Folk remedies for lice: how to get theseparasites. Why popular kerosene is better not to use aslice medicine?

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The most unpleasant thing in pediculosis is that lice usually parasitize on
children, as they are closely communicating with large teams.

Lice – what are they?

Unlike fleas, lice do not know how to jump, but only crawl (with
speed up to 40 centimeters per minute), and suck blood on the skin

The size of the louse reaches half a centimeter.

Lice, under the standard conditions of human life, can live on
his head is up to 40 days, and a food-free louse lives no more than 10.

Every day, the female lays 4 eggs, which are deposited throughout
the length of the hair in the form of translucent nits. Of them in two weeks
There are new full-fledged lice that can reproduce. This
the feature forces the appropriate treatment to be carried out, including
including folk remedies for lice.

How to determine if it has lice?

These bloodsuckers will certainly cause itchy scalp, biting through it.
and causing irritation. The main places for bites are the back of the head and temples. For
nits characteristic location at the roots of the hair, usually not more than three
сантиметров от кожи heads. To remove them from the hair is difficult, and
squeezing the nits between the nails is a click.

Adult can get into the combed skin from the bites of adults.
infection. This will make treatment more difficult. Ulcers appear on the skin,
increases the overall temperature of the body. And if the standard
With lice products, you can quickly get rid of it quickly, then with
complications need advice from a doctor.

Children lice: where can I get infected?

Pediculosis epidemics are common in orphanages, school
camps, in kindergarten, and also in schools, usually at the beginning of school
years after the summer holidays. The rapid spread of the epidemic
ensured by the ease of transfer of insects – through care items
for hair, clothes or bedding. A frequent case is when
girls play hairdressers, and the next day everyone
lice detected. And moms resort to emergency measures, as a rule
using at first all possible folk remedies for lice.

Folk remedies for lice that can be used in
home conditions

Treatment for pediculosis includes:

• chemical treatment (medical shampoo,
aerosol, lotion, cream, or folk remedies);

• thorough combing hair, manual removal of nits.

Even the most expensive chemical does not guarantee fast
getting rid of lice and nits, especially at one time. Procedure
repeats up to four times in a row, at weekly intervals, so as not to
prevent reproduction of newly hatched lice. But some
folk remedies, as their supporters claim, are capable of poisoning
all lice at the same time.


For волос средней длины, не длиннее плеч, подойдет такое
number of drug ingredients: one onion and one large
head of garlic. Grind ingredients to homogeneous
states. Apply mass evenly onto scalp, rubbing
massaging movements. Spread over the entire hair length. Put on
plastic bag or shower cap on your head and leave on
couple of hours.

After rinsing the product, grease the head with geranium oil and
comb through the comb, strand by strand looking through the hair, and remove
all visible nits. After the procedure, wash your hair with shampoo
(better specialized, from lice – for sure) and rinse
decoction of sorrel: half a liter of boiling water 3 tablespoons insist
half an hour, and then boil another 15 minutes in a water bath. About lice
you can forget.

Decoction of tansy flowers

To a liter of cold water you need 50 grams of dried flowers of tansy.
Put in a water bath for 30 minutes, cool and strain. Hair
irrigate with a decoction of tansy flowers at least three (and preferably four)
once a day without washing off. Every time comb comb with frequent
teeth. Before bedtime, smear with garlic oil, wash hair with shampoo
and again rinse folk remedy from tansy. Can achieve
full recovery.

Cranberry juice

It is believed that cranberry juice destroys the protective shell of nits,
after which the eggs die, and new lice do not appear. Cranberry juice
applied several times a day for a couple of hours, and better – abundantly
apply cranberry juice and do not wash off for three hours.

Hair dyeing with chemical dyes

It is believed that lice and nits are afraid of the effects of concentrate
hydrogen peroxide with ammonia, and do not survive after such treatment.
Therefore, you can try to dye your hair (if it’s not about

Chemerichnaya water

It can be purchased at any pharmacy, for processing is enough
two or three vials. Chemerichnaya water эффективна в борьбе со вшами и,
that is very important, nits, because of the alkaloids which are its part.
They are extremely toxic to living organisms, including
people. When used improperly, especially when ingested,
You can get a strong irreversible poisoning, so keep it
home, where there are children, not worth it.

A folk remedy for lice in the face of the water kemerichno need
rub the hair roots, then comb through each strand and
carefully apply the product to all hair. Bundle your hair,
put on a plastic bag, and on top – a warm scarf or towel,
and leave at least 4 hours. It is better to sleep in this form the night –
getting rid of lice is guaranteed.

Getting rid of lice requires re-treatment anyway,
even if lice are not noticeable on the hair. Procedure повторяется через
7-10 days.

Vinegar – the main fighter against parasites!

With lice, and with their eggs, nits, 5%
vinegar solution. If only 9% can be found in the store, then
dilute it 1: 1 with plain, very warm tap water. Pour
vinegar directly from the bottle is impossible – this acid is very dangerous when
hitting the face, especially on the mucous membranes or in the eyes – is fraught
severe burns. Even in diluted form can not be allowed
contact with the face, eyes need to close tightly.

Warm the vinegar solution to rinse the hair, following the
uniform distribution of the solution – it should fall on all
hairs. Without washing the solution, wrap in a towel and leave in such
form for 20 minutes. Wash and dry your hair with shampoo.

Wind the thread between the frequent teeth and comb
nits to complete extinction.

Within a month, you need to do four such procedures with
weekly interval. From lice and nits will not remain, and vinegar
make your hair shiny and silky.

To make it easier to comb the nits, you can lubricate the hair
vegetable oil (better than geranium, rosemary or

What folk remedies for lice is better not to use

When talking about lice fighting, almost everyone
immediately imagines his head wet
керосином, с пакетом сверху. Folk way
proposes sanitation with kerosene by copiously applying it on
scalp and hair for 15 minutes. After this shampoo wash
head, and “all!”. It would be nice if everything was so simple. But
procedures will require at least two, and on repeated torment
the child may not agree, which is not surprising.

Kerosene, though refined, is a combustible, oily substance,
which not only stifles lice (not immediately and not completely), but also
will cause a chemical burn and ruin your hair. Kerosene is toxic
so much so that it can hurt even the internal organs. TO
Moreover, washing the smell of kerosene from the first time is not easy.

Another “folk remedy” – treatment of lice
дихлофосом. TOонечно, если бы можно было снять
hair from the head and leave on the street, process, and then – wear
back, dichlorvos could be used. And so – dichlorvos –
extremely toxic which causes very strong

Fortunately, in pharmacies now enough funds for lice for quite
Reasonable price, which act better than folk, more convenient
are applied, washed away and do not cause discomfort.

And parents must be conscious, and without fail.
tell a kindergarten or school health worker about lice – he
check the rest of the classes or groups and you can avoid

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