Folk myths omens and beliefs about the first marriagenights

Folk myths omens and beliefs about the first marriage nights

Despite the fact that in our time, the wedding night
is rather a formal concept, every chosen one wants,
so she went according to the rules, and remembering only caused
pleasure, but not shame and confusion.

By entering into marriage, couples hope that the wedding night will remain for
they are different from the usual sex, will find something sacred. And for
of this they need to arm themselves with the experience of our wise ancestors,
observing tradition and listening to the signs.

Food and drink honeymooners should be consumed in

The menu for the wedding for the newlyweds is prepared separately. It differs
less fatty snacks, a minimum of alcohol. It may be
several glasses of champagne and light snacks. For a couple by this
show that their lives will now be constrained by

It is also satisfying to eat and drink alcohol to the bridegroom and the bride.
should not be a child conceived in the first night of the wedding, not
born flawed on the head.

And yet, that the newlyweds after the holiday table did not have to
wading instead of the bed to the fridge is not worth so much
limit them to food. Light meat, especially chicken, is
the perfect option for the wedding table. Besides, the chicken is
traditional dish for newlyweds, which eat without knives and
forks. It is also good to put aphrodisiacs on the table:

  • bananas;
  • Pine nuts;
  • spawn;
  • avocado;
  • celery and seafood.

The main thing is that the newlyweds do not remain overfed, but
чувствовали в себе прилив любовной энергии.

Do not sleep!

No matter how difficult the preparation for the wedding, no matter how
the newlyweds were not very tired, the wedding night should take place, so
as she is a symbol of a man’s entering a woman since
it is a symbol of a man entering the life of his chosen one.

Therefore, all the concerns of organizing a wedding is better to shift to
the shoulders of relatives and friends, but the bride and groom at the wedding
need to smile, kiss, and most importantly, save power for the first
брачной nights, а потанцевать можно и на следующий день.

The need to keep the marriage secret

In the old days before the marriage bed, the newlyweds were accompanied
relatives or guests, while singing ditties of an intimate nature,
throwing shameful jokes, pushing the newlyweds to the act

In our time, such accompaniment would look ridiculous.
On the contrary, the less noticeable they leave the celebration, the more
time left to translate the plans.

To lay the bridal bed should the groom’s mother or his godmother
mother, or any married relative. However, if the bride does not
wants someone to touch their box, she herself can
make the eve of the wedding.

Необходимо также сохранять тайну брачной nights: никто не должен
know where the bride and groom will spend it. So they create
preserved his union, at the most crucial moment no one
can prevent them.

A peculiar talisman was also the sprinkling of the sacred bed.
water The procedure is often carried out by the mother of the bride.

Important! The first wedding night to spend better in the house where
no one else. Even if a young family does not have
separate housing, for such a case it is better to remove
an apartment.

Attendants will do everything, just have to agree for
the presence of candles and flowers, aroma lamps with a smell that excites both,
champagne, fruit and chocolate.

We beat the dishes for good luck

Есть традиция после первой брачной nights бить посуду. It was
a sign that the bride lost her innocence that night.

Her husband informed me about his chastity when choosing one of the glasses:
red wine or vodka. The choice of the first signified innocence


Bride before the first wedding night, you need to change clothes. ABOUT
peignoir and underwear need to think in advance. Change clothes for
girls from the wedding dress and linen was considered mandatory, so
как на нем могла остаться негативная энергетика к приmeasure,
envious friends left without a pair.

Our ancestors for such a case sewed specially
a shirt adorned with special signs-amulets. Same
tradition has been and is relatively bed for

The same applies to the colors that give guests newlyweds.
The exception may be the bouquet presented to the bride as a bridegroom, but
on the condition that it was bought by him, and also did not visit the crowd
eager to catch him. On this occasion, some couples are ordering 2
bouquet, since it is believed that the wedding bouquet of newlyweds should
to stand as long as possible. It is on this that length and happiness depend.
family life.

Photo for memory

There is a myth that young people cannot be photographed separately, so
how it can lead to parting. But in fact, what is the
wedding album, where there is no photo brides with parents, girlfriends or

Because of the same sour mines, the album becomes boring and

The myth about the wedding ring: give someone to measure –
можешь и give fate

In fact, according to psychologists, seeing on the arm of a friend
your wedding ring, the bride unconsciously realizes that
any other girl could be its owner
begins to be jealous of her husband for her friends.

In fact, there is nothing terrible if someone measures.
The main thing is trust between the newlyweds.

The myth is that the bride needs to cry at the wedding,
чтобы жизнь married was without tears

Everyone agrees that the wedding is one of the most memorable.
and happy days in everyone’s life. But it is also a deep stress in
connection with the preparation for it, tight schedule, perhaps even
not always pleasant chat with guests. Attention all this time will be
sent to the newlyweds. In this regard, the sobbing of the bride in such
day – not uncommon. But still the necessity of the bride crying before
can not be called a wedding, because with a stressful situation everyone goes
in my own way.

The newlyweds themselves must remember that true love
no superstition and bad omens will take. And here is the myth that
the girl who caught the bouquet at the wedding will be the first to get married
will become a reality.

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