Folk remedies for cellulite: your key tovictory

narodnie-sredstva-ot-cellulitaStill not stop
controversy about what physically actually represents

Some researchers see it as simply uneven
distributed subcutaneous fat when others believe that cellulite
consists of fat globules, toxins and excess fluid,
prisoners in the empty areas between the cells.

Which means along with physical exercises aimed at
burning fat, you also need to make an effort to
excretion of toxins (end products of metabolism) and
excess fluid.

Folk remedies for cellulite are complex
approach to solving a problem without using any
surgery or drugs.

To such methods of struggle can be attributed, and a number of herbs,
that help reduce or completely remove cellulite throughout
long period of time.

But remember that before you include these herbs in your daily
diet, it is important to study how they actually “work”, and what
effects have on the body, and, of course,
consult with your doctor.

Folk remedies for cellulite: a list of herbs

Horse chestnut

Fruits and horse chestnut seeds are commonly used to treat
varicose veins due to the content of esculin and
escin – substances that contribute to the improvement of vascular health,
making them strong and resilient.

In addition, chestnut is a good helper for treating
cellulite, effectively removing inflammation and strengthening the capillaries under
skin, thereby, reducing its manifestations. Horse chestnut доступен
in various forms, including in the form of cream, tablets or capsules
dietary supplements.

Important! Pregnant women should use it as much as possible.
carefully as a chestnut can be dangerous for their future

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatic)

Gotu Kola plant helps the body further produce
substances that are necessary to strengthen collagen
fibers. The formation of cellulite is the result of bad
lymphatic circulation, which can be corrected by taking Gotu
a cola.

This plant also improves blood circulation and prevents
hardening of the tissues under the surface of the skin, increasing flexibility
connective tissue and without damaging the veins, which makes it incredibly
effective in order to get rid of cellulite at home
conditions. Gotu Kola is available in creams, nutritional supplements and even

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is one of the most common herbs,
used to treat cellulite, as well as a powerful antioxidant,
which effectively oxidizes the fat cells that are located under
skin. In addition, ginkgo biloba helps increase circulation
blood flow by strengthening the veins that helps the body
independently fight cellulite.


The next folk remedy against the manifestation of cellulite
is horsetail, known for its good diuretic effect, that
stimulates weight loss by leaching excess fluid from
organism. Its reception increases the speed and frequency of urination,
which allows you to dump excess fluids in the body.

Also, in an article published in February 2010,
they say that horsetail is also useful for its antioxidant



Dandelion plant is often used as a diuretic,
which contributes to a better removal of toxins from the body, and how
consequence, encourages the body to restore damaged

Since excess fluid can be considered one of the factors
the emergence of cellulite, the removal of excess water from the body
can reduce its manifestation. You can use dandelion in
capsules or drink as tea, and the leaves can even be added to

Other options for folk remedies for cellulite


Maintaining a healthy diet is definitely one of
лучших способов, чтобы победить cellulite Turn into your daytime
diet foods with antioxidant properties
eg hot pepper, garlic, ginger, seed extract
grapes, juniper berries and mint tea.


Southern Europe is rightfully considered the birthplace of this plant. If you
you will regularly consume the fruits of the artichoke, you can count
to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time. Besides
artichoke is one of the outstanding sources of food

White birch oil

Topical application of essential oil from cellulite extract
white birch in the morning and evening hours can significantly reduce
its manifestation by helping to remove toxins and stimulating
tissue blood circulation.

Dermatological tests have shown that the use of white oil
birch can increase smoothness and elasticity by as much as 21%
skin after just one month of regular use.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar также можно смело отнести к эффективным народным
remedies for cellulite, as it contains components that
contribute to the reduction of manifestations �”Orange peel”. Drink 2 each
Art. tablespoons apple cider vinegar, added to 250 grams. clean
spring water, every morning, or mix three parts of vinegar with one
part of the massage oil, and rub it into the skin twice a day.

Dry massage

By enhancing the circulation of fluids in your subcutaneous
areas can help the body get rid of excess water and
toxins accumulated in the connective tissue spaces.

For a dry massage, buy a soft bristle brush and,
perform circular motions, focus on problem areas
body. Better yet, the circular cleanup of the body
movements directed from the tips of the toes to the side


British Bath Salt

English salt promotes sweating – excellent
ways to rid your body of metabolic end products and
excess fluid. To do this, add 500 gr. English salt right in
bathroom. But before you take it, do a dry body massage, like
this is described in the previous section, then lie in the bathroom for a while
less than 20 minutes.


All of the above substances can be safely used in
as the best folk remedies for cellulite. However, not
expect instant results in the form of complete extinction
�”Orange peel” on your skin.

Be patient! If you будете постоянно выполнять наши
recommendations, you will be able to notice the first improvements after a couple
weeks. However, on average, to get rid of the problem you may
need from three to six months.

Be sure to find out: “Cellulite wraps: female
secrets “and” The best exercises against cellulite. “

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