Five minutes of blueberries – a simple preparation forwinter Various options for making five-minute jam fromblueberries

Пн, 18 июл 2016 Автор: Елена Саблина

Blueberry is an amazing berry.

Combines great benefits and accessibility.

It grows in nature, but can be grown in your garden or on
cottage. H

this is what many gardeners do.

After all, blueberries in fresh is a source of vitamins and
trace elements needed by the body.

It fills a person with strength, improves digestion, helps
to deal with the harmful effects of the environment.

Plus a wonderful soft, sweet, sour taste.

Однако сезон ягоды не слишком долговечен, а хочется blueberries и
in winter, and in early spring, and in late autumn.

Therefore, the berry harvested for the future.

Maintain the maximum taste and, most importantly, the benefits will help
варенье-пятиминутка из blueberries. It is called so because
getting ready fast.

Основные принципы приготовления пятиминутки из blueberries

Hерника для варенья-пятиминутки подходит свежая, зрелая, недавно

First of all, the berry needs to be prepared. This is a simple matter – from
blueberries нужно убрать листики и случайно попавший мусор,

Further there are several options. In some blueberries fall asleep
sugar and slowly heated. The sugar melts, after boiling the jam is boiled
A couple of minutes. In other cases, first they prepare from water and sugar.
syrup. Blueberries are already placed in it and they are also brewed for a short time.

There are options when the five-minute cool and boil again. AT
In any case, the cooking time does not exceed five minutes.

Ready jam can be hot to pour on the banks and close
metal covers. You can cool in banks and only then
Cover with capron caps. Depends on where it will be
to be stored – under iron lids can be left without a refrigerator
and for a longer period.

Hерничную пятиминутку можно готовить, добавляя другие ягоды —
most often it is wild strawberry, strawberry, black currant.

Простой рецепт приготовления пятиминутки из blueberries

This is a basic recipe telling how fast, simple and easy
готовить варенье-пятиминутку из blueberries. The result is wonderful –
the taste is pleasant, the consistency is thick, but not too much. Can
use with tea or use as a baking topping. Mastered
basic recipe, you can already try to make their additions and


  • Hерники и сахара взять поровну по весу, больше ничего не
    need to

Cooking method

  1. Hернику промыть хорошенько, взвесить, высыпать в емкость для

  2. There also weigh an equal portion of sugar.

  3. Stir and put on a small fire.

  4. Stir periodically, observe that the sugar melts, in no way.
    case is not burning.

  5. When all the sugar has dissolved, you can add a little fire, if
    the jam is not boiling yet.

  6. As soon as the first good “ghosts” appear, note the time.

  7. ATарить не более пяти минут при активном, но не чрезмерном

  8. Stir. After time, remove the jam from the fire and pour
    in prepared banks.

Пятиминутка из blueberries с лимонным ароматом

Often blueberries get to the hostess in too sweet form. it
It happens when the berry is much overslept. ATаренье из нее получается
too cloying. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the amount of sugar.
and add lemon juice. And if you enrich the mixture also zest
lemon, the dessert will come out with a pleasant extra touch of taste and


  • Very ripe blueberries – about a kilogram

  • Sugar is taken a little less – about 800 grams, however
    sweet teeth can take a whole kilogram

  • Big lemon or two small

  • 100 ml of water

Cooking method

  1. ATоду и сахар соединить в емкости для варенья и поставить на
    a small fire for cooking syrup. Heat, stirring, up to

  2. With lemon, grate the zest, the more the better.

  3. After that, squeeze out the juice, also the maximum amount.

  4. Hернику хорошо промыть, дать стечь воде и загрузить в кипящий

  5. Stir, add lemon zest and cook no more than five

  6. ATылить лимонный сок в варенье, тщательно размешать и убрать
    container from fire.

  7. Can разливать по банкам или, остудив, подавать на стол.

Пятиминутка-желе из blueberries

Hтобы получить черничное желе, необходимо проварить ягоды
порядка сорока minutes Of course, many vitamins with this method
is lost. However, there is a blueberry recipe
jelly-five minutes. There can not do without assistants – gelling
additives. it может быть агар-агар, желатин, пектин, желфикс.
Use them according to the recommendations on the package.


  • Около килограмма спелой blueberries

  • A pound of granulated sugar

  • GelFix Pack 1: 2

Cooking method

  1. Hернику перебрать, промыть, подержать в дуршлаге, чтобы стекла

  2. Zhelfiks mix with sugar.

  3. Combine sugar and blueberries, put on fire.

  4. When heated, the sugar in the mixture will melt, and blueberries will give off juice.
    It is necessary to ensure that the sugar is soaked with juice and does not burn.

