Flapjacks with cheese and herbs in a pan -magic wand mistress. A selection of recipes for tortillas with cheese andgreens

Ср, 31 авг 2016 Автор: Елена Саблина

Delicious dough, aromatic herbs, salty-sour taste
сыра — замечательная вещь эти сырные лепешки с greens!

They are prepared very simply, therefore often help the hostess,
when quick snacks are needed for loved ones or sudden

They are good for evening tea or breakfast, and in a hike or trip
им нет равных: лепешки с сыром и greens вкусны в холодном виде и
do not spoil for a long time.

Основные принципы приготовления лепешек с сыром и greens

Dough for cakes can be very different. This and magnificent
yeast, and very lean simple on water, and tender kefir, and
very soft choux, even tomato! Of course, cakes from different
dough will be different from each other.

Cheese is also taken in different recipes different. Hard which
rubbed. Soft type feta, it is often cut into pieces. Fused
smoked, melted in the form of curds, and creamy, which
smeared on the cake. Sometimes cheese interferes with the dough,
used as a filling, and in some recipes it is smeared on
half cake and cover the second part, it turns out a kind

As for greens, the suitable herbs are dill,
parsley, cilantro, and green onions, garlic. Others are possible.

Manufacturing technology is simple, although there are options. AT
Some greens interfere with the dough, sometimes combines with grated
cheese, if it is tortillas. Fry products most often on

For frying, a small amount of vegetable oil is used.
или процесс идет на совершенно сухой pan.

Подаются сырные лепешки с greens вместе с чаем, кофе, молочными
drinks. They can be used with soup, smeared with some
pate, butter, sour cream.

Простой рецепт жареных на pan лепешек с сыром и greens
from thin dough

Simple dough on water – how can it be tasty? Of course
maybe, and the proof of that is not only the dumplings and manta, but also
fried foods. For example, pasties – the dough is brewed for them.
From the same test can be made and cakes. Crispy, tender,
very tasty!


ATес муки и объем воды должны быть одинаковыми, например:

• 200 g wheat flour

• 200 ml of water

• 150 grams of cheese – any one to your taste, hard,
fused and others

• Dill and parsley

• Oil for frying.

Cooking method

ATскипятить воду.

Sift the flour into the cup.

Immediately pour the boiled water into the flour, stir well,
cook the dough. It should be soft. Adjust in case
need, consistency with the help of flour.

Cheese cut into pieces or grate

Shred greens, you can slightly salt, if the cheese is not very

Mix with cheese

Roll out dough round cakes

ATыложить начинку

Make round patties, turning the edges to the center from all
parties. Well close up and walk with a rolling pin so that the products are

AT pan хорошо разогреть масло.

Fry the cakes on both sides until golden brown.

ATкусно и со сладким чаем, и с супом вместо хлеба.

Лепешки с сыром и greens из дрожжевого теста

If you want more lush cakes, it is better to choose yeast
dough. You will have to tinker with it, but the result is worth it. But
it is simpler to form the cakes – they do not need to be covered up like cakes, with
stuffing. Сыр просто вдавливается в dough.


• Half a cup of milk

• One egg

• A bag of dry yeast

• Tablespoon sugar

• Half a teaspoon of salt

• 200 grams of not too hard cheese

• Spoonful of butter or fat cream

• A bunch of parsley

• Vegetable oil.

Cooking method

Milk to warm to a warm state.

ATсыпать в него соль, сахар, дрожжи, размешать.

Sift flour. Approximately a third or a quarter mixed with

Put in a warm place for about an hour, the mixture should
to rise.

Add melted butter and egg.

Parsley greens cut and pour into the total mass.

Добавить остальную муку и вымешать мягкое dough.

Remove for another hour and a half to climb.

Cheese cut into small cubes.

Dough divided into pieces. Roll out into each one
flat cake.

Spread the cheese cubes along the cakes, gently push them into

Chop cakes with a fork in several places and fry in
heated oil.

Serve with sour cream.

Лепешки с сыром и greens из кефирного теста на pan

Another simple dough – kefir. Cheese is evenly distributed
in tortillas and melted. And all because he is not speaking
as a filling, and is added to the dough itself when kneaded.


• A glass of kefir

• One and a half cups of wheat flour

• A teaspoon of sugar

• Half a spoon of salt

• Teaspoon soda

• Vinegar

• 250 grams of semi-soft cheese

• Green onion feathers, dill

• Vegetable oil.

