Folk remedies for acne – make the skinsmooth and even. With the help of some folk remedies you can get rid offor acne?

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Determining the exact cause of acne is not easy.

A large role in the appearance of lesions on the skin plays

In addition, inflammation of some areas of the skin – the result
development of sex hormones in pubertal (adolescent) period.

Спровоцировать проблему могут стрессы,
excessive use of certain foods, etc. How to get rid of

First you need to try to establish their cause. And this
only a specialist can do it. In this case, a dermatologist.
To get rid of acne will help the proper care of the skin,
correction of diet, healthy lifestyle, compliance
Some recommendations, which are just below.

Folk remedies for acne – medicinal plants

Many medicinal herbs and fees have blood purifying
properties because it is widely used in acne and

one. Крапива. Chop leaves carefully
and pour 2 tablespoons of raw material with boiling water (400 ml). Give
the possibility of a drug to infuse (about 2 hours). Then strain,
cool and take a healing agent for half a glass
three times a day. Use nettle infusion best before
a meal.

Nettle has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. She is
removes various toxins from the body, contributes to
protective forces.

It is worth knowing that the plant is far from harmless. He can not
use for people with thick blood, patients with thrombophlebitis,
varicose veins, hypertension, atherosclerosis, as well as diseases
the kidneys.

2. Корни одуванчика. Pre-grind
plant roots. one tablespoon of funds pour boiling water (one
glass). Put the container with the mixture on a slow fire and cook
about one5 minutes.

Then cool everything down, strain as you like, and drink a third
cup three times a day before eating.

“Russian ginseng” – so called dandelion, which accumulates in
its roots the maximum amount of nutrients. Root
dandelion has anti-inflammatory, soothing,
tonic effect.

However, the plant should not be consumed with high acidity.
stomach, in diseases associated with bile duct obstruction.

3. Root лопуха. Измельчите plant roots. one
a tablespoon of raw materials for getting rid of acne,
brew half a liter of boiling water. Then the mixture is well boiled and
set aside so she can infuse.

The result is a healing broth, which is necessary to drink.
four times a day for half a glass.

Burdock is a unique plant that has gained fame thanks to
its composition of useful substances. They are positive
affect the body as a whole, the work of the internal organs and
skin condition.

Folk remedies for acne – lotions from natural

one. Лосьон без спирта, в состав которого входит природный
антисептик – календула – идеально подходит для
those who have oily porous skin. Brew a tablespoon of flowers
plants a glass of boiling water. Set aside. Let the mixture
take a few minutes.

Wipe the skin with natural lotion (pre-strain)
faces all day long.

2. Another recipe based on calendula. Fill the flowers of the plant
(2 tablespoons) vodka or diluted with alcohol (50 ml). Add a
в смесь одеколон (one50 мл) и немного воды. Shake, give
infuse in a dark place.

Затем бросьте в емкость с лосьоном борную
(5 мл) и глицерин (3 мл). Again
shake up The healing mixture is ready! Wipe her face twice in
day, putting on a cotton pad.

3. Огуречный лосьон. The recipe of its preparation
is simple. Grate two medium fresh cucumbers on a fine grater and
fill the resulting gruel with vodka (arbitrary proportions). Keep
composition in the refrigerator and use as prescribed in the morning and before
a dream.

4. Лосьон на основе полыни. As known,
wormwood is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore lotion
where the basic component is wormwood, it is effective at
problem skin.

Prepare a traditional decoction of wormwood. In many sources
It is recommended to brew a tablespoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water. But
do not forget that the plant is poisonous, so you can restrict
one teaspoon per cup of boiling water.

After infusion and straining add to the dining room
a spoonful of apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice; and
a teaspoon of salt. All thoroughly stir and wipe the data.
means skin in the morning and evening.

5. Лосьон на основе цитрусовых – отличное
acne remedy. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (chop half
плода), сок лимона (one столовую ложка) и водка (one столовая ложка) –
components of the remedy. Stir everything thoroughly and
Use the composition as intended.

