Folk remedies for a cold: help or not?How to stop interlocking folk remedies from a cold

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Inflammation of the nasal mucosa – runny nose or rhinitis
infectious, vasomotor, allergic. Regardless of any kind
runny nose with timely measures taken is quickly treated.

Folk remedies for rhinitis – flushing

Simple procedure for flushing the nose, at first
Rhinitis is quite effective. Washing can improve overall
body condition. After the procedure, the liquefies and sputum goes away.
and mucus, it becomes easier to breathe.

In addition, washing disinfects the nasal mucosa, not
allows infection to spread further.

How to wash your nose? Can
use the usual syringe filled with medicinal
solution. Prepare it simply: in a glass of warm boiled water
drip a few drops of iodine and add a third of a teaspoon
sea ​​salt. Mix well.

In addition to saline as an effective folk
remedies for rhinitis apply a decoction of medicinal herbs: chamomile,
Hypericum, eucalyptus. They are brewed at the rate of 1 tablespoon per
a glass of boiling water.

You can also use for flushing the nose:

• Soda solution. For its preparation is dissolved in a glass.
warm boiled water in a teaspoon of salt and soda. Same way
add about 10 drops of iodine. The tool is recommended to use
the first 3 days after the onset of the disease. Then use only

• Furacilin. The solution for washing the nose is prepared as follows: pill
drugs are crushed and dissolved in a glass of warm water. Required
make sure that the tablet is completely dissolved in order to avoid
damage to the nasal mucosa. Washing with furatsilinom spend three times
in a day.

• Beet juice. Tables are added to the warm salt solution.
spoon of beet juice and washed nose.

If there is no rubber pear on hand, the nose is washed with a medicinal
solution from the palm of your hand.

It is done this way: pour the solution into the palm, then retract
his nostrils with one palm. After pressing the same palm nostril
and tilt your head to the side so that the healing liquid spills out
through the other nostril. Or throw your head back.

Folk remedies for rhinitis – inhalation

Inhalation with the use of medicinal herbs or essential oils
is a popular and effective folk remedy for rhinitis.
For inhalation use inhaler or nebulizer, allowing
medicinal mixtures have a positive effect on the nasal mucosa,
ridding about the cold.

Steam inhaler – the easiest and most affordable device that
can be purchased at any pharmacy. Improved glass model –
the inhalator of the Mahold – a convenient and high-quality device used in
fight against colds and runny nose.

Nebulizer means “fog”. He with the help
ultrasound breaks up water into tiny particles, which allows
drugs quickly affect the mucous membrane. Here is
Only oil in the nebulizer can not be used.

For the treatment of rhinitis using conventional steam inhalation
используют масла:

• fir

• tea tree

• sea buckthorn

• eucalyptus

The inhaler is filled with half boiling water, dripping a couple of drops into it.
any oil and inhale the fumes given off.

Кроме масел можно использовать отвары лекарственных

• oregano

• Hypericum

• thyme

• lavender

They are prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon of crushed plants on
a glass of boiling water. Broth insist, filter, pour into

An excellent folk remedy for the common cold is inhalation with
Infusion of raspberry leaf and calendula flowers. Separately done
decoction of 20 g raspberry leaf and a glass of boiling water, 10 g of flowers
calendula and the same amount of boiling water. Then infusions
they mix, fill the inhaler with them and inhale healing vapors.

In addition to the above means, you can use ready
drug that is sold in a pharmacy – Pinosol. It includes
oil of pine, mint, eucalyptus. The drug is instilled directly into
nose or inhalation with it.

The use of an inhaler or nebulizer in the fight against a cold
has several advantages. With the help of inhalation:

1. moistened nasal mucosa

2. soften crusts

3. removed burning, itching

4. mucus liquefies and is easier to get out of the nose

5. The procedure has no side effects and is easily tolerated.

6. The drug reaches all parts of the nasal cavity.
including upper bronchi

Existing drops from a cold quickly get into the mouth and
destroyed by saliva. When inhaled the same medication,
aimed at combating a runny nose, evenly distributed in
nasal cavity. This allows you to achieve maximum effect in
treatment of rhinitis.

Folk remedies for the common cold – recipes proven
by time

ATылечить насморк помогает ментоловое масло,
which is in every pharmacy. Instill 3 drops in both nostrils.
средства несколько раз in a day.

