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About 4 billion people living on Earth are stunned by parasites,
most of which are actively breeding and live long due to
his “master”.

Parasites poison our bodies by causing severe chronic
diseases. They provoke exhaustion, weakening, allergic

Parasites love those who do not wash their hands, drinking dirty water. They
are also transmitted through vegetables and fruits that are eaten without washing out, not
until the end processed meat and fish, while communicating with animals, and
in some cases with sexual intercourse.

Due to lack of seriousness, lack of information, ineffective
diagnosis and treatment of the problem has become widespread.

There are 3 groups of parasites that can affect

• protozoa

• worms

• ectoparasites (live outside)

As a rule, the presence of parasites can be discussed with manifestations
constant headache, dizziness, weakness, loss
appetite, irritability.

Interestingly, in many cases the results of traditional
analyzes indicate, ostensibly, the absence of parasites. But it is not
always true.

Treatment of parasites by folk remedies – medicinal

Almost all parasite medications are
highly toxic and cause a lot of side effects. Besides,
with their regular use, parasites become much stronger and
organized, and the man – weaker.

Traditional methods of treatment are an alternative to conventional
therapy. Antihelmintic plants act gently, gently, not
causing adverse reactions.

1. Пижма – лекарственное растение с сильнейшими
antihelminthic properties. It is detrimental to intestinal
parasites. But it is worth adding that tansy is a poisonous plant,
therefore it is recommended not to exceed the dosage to avoid
dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms.

So, prepare the tincture in this way: pour one teaspoon
Tansy flowers with boiling water (1 cup). Give some time to the remedy.
brew, then strain and drink a few sips all

2. Полынь с давних пор применяют для изгнания
parasites. Make it the same as tansy. Besides, довольно
effective tincture on alcohol: combine in the same proportions
crushed wormwood and pumpkin seeds. Fill the mixture with vodka (1: 3) and
insist in a warm sunny place for a week.

Drink a folk remedy for parasites daily before
sit down to eat

In order for wormwood to clean all areas of the digestive tract.
tract and including the colon, it is recommended to use
inside dry plant. Wormwood needs to be ground into powder and
take a pinch quite often. But let it not seem to you
challenging. After all, health is the most important thing!

So, the first week, put a pinch of chopped wormwood in your mouth
every two hours, do not forget to drink water. To smell and
You quickly get used to the taste of wormwood. Then it will be enough 7-8 times a day.
pinch day for a month.

Important! In the first week, the plant powder is consumed.
and at night.

This parasite clearance is best done in the fall and
in the spring. At the same time should eat light food. To enhance
effect 1 time a day, do an enema from the infusion of wormwood, cook
which is quite easy.

Brew a couple of teaspoons of wormwood – a unique bitter
plants a liter of boiling water. Give, as is customary, insist
cool, strain and use for enemas.

Wormwood has its own contraindications. It is not recommended when
enterocolitis, anemia, bleeding, ulcer, gastritis
low acidity. You can not use wormwood pregnant and

3. Strong antiparasitic effects have the so-called
тройчатка“, в состав которой входят полынь,
Tansy, clove powder. Three healing components are destroyed in
human parasites (adults, larvae and eggs), and
also microorganisms.

Besides, данное средство обладает выраженным антимикробным,
antiseptic, antipyretic effect.

To prepare the drug, grind all the ingredients into powder.
Herbs are best taken by putting them in capsules or placing them in
bread balls that are swallowed without chewing and washed down

During the reception of this unique and proven over the years means
must adhere to a specific dosage. So, tansy can
take no more than 3 g per day, wormwood – no more than 1 g, and powder
Carnations, which, by the way, can be bought in finished form – 1, 5

“Troychatka” is not recommended for gastric ulcer, gastritis,
hypertension, pregnancy.

Begin treatment with taking 1 serving of the drug 1 time per day (first
day). Затем по 2 порции (второй day). On the third day and beyond –
по порции трижды в day. For prevention, you can drink daily for 1
portions even until the end of life.