6. From small acne apple cider vinegar helps well. Recipe
preparation of a remedy is simple: stir a tablespoon
vinegar in a glass of warm water and use as a lotion. With
regular applying face will become dull, its color is noticeable
will improve.

7. Combine half a tablespoon of anti-inflammatory
травы: полынь, зверобой, хмель. Stir and
cover with a glass of boiling water. Cover with a lid and allow
means a little brew.

After that, strain everything and add half a glass to the mixture.
Vodka and a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Medical lotion is ready!
Keep it in the refrigerator and use it twice a day.

8. Пихтовое масло обладает выраженным
anti-inflammatory action. It can be applied in pure form.
directly on acne or add to pumpkin or carrot
juice, which will make the product even more effective.

9. Алоэ, без которого не обходится лечение
many diseases, popular thanks to its powerful antiseptic and
anti-inflammatory properties. Before cooking the healing
tear off the leaves of the plant, wash them, dry them a little and
put in the fridge for a week.

After that, grind the raw materials and squeeze out the juice, which is
A unique herbal remedy for acne. Wipe with aloe juice
face daily 2 times.

one0. Красоту и здоровье дарит простой в приготовлении лосьон из
лавровых листьев. Fill up стаканом кипятка one00 г
laurel leaves and putting a container with a slow fire
a healing drug, boil a few minutes. Then give
decoction the opportunity to brew, strain it and wipe
medicated face lotion throughout the day.

oneone. Используйте каждый день в качестве лосьона сок
петрушки или подорожника
, добавив туда несколько капель
сока лимона.

one2. Hypericum – природный антисептик, на основе
which can make a good acne remedy. Fill up
растение (one часть) водкой (5 частей). Give смеси настояться в
dark place for at least three days.

Use daily to wipe problem skin. Hypericum
has some contraindications. Therefore, before using it
consultation of the expert is necessary.

one3. Мятный лосьон приятен на запах и эффективен
in the treatment of acne. Brew a tablespoon of delicate mint leaves
a glass of boiling water. Do the usual procedure: let it brew,
strain, cool.

Соедините данный настой с такими компонентами, взятыми по one
tablespoon: boric alcohol, calendula tincture (suitable pharmaceutical
option). Add a в смесь чайную ложку свежевыжатого лимонного
juice. Shake up. The acne formulation is ready! Wipe
they face traditionally – 2 times a day.

one4. Для жирной кожи подойдет такой состав: соедините заварку
зеленого чая и лимонный сок в одинаковых
proportions. Use lotion as prescribed in the morning and evening.
The positive effect is achieved with prolonged use.

Folk remedies for acne: general recommendations

There are certain rules for caring for a person by
which you quickly get rid of the problem.

one. Очищайте кожу лица нейтральными гелями или

2. Ни в коем случае не выдавливайте прыщи во
avoid rupture of the hair follicle walls. Result
squeezing acne – the formation of new inflammatory foci.

3. For masking acne, many use foundation and
powder. However, it is worth knowing that the composition of these funds include
mineral oils that have a negative effect on inflamed
skin patches. Поэтому на период болезни окажитесь от
cosmetic masking agents.

4. Очищайте кожу лица не реже двух раз в день.
If you are in a dusty or humid room for a long time,
then clean your face as soon as you get home.

5. Лишний раз не трогайте лицо руками. Not
Use someone else’s makeup tools. These measures
help you avoid infection.

6. The sun activates the sebaceous glands, which can lead
to the emergence of new acne. So limit your stay to
the sun.

7. one-2 раза в неделю делайте простые паровые ванночки с

8. Using the acne remedy, apply it not to the acne itself, but to
на кожу вокруг него.

Recipeы лосьонов и целительных смесей, приготовленные своими
руками, просты, доступны и one00% натуральны. Applying them regularly,
You will have a healthy complexion without great material costs.
skin without acne.

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