
beautifully and without harm to health provide energy.

Foods with high GI give fast conversion of carbohydrates to glucose,
very soon absorbed into the blood. It is an ideal source of energy for
athletes, and they often eat sweets and drink during workouts
drinks with glucose.

For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, a large
the amount of food with high GI in the form of convenience foods and sweets –
just a catastrophe: the energy received does not have time to be processed,
and blood sugar rises too much and quickly and drops too
dramatically, which causes weight gain and other problems,
including the risk of diabetes and heart disease. But if you do
sports, some fast-energy products won’t hurt,
especially if they are low in fat and good for health, like,
for example, dried fruits.

Energy recovery

Most people by the end of school, games, exercises
or a long walk there is a big loss of energy. Returning
body lost energy, we can continue to work with the former

How much energy you spend depends on the intensity
exercise Ask your doctor or instructor for
fitness, how active your sport should be. it
You can also determine by measuring your pulse.

Fast digestible carbohydrates, high glycemic index
perfectly stimulate the body’s energy reserves and
restore energy when needed.

Slow digestible carbohydrates with low glycemic
index – whole grain foods, cereals rich in fiber,
wholemeal bread and pasta from durum wheat;
vegetables and legumes – provide the energy needed for moderate
activity throughout the day and maintain a stable level
blood sugar

Foods with a high glycemic index are ideal for stimulating
energy, but should not make up a large part of your diet.

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