Кроме этого, в домашних условиях применяется лук или
. Grind one of the products and inhale it in pairs.
Saucer with onion and garlic gruel you can put in your room
periodically updating their contents.

Another good recipe: put chopped onion or garlic in
small metal utensils and put in a water bath. When
water boils, remove the dishes with the medicine, wrap,
put on a prefabricated cone made of cardboard
and breathe one or the other nostril.

A popular remedy for dealing with a cold is considered to be
домашнее растение каланхоэ или алоэ. Mix
fresh leaf juice of one of the plants with honey 1: 1 and bury
несколько раз in a day. Honey is used only if not on
him allergies.

Мед в сочетании с луком является отличным
folk remedy for rhinitis. For the preparation of medicinal
mixes take 2 tablespoons of pulp from onions, fill it with a quarter
glasses of warm water, stirred, infused for several hours.
Then add half a teaspoon of liquid honey and use in
as nasal drops.

For the treatment of rhinitis at home used soaked
соком свеклы тампоны. Juice is necessary
defended in advance. Then you need to moisten it with gauze or
cotton swabs and for half an hour inserted into the nasal passage.

If during a cold you feel dryness in the nose, then
it is advisable to use oil instead of traditional drops
solutions. Well proven solution of
растительного масла с луковым соком.

For its preparation should sterilize vegetable
oil in a water bath. In half a cup of hot oil add
small shredded onion. Infuse the solution for 8 hours,
процедить и смазывать им нос несколько раз in a day.

Can приготовить домашнее эвкалиптовое масло,
which is also successfully used for the common cold. It is being prepared
simple: one tablespoon of crushed leaves of the plant is poured
half a cup of vegetable oil and simmer
A couple of minutes. Then means insist, filter and
buried in the nose.

Folk remedies for rhinitis – thermal procedures

At the first sign of a runny nose, you need a good
прогреть ноги. The procedure is performed under the condition
that there is no fever. Add to heated water
a handful of dry mustard or salt and steam your feet for 15-20 minutes.

To prevent water from cooling down, wrap your legs with a blanket. AT
at the end of the procedure, rub the limbs well and put on the wool
socks. This is best done before bedtime.

AT начале заболевания можно лечить нос разогретой на сковороде и
помещенной в хлопковый мешочек солью (подойдёт и

AT качестве прогревающего средства также используют
картофель, сваренный в кожуре. Mash hot
potato and putting it in the fabric of natural fibers,
apply to the nose to cool. This procedure is done and

In addition to potatoes and salt, runny nose are treated by heating by boiled
вкрутую яйцом. When using hot
compress it is important to ensure that the process itself was comfortable.
It is recommended additionally to use a terry towel for
prevent burns

Good therapeutic effect in the treatment of rhinitis has
керосин, которым смазывают перед сном ноги,
put a wet cloth over them and put on warm ones
socks. This tool quickly eliminates the cold, than all
известная сухая горчица.

Folk remedies for a cold during pregnancy

The main cause of rhinitis in the future mother are hormonal
changes in the body. They cause swelling of the nasal cavity and increased
secretions. For the treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy use such

1. Мелко измельчить лук и garlic. Place the mixture in the brew
kettle and pour boiling water. Through such an improvised inhaler
inhale the medicinal vapors alternately of each nostril.

2. Make a decoction of chamomile, brewing 1 tablespoon of herbs
a glass of boiling water. Insist, strain and flush nose with
palms or using syringe.

3. Juice fresh aloe leaf dripped into the nose several times in

4. Viburnum juice mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 1 and drink on the dining room
ложке не реже, чем 3 раза in a day.

5. The juice of the grass coltsfoot, which is diluted with water in
одинаковых пропорциях buried in the nose. Prepare juice like this: leaves
rinse the plants, scald with boiling water, grind in a meat grinder and

6. AT самом начале заболевания рекомендуется делать на переносицу
onion compress For this gruel of onions put in a bandage and
applied to the wings of the nose, after smearing the skin
vegetable oil.

7. AT качестве общеукрепляющего средства при насморке можно
use hot currant compote.

Используя проверенные by time народные средства от насморка, вы
quickly get rid of the disease and various complications will bypass you
by the side. However, to consult a doctor – it will be useful.
Traditional treatments are auxiliary, but not

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