Folk remedies for diarrhea act sparingly andefficiently. How to cure diarrhea (diarrhea) with the help of folkfunds?

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Понос или диарея не является самостоятельным

This is a symptom of various pathologies. For properly selected
therapy, it is necessary to establish the exact diagnosis, what can be done
only specialist.

Stop diarrhea and improve the overall condition of the body allow
proven funds.

Folk remedies for diarrhea – medicinal plants

1. Полынь. Pour 1 teaspoon of herbs
a glass of boiling water. Let the mixture infuse and consume a little.
three times a day.

Wormwood should not be consumed during pregnancy, stomach ulcers and
bowel, thrombophlebitis, mental disorders.

2. Кора дуба обладает противовоспалительным,
disinfectant, bactericidal, astringent. She is active
used for diarrhea.

To prepare the drug brew dining
spoon bark boiling water (1 cup). Close the dishes with the drug
cover and leave for half an hour to insist. Consume
healing infusion throughout the day on a tablespoon.

The plant has practically no contraindications. It can not only
apply with allergies and individual intolerances.

3. Корень лапчатки – отличное натуральное
remedy for diarrhea. Pour a tablespoon of chopped root
boiling water (1 cup), warm the mixture for half an hour in a water bath.

Then set aside to insist, then strain
and drink all day on a tablespoon.

Potentilla root has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
Thanks to the tannins contained in the plant, potentilla
широко used for diarrhea. Potentilla is contraindicated in
reduced pressure. This is perhaps its only side

4. Корни горца змеиного также применяются при
diarrhea. The plant is famous for its anti-inflammatory, astringent,
Hemostatic, soothing properties.

The recipe for making a medicinal drug is simple: pour it into
thermos 2 teaspoons chopped roots with boiling water (1 cup).
Let the facility brew well. Then, filtering
consume it all day little by little.

During the period of treatment, abandon the sharp and protein foods.
Highlander snake is contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes
bladder, kidney, pregnancy, thrombophlebitis.

5. Зеленые почки осины, приготовленные простым
способом эффективны при diarrhea. Boil water (1 cup). Not
When removing the container from the fire, throw the green aspen buds into it (1
tablespoon). Notсколько минут проварите смесь на очень медленном
fire and then let it brew. Strain, drink three times a day.
a couple of tablespoons.

Aspen – a unique plant, which contains in the kidneys
tannins, essential oils, etc. Aspen has a pronounced
anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antihelminthic

6. Герань луговая не менее действенна в лечении
diarrhea. Preparing a medicinal infusion is quite simple. Fill up
cold boiled water (2 cups) pre-ground
plant (2 teaspoons).

Let the mixture stand overnight. The next morning means ready! Drink
its all day in small sips.

Meadow geranium has antibacterial properties. Plant
quite popular due to its anti-inflammatory,
disinfectant, astringent action.

Notльзя использовать герань при тромбофлебите, тромбозе,
increased blood viscosity, gastritis with increased acidity.

7. Листья брусники – хорошее средство от
diarrhea. Before preparing the medicinal mixture try
mince the lingonberry leaf as much as possible. 1 tablespoon of plant
pour boiling water (1 cup) and set aside to
water absorbed from the sheet all the useful substances.

Then strain it. Drink вкусный и полезный напиток весь день
little by little

Lingonberry leaf contains vitamins, trace elements,
кислоты, обладающие антисептическим, вяжущим action. Therefore not
surprisingly, the plant is widely used in traditional medicine
in general, and with diarrhea in particular.

Folk remedies for diarrhea – all useful at hand

In addition to the above herbs that fight diarrhea,
There are many simple recipes with which you can
get rid of the problem.

1. Настойка перегородок грецких орехов
применяется в лечении многих заболеваний, в том числе и при diarrhea.
Prepare it completely easy. 1 tablespoon of raw pour
a glass of vodka. Put the mixture in a dark place not less than
a week

After that, the healing composition can be used for its intended purpose.
Consume его по пару капель, растворяя в воде, трижды в

2. Крахмал – первая помощь при diarrhea. In the very
the beginning of the unpleasant symptoms dissolve a teaspoon of the substance
which is almost every housewife in a glass of warm water
and slowly drink. Take the mixture every hour until
feel no relief.

3. Старый проверенный способ избавления от diarrhea. Brew
strong tea with mint. Add a few drops to it.
iodine (carefully!). Drink такой чай трижды в сутки.

4. Рисовый отвар – отличное средство, которое с
успехом применяется при diarrhea. First, wash the rice thoroughly.
Fill up его водой (в данном случае воды нужно больше, чем обычно),
put the saucepan on the stove and boil the rice.

When the product is ready, remove the container, give the broth a little
cool and then strain it, well wring out. The result is
a remedy that is necessary to drink with diarrhea
a little bit.

5. Peel is extremely tasty and healthy.
граната эффективна при диарее. Rinse thoroughly
fruit, dry. Peel it and chop the peel. Take a gram
30 сырья и залейте a glass of boiling water.

Put the container with the drug on the stove and boil for a short time.
Cool, strain. Take a pleasant decoction of diarrhea for 2-3
throat during the day.

Diarrhea (diarrhea) folk treatment: general recommendations

Notзависимо от причины диареи для улучшения своего состояния
certain rules regarding nutrition and

1. При поносе организм теряет немало жидкости.
Therefore, in the period of illness, drink not just water or decoctions of herbs, but also
traditional means – rehydron, citroglucosolan.

You can prepare a solution that restores lost
liquid. Stir in 1 l of water salt (1 teaspoon), soda (0.5
teaspoon), potassium chloride (fourth of a spoon) and sugar (4
tablespoons). Mix all ingredients well and drink healing.
solution during the day.

2. При поносе необходимо отказаться от жирных
, яиц, белокочанной капусты, свеклы, огурцов,
canned vegetables. Not рекомендованы кислые сорта фруктов и ягод,
carbonated drinks, muffin.

3. В первый день поноса откажитесь от пищи
. Consume в течение дня сладкий чай. Such
the option is suitable for those who do not panic at the thought that
will have to starve.

4. В период диареи разрешены: сухарики из
white bread, rice, bird cherry compote, sweet tea, milk

You can also use low-fat varieties of meat and fish in boiled and
baked form, cereals (except barley), boiled vermicelli,
dairy products, eggs (scrambled eggs), baked or in the form of jelly
and compote fruits and berries, tea, coffee, cocoa, boiled or
Baked vegetables: potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant,

5. Питайтесь часто и дробно.

6. Исключите продукты, обладающие желчегонным

7. Срочно обращайтесь к врачу, если у вас:

• diarrhea lasts more than 4 days

• if blood drops are visible in the feces.

• if severe abdominal pain is present

• if the fever has risen

Folk remedies for diarrhea, of course, act
more gently than the usual pharmaceutical preparations.

However, before using this or that treatment method, all
it is better to consult a specialist.

After all, diarrhea can be caused by a serious illness,
which only a doctor can determine.

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