Folk remedies for bronchitis: cheap andtested. We treat bronchitis folk remedies quickly and withoutof the consequences

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Inflammation of the tissues in the bronchi is accompanied by coughing (dry or
wet), the general weakness of the body, in some cases – the temperature.
But bronchitis itself is not so bad as complications after it.

Many folk remedies for bronchitis help to quickly eliminate
Symptoms and improve the patient’s condition by preventing terrible

The effect of folk remedies is even better than
traditional medicines.

Undoubtedly, with bronchitis (whether acute or chronic)
consultation of the doctor and appropriate treatment is necessary. Main
принцип терапии при бронхите — убить инфекцию, снять
inflammation and stimulate sputum discharge.
depending on the cause of bronchitis and the patient’s condition, folk
medicine offers many effective treatments. With
the right approach doesn’t even need antibiotics.

Acute and chronic bronchitis: causes

The most common causes of the disease are bacterial
viral or fungal infection. Sometimes bronchitis can become
manifestation of allergies or be the result of prolonged exposure
irritating bronchial factors such as smoke or chemicals.

It is the establishment of provoking factors and forms of the disease.
is the key to success in treatment.

Acute bronchitis

This form of the disease is always accompanied by weakness,
fever, a feeling of squeezing behind the sternum and dry
cough Almost always acute bronchitis is contagious, less often –
provoked by chemicals. May last a few
days and go without a trace, or drag on for weeks, adding
discharge of mucopurulent sputum when coughing.

Chronical bronchitis

Associated with prolonged irritation of bronchial tissue,
chronic bronchitis usually occurs as a result of untreated
acute bronchitis, or under the influence of volatile chemicals.
Inflammatory and purulent diseases can also trigger the disease.
processes in the lungs and upper respiratory tract.

The main symptoms – morning (at first) cough, with discharge
sputum If bronchitis is not treated, then the cough becomes
round-the-clock, with copious sputum, shortness of breath appears,
the patient gets tired quickly, strong rales are heard in the bronchi.

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and expectorant
drugs – the main “weapon” in the fight against bronchitis. Folk
medicine has in its arsenal all these means.

Withнципы лечения бронхита народными средствами

The role of antibiotics in traditional medicine is successfully played by inhalation with
phytoncides, mucolytic and expectorant effects are given by herbs and
fees, drinking heavily, and fighting with bronchospasm
rubbing and compresses.

With первых проявлениях бронхита желательно посетить русскую
Bath, or, at least, to steam feet. About further treatment
tell you more.

The stunning effect of inhalation!

If there is no nebulizer at home, or a ready-made inhaler, then
To make a full-fledged inhaler is very simple. For this pot
or the kettle is filled with hot water (decoction of herbs, even potatoes),
the patient leans over the outgoing steam, covers the top of the dense
cloth, and a full breast breathes useful vapors.

With правильном проведении ингаляций кашель и воспаление
pass, the patient feels a sharp improvement. Great effect gives
эвкалипт. AT нем содержатся природные фитонциды,
killing bacteria (mostly staphylococcus). For cooking
solution for inhalation take 3 tablespoons of dried leaves
eucalyptus of prutovidnogo, pour them with a liter of water, boil five
minutes, give a little brew. The solution is ready! Need to repeat
inhalation twice a day, and in the broth, you can add a few
drops of essential oil of coniferous plants.

Фитонциды лука и чеснока в форме ингаляций
also able to overcome even the complex form of bronchitis. To
To prepare the solution, you need to mix the onion and garlic juice, and
add to the three parts of this mixture one part isotonic
sodium chloride solution or 25% novocaine solution. Do a couple of times
per day for ten days. The solution does not need to be heated as in
case with eucalyptus.

Rubbing the feet and chest with bronchitis

Feet can be heated not only by thermal effects, but also
with the help of rubbing. Excellent effect is achieved using
a mixture of castor oil and turpentine in equal proportions. Solution
rub their feet well and then put on warm wool

The rib cage can be rubbed with asterisk as a balm, and
different types of animal fat. If there is badger fat, then he
helps best. It is necessary to carefully rub their breasts, to
sensations of pleasant warmth, to dress up with a woolen scarf and sleep
so night In the morning there will be a noticeable relief, and for three procedures
In many cases, bronchitis goes away completely.

Bronchitis and folk remedies: not to do without compresses

Both warming up and compresses on the bronchial area have
directional emergency impact. For warming up successfully
apply компресс из отварного картофеля: три
crushed boiled potatoes, add a spoonful of honey and three
teaspoons of baking soda. An hour before bedtime put cakes on the chest
and back, before going to bed, take off and wrap a warm scarf.

Давно используются в лечении бронхита медово-луковые
. AT равных пропорциях смешать тертую луковицу, мед
and flour, add 50 grams of vodka. Roll out the cake in a thin layer and
put on your chest all night. Helps better mustard plaster.

Предельно простой, но очень эффективный способ — медовые
компрессы на ночь
. Honey need to lubricate the skin of the chest and back.
where the bronchi are, cover the smeared places with paper for
compresses and bandage the patient with a warm scarf.

Treatment of bronchitis with herbal decoctions

The most commonly used herbs for collection during treatment

• leaves of coltsfoot and watch;

• Althea root;

• Iceland moss;

• chamomile flowers;

• grass yarrow and nettle;

• rose hips fruits.

The collection of all the above herbs is suitable for the treatment of any
kind of cough. ATсе ингредиенты сбора отлично сочетаются друг с другом,
providing quick recovery.

Herbs used depending on

• with a hoarse voice and irritated throat, use aniseed
seed and peppermint;

• with a bacterial infection – calendula flowers, leaves
eucalyptus, St. John’s wort grass and root devyasila;

• licorice root, herb helps for sputum discharge
thyme, sage leaves, tansy flowers and lime blossom.

Charges or individual herbs are usually brewed with hot water.
proportions 1 teaspoon to a glass of water, tormented in a water bath in
average 15 minutes. Ready broth is filtered, adjusted with hot water
to the original volume, and drink 1/4 – 1/2 cup 4 times a

Treatment with herbal decoctions should be long and
continue for a couple of weeks after the symptoms disappear

ATыше перечислены самые распространенные травы, которые можно
found in every pharmacy.

Folk remedies for bronchitis for oral administration

Хлорофиллипт, лук и чеснок обладают сильнейшим
antimicrobial action. Хлорофиллипт apply три раза в день по
25 drops in the form of a 1% alcohol solution. Onions and garlic are helpful in
any fresh form – you can squeeze the juice and chew it as it is, or
grind by adding honey or vodka.

Phytoncides in these plants help to overcome even severe cases.

ATстречаются люди, связывающие свое излечение от хронического
бронхита с приемом аджики. Their method is to
1 tablespoon of adjika with garlic and horseradish for half an hour
до еды, трижды в day.

Облегчение при сухом кашле приносит масло-какао,
added to warm milk with honey.

На начальных стадиях бронхита помогает интенсивное
simultaneous heating from inside and outside.
On the back,
between the shoulder blades, put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel
water for 10 minutes. Spill over your back, and shift the heating pad over your chest
for 10 minutes. Eat hot thick foods – vegetable puree or porridge
(you can drink chicken broth), spread coniferous oil on your chest
(best is fir). A few minutes later drink a glass of hot
milk with a teaspoon of honey. Method proven helps

In addition to the above remedies for treatment, one should not forget about
поднятии иммунитета. Сок алоэ или редьки,
eating cranberries, sea buckthorn, currants, raspberries and
— обязательные участники комплексного лечения

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