Folk remedies for parasites – brandy-castor mixture

A mixture of brandy and castor oil – “tricky” folk remedy
от parasites. Cognac paralyzes them, not gives opportunities to parasites
lay low in a remote place. Castor oil action –
laxative effect, which resulted in harmful inhabitants
spontaneously displayed.

In the morning, before breakfast, drink a medicinal mixture consisting of
from 50 g of good cognac and the same amount of oil. Spend
procedure every day until you yourself see that there are more parasites

Folk remedies for parasites – garlic and onions

Everyone knows about the benefits of garlic. This is the strongest bactericidal,
antiviral, antiparasitic natural remedy.

Crush the garlic clove, boil the mush in a glass of water
just a minute, cool and do enemas for 7 days.

In addition, garlic juice is quite effective (10-15 drops),
diluted in warm milk. You need to drink it on an empty stomach
трижды в day.

Parasite garlic can also be used like this: eat
alternately about 10 small teeth of the product. After that no
forget to drink warm milk. It is necessary to finish treatment
any laxative (after 2 hours). This old recipe
поможет избавиться от различных видов parasites.

Known to many garlic tincture is no less effective. She doesn’t
only expels the parasites, but also cleans the vessels, warning
stroke, strengthens defenses.

So, rinse and peel 350 g of garlic. Mash it in
wooden mortar or with a wooden spoon (metal
do not use dishes!). Then pour the gruel with alcohol (200 g) and
Put it where it’s cool for 3 weeks.

After the allotted time, strain the composition through gauze and drink
with milk (so as not to burn the stomach) before eating
трижды в day.

Start with two drops of the remedy, daily increasing the dose by 2.
drops. Reaching 15 drops, drink 3 drops less daily. From 11
day, you can use a stable 25 drops three times a day before
end tincture.

Onion is an excellent remedy for lice – parasites living
outside. Chop 2 medium onions (grated). Mix mush
onions with 2 yolks. Apply a healing mixture to the scalp, and
wrap cellophane and towel on top. Keep this mask around
hours Then rinse and rinse with freshly made juice.
лимона, разбавив его water

Comb your hair with a fine comb. To secure
therapeutic effect spend a couple more of these procedures for
of the week.

Folk remedies for parasites – walnut tincture

Collect 33 ripe walnut partitions and fill them with 1.5 liters of vodka.
Be sure to close the dishes with the future tincture of the lid. Put the
her in the closet for a long time (40 days), then strain
means and for convenience pour into pharmacy glass containers.

For starters, drinking about a tablespoon 3 times a day is enough.
day, but if the tincture is well tolerated, the dose can be doubled. AT
treatment period refuse meat, spicy, salty, sour

Противопоказания: язва, алкоголизм, цирроз,
individual intolerance.


Parasites live quite a long time. AT результате своей
of vital activity they produce toxins – poisons and allergens,
which lead to cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gallstone disease,
diabetes, allergic dermatitis, colitis, etc.

ATовремя избавляться от них – значит дать возможность своей
The immune system works fine. There are certain measures
to avoid infection:

1. The main rule for the prevention of infection by parasites – frequent
washing hands with soap and water. Do this as often as possible: after joining
home, before you sit down at the table, after visiting the toilet
rooms, etc.

2. Cut your nails.

3. Change bedding often.

4. Spend влажную уборку.

5. Drink clean water, heat the meat well,

6. Eat onion, garlic, pepper, mustard, horseradish.

7. Use protection against mosquitoes, ticks, etc.

8. Before you go on an exciting journey to
exotic countries get vaccinations against infectious diseases.

9. Spend дегельминтизацию домашним животным.

10. ATовремя лечите зубы.

11. Give up bad habits: smoking and alcohol, which
являются допингом для parasites.

12. Store meat, fish, eggs separately in the refrigerator.

13. Wash shoes daily.

14. Separate cutting boards for meat, fish and the rest.

Any means described above is directed not only to expulsion
parasites, but also to strengthen the protective forces. And strong immunity,
as you know, able to maintain health and win

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