Cooking method

Kefir a little warm.

Add all the dry ingredients to it. Soda pre
extinguish a few drops of vinegar.

Finely chop the greens, add to the mixture.

Cheese chop as small as possible either grate on a coarse grater.
Also pour into the total mass.

ATымешать тесто, оно должно быть типа очень густой сметаны.

Heat the butter and fry the cheese cakes like pancakes, laying out
portions spoon and turning over in a few minutes.

Perfectly combined with tea, well preserved in a hike or

Томатные сырные лепешки с greens на pan

These cakes have an original slightly orange color and a small
tomato flavor. Adding sausage to the filling makes them more
hearty but not necessary ingredient. Plus the lozenges are that
они пекутся без oils, на сухой pan.


• Half a cup of water

• Half a glass of tomato juice

• Two spoons of vegetable oil in the dough

• Salt to taste

• A glass of flour

• 100 grams of cheese

• 100 grams of half-smoked or smoked sausage

• Spoon of butter

Cooking method

Mix water, tomato juice, vegetable oil. If not
tomato juice at hand, you can mix a couple of spoons of tomato paste
with another glass of water.

Heat the mixture, salt, until boiling.

AT закипевшую жидкость высыпать муки и замесить dough. It should
be soft but keep fit.

Cool, split into pieces.

Cheese grate, sausage cut into strips.

Roll out pieces of dough, put cheese and sausage on each,
close up, giving a round shape.

Fry in a heated pan without oil until golden.

Stack, greasing with butter.

Итальянские лепешки с сыром и greens на pan без

This tortilla is also baked on a dry griddle. She comes from
Italy and is called Piadina. Cheese is used in this case.
soft varieties. If desired, the cake can be added as
the fillings are not only cheese and greens, but also any other meat products,
mushrooms, vegetables.


• Top grade flour – kilogram

• Two tablespoons of pork fat – can be replaced by

• Две столовые ложки oils оливкового

• Two teaspoons of food soda

• Salt to taste

• Half a cup of water

• 200-300 grams of soft cheese like Philadelphia, Ricotta and

• Parsley and basil greens.

Cooking method

Sift flour, put a slide, make a groove.

AT него положить соль, соду, налить оливковое масло, растопленный
жир или margarine и воду.

ATымешать крутое тесто, обернуть пленкой и убрать в теплое место
for three hours.

Divide into small pieces and roll thin tortillas.

Печь на раскаленной pan.

Barely removed the cake should be half lubricated with soft cheese,
посыпать greens и сложить пополам.

Serve slightly cooled so as not to burn.

Острые лепешки с копченым сыром и greens

These cakes are sprinkled with cheese right in the process of roasting, then
the second layer is made of dough. The dough is kefir and cheese is best
smoked sausage cheese, smoked.


• 300 ml kefir

• Two glasses of wheat flour

• Large sugar pinch

• Teaspoons of salt

• Teaspoon soda пищевой

• 200 grams of sausage cheese

• Dill and parsley

• Ground black pepper, can be red

• Vegetable oil.

Cooking method

Mix the ingredients for the dough, it should be like for pancakes,
let stand for half an hour.

Coarse grate cheese, pepper – can be for greater sharpness
use not only black, but also red pepper, you can enter
other ароматные специи.

Add chopped greens to the cheese.

Fry in hot oil.

When the cake is reddened and begins to bubble, sprinkle it
равномерно сыром с greens. After half a minute, pour a little on top.
теста и перевернуть flat cake.

The cheese will be between two layers of toasted dough.

Serve hot with sour cream, tomato juice or any

Хитрости и секреты приготовления лепешек с сыром и greens на

  • If the tortillas are fried in oil, you need to pour it moderately to
    did not work too fat. Ready baking spread on
    салфетку, чтоб излишки oils впитались.

  • Лепешки на сухой pan жарятся быстро, нельзя дать им
    burn, so they should be as thin as possible.

  • Cheese in cakes before frying should be put moderately, and zashchipyvat
    well, otherwise the melted filling will run out and there will be a lot of fat

  • The dough on kefir, if used this, you can freeze
    for future use. And you can make from it the finished cakes stuffed with cheese,
    and put them in the freezer. Hold for ten minutes if necessary.
    at room temperature and fry in oil.

  • Scones with cheese can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week
    especially if each is wrapped in a special film or foil. Without
    refrigerator – about a day.

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