  5. When, while stirring, the jam begins to boil, note the time.

  6. Hерез четыре минуты снять с огня. Let stand for a quarter of an hour
    or a little less.

  7. Blender walk well on blueberry jam. He will grind
    berries in mashed potatoes. Optionally, the whole mixture can be pureed or left.
    part of the berries whole.

  8. Put the mixture back on the fire and bring to a good

  9. Remove, pour on banks. If you plan not to store dessert, and
    use in the near future, you can second time the mixture is not

Гуще игуще: пятиминутка из blueberries тройной «закалки»

The traditional five-minute turns out not too thick, from it
You can choose berries, and syrup put on juice. However, many love
jam thicker. Especially if you plan to use it on
baking stuffing. How to cook a thick jam without long


  • Килограмм blueberries

  • A kilogram of sugar – can be more or less, depending on
    sweets berries and the desired result

Cooking method

  1. Hернику помыть, убрать излишки воды, высыпать в посуду для варки

  2. ATсыпать сахар, хорошо перемешать, чуть придавливая ложкой.

  3. Let stand a couple of hours to stand out more juice.
    Stir periodically.

  4. Put on medium heat, make sure not to burn.

  5. Bring to a boil and let simmer for a couple of minutes.

  6. Remove from heat, allow to cool completely. ATаренье должно постоять не
    less than 12 hours.

  7. Then put on medium heat again, let the steam boil
    minutes, remove at 12 o’clock.

  8. After the third such “hardening” jam will be thick,
    porky Pour the banks and remove after cooling to

Hерничная пятиминутка «Ароматная»

Наполнить варенье из лесной ягоды blueberries ароматами леса,
nature, zapashistyh weed – an original idea! ATсем, кто любит
herbal teas and various mixes are worth a try. The main thing is to find
suitable plants. ATпрочем, твердого рецепта здесь нет, состав
supplements can vary. If you can not break them, you can
buy at the pharmacy!


  • Примерно два килограмма blueberries

  • Sakhara needs one and a half to two times less, too cloying
    this jam should not be

  • On a small bunch or an armful of currant leaves, strawberries,
    sprigs of mint, lemon balm, thyme, oregano and other herbs

  • Half a cup of water

Cooking method

  1. Cook the berries in the usual way – choose the garbage, well

  2. Combine water and sugar in cooking tanks, put on fire,
    give a little boil.

  3. Herbs – dry or fresh – put together and put in gauze,
    You can well wrap a piece of bandage, the main thing is that the threads do not
    separated and the herbs were well secured.

  4. AT сироп заложить ягоды и проварить пять minutes

  5. If herbs are dried, immerse them in jam immediately at the beginning.
    boil. If the plants are picked fresh, they are more tender and boil
    will kill the scents. A bunch of fresh herbs to add to the jam
    last minute, before removing from fire.

  6. The peculiarity of this jam is that it should cool in
    large capacity – in which they cooked or poured into another, but
    always with herbs. When completely cool, herbs can
    pull out

Пятиминутка из blueberries и земляники

Connect several wild berries together, add sugar and
boil a little bit – a fine jam full of vitamins will come out
tastes and smells. For this strawberry jam garden is better not
take. Perfect fragrant wild strawberry and field
strawberries that grow in the meadows and in the steppe.


  • Полкилограмма blueberries

  • A pound of strawberries – you can choose other proportions

  • Kilogram of sugar – the amount varies depending on
    sweets of berries and their tastes

  • A bunch of strawberry leaves

Cooking method

  1. Ягоды Rinse. Strawberries tear off “tails” –

  2. Put the berries together and cover them with sugar. In about an hour
    juice will appear.

  3. Put a bowl of berries and sugar on the fire and stir,
    so that the sugar is well dissolved.

  4. When the jam begins to boil, reduce the heat and allow to cook
    пять minutes

  5. Before shutting down, put a tightly bound bunch of leaves for
    большего aroma.

  6. Let stand after removing from the fire for about five minutes and pour over
    banks, leaves to remove or put in one of the cans – it will
    the most zapashisty.

  7. If the jam is very thin, cool and boil again. Leaves
    add to the last boil.

Хитрости и советы по приготовлению пятиминутки из blueberries

  • ATарить варенье необходимо в эмалированной посуде.
  • Five-minute stir is best with a wooden spoon or
  • The amount of sugar in a five-minute is not important, especially if
    it will be a rolled up bank. Safety depends on tightness and
    sterility. And sugar in jam is put to taste.
  • Hтобы ягоды с сахаром выделили побольше сока, их можно
    put in a warm place.
  • Hерника утратит меньше полезных веществ, если будет готовиться
    with a slight boil, and not with a strong boiling. For this fire
    should be average.
  • If the berries are slightly underripe, it is better to cook the five minutes in
    several tricks. This also achieve a thicker consistency.

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