Folk remedies for nasal congestion – we treatthe cause of the disease. The best and proven folk remedies fromnasal congestion

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With the onset of cold weather, many are faced with such a problem
like nasal congestion. However, this symptom is not always
evidence of a cold.

Nasal congestion: causes

Nasal congestion can occur due to:

• allergies

• mechanical injury of the nose

• curvature of nasal septum

• hormonal disorders

• adenoid polyps

• uncontrolled reception of funds from a cold

• increased dryness in the room

• hypothermia

You can get rid of unpleasant feelings with the help of simple
methods. Но для начала необходимо установить the cause of the disease. BUT
only a specialist can do this. In addition to the main
treatment is recommended to use the available tools that has
its arsenal of traditional medicine.

Народные средства от nasal congestion – промывания

1. Everything знают, что промывание – полезная
procedure. However, not all use it. BUT зря. Nasal wash
opinion of scientists, helps with rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies and diseases,
related to air pollution in big cities. Procedure
pretty simple. The main thing is to conduct it correctly.

Washing removes mucus clots (read microorganisms),
reduces the activity and the number of substances that contribute to inflammation.
Washing should be done not only in therapeutic, but also in
prophylactic purposes.

What solutions can be used to perform the procedure?

1. Солевой раствор. Opinions how much to put
salt in a glass of water – diverge. The best option that
offers traditional medicine – 2 g. Dissolve as much salt –
means, which is in every home, in warm water (1 cup).

Perform a nasal wash procedure several times a day.
alternately retracting the healing solution from the palm of one of the nostrils, then

2. Содо-солевой. Dissolve in the same amount.
water in half a teaspoon of soda and salt. This mixture is effective
избавляет от nasal congestion, но часто пользоваться ею
can not.

3. Как можно чаще промывайте нос отваром
– традиционного противовоспалительного

4. Луковый раствор обладает выраженным
bactericidal action. Crush 1 onion. Take 1 part
juice of useful vegetable and add 10 parts of water to it. Rinse
nose onion solution with care.

5. Свекольный сок является отличным средством
for washing the nose. Grate a small beet grated, squeeze
juice and put it in both nostrils on a pair of droplets. Positive
You will feel the result immediately. The method is simple but extremely

Nasal flushing has its own contraindications.

Do not wash your nose if you have:

• swelling that cannot be relieved

• tumors in the nasal cavity

• tendency to nasal bleeding

• otitis

• nasal septum too curved

• allergic to one of the components of the solution

Народные средства от nasal congestion – капли

1. Масляные капли. Connect Valerian Root
(1 tablespoon of minced raw materials) and olive oil (100 g).
Put the mixture in a warm place for a long infusion (about
2 weeks). Then strain the composition, squeeze well
root and bury a couple drops in both nostrils before bedtime.

Children need to dilute the composition with fresh oil, and then
same as adults drip overnight.

In some cases, it takes weeks for the nose to become loose.
breathe. If after 7 days there is no result, repeat the course.
treatment, taking a five-day break.

3. “Пробить” нос помогает облепиховое масло.
You can cook it yourself in the season, or you can buy it.

Bury the drug in a couple drops in both nostrils. For better
As a result, add fresh carrot juice to the oil (in the same

In addition, if you feel discomfort and dryness during the day
in the nose, just grease the nasal passage with sea buckthorn oil.

4. Мед – отличное натуральное средство от
nasal congestion. Dilute before use
water Here the main thing – do not overdo it, so as not to get
allergic reaction.

5. Закапать заложенный нос можно свекольным соком с
. Crush the fruit. Add some water and honey. Everything
mix well (honey must be liquid and, of course,
quality) and drop a couple of drops before
go to sleep.

Народные средства от nasal congestion – тепловые

If the cause of the problem is a banal cold, then the best way
от нее избавиться являются ножные горячие

It is important to know! Любые тепловые procedures стоит проводить лишь при
no increased body temperature.

At bedtime, steam your feet in hot water, which you can
добавить морскую соль или отвар лекарственных

Кроме этого, эффективны горчичники,
set right on the heels. Wear warm socks from above.
and take cover with a blanket. Продолжительность такой procedures всего
A couple of minutes.

Undoubtedly, mustard plaster can be used for children, but with a large
care not to burn tender children’s feet. Mustard plaster,
put on the calves also help reduce the swelling of the mucous
the nose.

Заставить нос дышать помогают и традиционные
Add a small amount to the hot water tank.
a pinch of soda and a couple of drops of fir oil. Cover yourself with a towel and
дышите целебным составом A couple of minutes.

It is important to know! If the cause of your problem is antritis, then
проводить тепловые procedures не рекомендуется! Consult
with the doctor!

При nasal congestion помогает прогревание непосредственно
самого the nose. Cook two eggs and carefully, so as not to burn yourself,
apply them to both sides of the nose to cool.

You can get rid of the problem with the help of the old “grandmother”
way. Cook the potatoes “in uniform” and breathe over the pan with
medical decoction, covered with a towel. Breathe in through your nose, and
exhale through the mouth. Perform the procedure for the night.

Самомассаж – народное средство о nasal congestion

Массаж, сделанный правильно, поможет носу свободно breathe.
Надавливайте по нескольку раз на точки, расположенные в
углу ноздрей
, а также проводите круговые движения
fingers, with which your nostrils will open and

Кроме этого, промассажируйте все уголки вокруг
, надавливая на них до 10 раз. Additionally
промассируйте уши и мочки ушей.

Another interesting way to “pierce” nasal breathing.
Prepare a small container. Throw a shredded head into it.
onions and a couple of cloves of garlic. Try to smell.

Don’t you smell? Tap lightly with two fingers.
переносице и помассируйте крылья носа. Now
breathe medicinal composition.

Nose: General recommendations

1. As stated, the nasal congestion has certain
the reasons. To establish them, consult your doctor.

2. Do not use for a long time special preparations from
runny nose

3. Periodically wash the nasal passage with a weak saline
solution. Do this before bedtime. Flushing needs to be done not
only if the problem already exists. It is effective and how
preventive measure.

4. Lubricate the nasal cavity with petroleum jelly or sea buckthorn oil. it
keep the nasal mucosa from drying out.

5. Eat foods rich in vitamins. Include in the diet
nutrition a powerful source of vitamin C – wild rose, currant (in any
form), citrus (in the absence of allergy), legumes, sea buckthorn.

6. Drink enough hot tea with honey, lemon,
ginger, etc.

7. Visit the sauna or take a contrast shower, thereby
strengthening the body’s defenses.

8. Moisten the air in the room where you work or sleep.
To do this, you can hang wet towels on radiators
or use special means to humidify the air.

9. Take daily walks, do not freeze.

10. During a night’s rest, put a thick over head.
pillow it нужно для того, чтобы был отток слизи из the nose.

11. При nasal congestion уменьшите количество употребляемого

12. Add different types of pepper to the dishes, onions and
garlic, mustard, horseradish, parsley.

It is known that many vasoconstrictor drugs have a temporary
act. They can only aggravate the problem if they are constantly
применять, пытаясь заставить свой нос breathe.

Using simple treatment methods using natural
funds can be achieved in a relatively short time
positive result. But first, consult with Laura.
to determine the cause of the problem.

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