Five minutes of apples for the winter is amazing,rich in vitamins dessert. The best five-minute recipes from apples onwinter

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Due to the fact that apples do not plunge into prolonged heat
processing, they retain a maximum of useful substances and
of vitamins.

In addition, you can control the degree you need.
the softness of the fruit.

Пятиминутка из яблок на winter — основные принципы

Any kind of apple is suitable for this jam. Fruit should be
ripe, or even slightly overripe. The sweetness of jam can
regulate by adding more or less sugar than this
provided by the recipe.

Apples are thoroughly washed. Peeled or not, every housewife
decides for herself. Some believe that skinless jam
get more tender, while others are of the opinion that in the skin like
most of all vitamins, so it must be left.
Washed apples are cut in half and cut out the core with seeds.
Crush the fruit with slices, small pieces, or rub it on
medium grater. It should be noted that the harder the fruit, the
smaller and thinner than it is desirable to cut.

Пятиминутку из яблок на winter готовят не только с сахаром, но и
add to it spices, berries or other fruits.

The jam is quite thick, so it is served
only as a dessert, but also used as a filling for baking
or pancakes.

Cook for five minutes in an enamelled wide saucepan or basin.
While the dishes with apples are on the stove, the contents need
stir continuously, so that the jam is not burnt.

The finished jam is laid out in sterile glassware,
hermetically rolled and cooled under the blanket.

Рецепт 1. Классическая «пятиминутка» из яблок на winter


  • 300 g of sugar;

  • kilogram of apples.

Способ preparations

1. Rinse the apples under the tap, wipe with a towel and clean
peel. Coarsely grate the prepared fruit or cut it into thin
in bars. Apples put in a wide enamelware and
sprinkle with sugar. Stir and leave for two hours until the apples
will not give up the juice.

2. Put the dishes on a slow fire and cook for five minutes with
the moment of boiling up. At the same time, stir continuously so that the mass does not

3. Wash jars with soda, rinse well and
sterilize in the oven. Boil lids. Spread hot
jam on the banks and hermetically roll up. Turn over, wrap and
leave to cool.

Рецепт 2. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter кусочками


  • two kilograms of apples of any variety;

  • 300 g of white sugar;

  • cinnamon.

Способ preparations

1. Wash the apples and cut them in half. Remove with a knife.
core with seeds and cut the flesh into small cubes.
Fold the apples into a wide enamel bowl and sprinkle.

2. Dishes with apples, send in the refrigerator at night to
fruit gave juice.

3. The next morning, put the bowl on the fire, add cinnamon
at the rate of three grams per kilogram of the apple mass.

4. Prepare the jars. Wash and sterilize them. Caps

5. Cook the jam, constantly stirring, from the moment of boiling,
exactly five minutes. Spread hot jam over prepared
glass container and close tightly.

Рецепт 3. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter дольками с ванилью и


  • apples of any variety – two kilograms;

  • cinnamon;

  • sugar – 300 g;

  • baking soda – 10 g;

  • purified water – 300 ml;

  • vanilla.

Способ preparations

1. For this recipe, small apples are better suited. Fruits are washed,
peel and remove the core. The flesh of apples cut
neat slices. Soda is dissolved in purified water. Apples
soaked in soda solution for four hours. This is done for
so that the slices are not boiled soft during the cooking process.

2. While the apples are soaked, prepare the jars. Good them
washed and sterilized.

3. Water is mixed with sugar, add vanilla and cinnamon. Put
on fire and bring to a boil.

4. Apple slices are removed from the soda solution and washed under
by crane. Spread in a wide saucepan and pour hot fruit
syrup Apple mass is put on the fire and cooked, constantly
stirring and removing the foam, five minutes.

5. Hot jam is laid out in a glass container, tightly
roll up and cool, wrapped in an old jacket.

Рецепт 4. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter с орехами и cinnamon


  • two kilograms of Antonovka apples;

  • butter;

  • 300 g of sugar;

  • грецкие орехи и cinnamon.

Способ preparations

1. Apples тщательно вымойте и разрежьте каждое пополам. Remove
seed boxes. Coarse grate the pulp. Put apples in wide
кастрюлю и sprinkle with sugar. Stir and leave for three hours,
for the fruit to make juice.

2. Put the pan with apples on the stove. Add cinnamon from
calculating per kilogram of weight half a teaspoon. Oil put 50
g per liter jar. Add nuts to your taste.

3. When the contents of the pan boil, reduce the heat and detect
five minutes. Mix continuously so that the mass does not

4. Spread out the finished jam in sterile glass containers and
cork hermetically. Turn it over and cover it with an old jacket.
Leave it to cool completely.

Рецепт 5. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter с лимоном


  • lemon;

  • 300 g of sugar;

  • apples – two kilograms.

Способ preparations

1. Wash fruit well, cut it in half and remove seed seeds.
the boxes. Cut the apples into slices and place in a wide bowl.
Pour with sugar and leave for two hours. Stir periodically
яблоки, чтобы они лучше пропитались sugar.

2. Place the pelvis on the stove. Rinse lemon, wipe off. Half
cut into thin slices and add to apple mass. Cook, with
момента вскипания, five minutes. Then cool. Repeat the procedure
twice more.

3. Spread hot варенье по стерильным сухим банкам и плотно
cork up Cool completely, wrapped in an old jacket.

Рецепт 6. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter с ежевикой


  • half a kilo of sugar;

  • kilogram of sweet and sour apples;

  • pound of blackberry.

Способ preparations

1. Cut the washed apples in half. With a sharp knife
remove the seed core. Pulp chop up slices. Lay out
in a wide bowl, add 300 g of sugar and mix.

2. Wash blackberries, peel them, pour them into a glass of sugar and
Stir gently so that the berries do not choke. Leave to
stood out juice.

3. Dissolve the remaining sugar in half a liter of purified water.
Send the mixture over the fire and boil the syrup until the sugar is dissolved.

4. Flip the blackberry on a sieve and add the berries to the syrup. Turn down
fire to a minimum and blanch the berries for a couple of minutes. Then pour juice,
remaining from the berries. Cook for another five minutes. Add syrup with berries
in the apple mixture, mix and cook, since boiling five
minutes В процессе preparations постоянно stir.

5. Spread the jam in a sterile dry glass container and
Hermetically cork boiled caps. Flip and completely
chill wrapped in a blanket.

Рецепт 7. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter с изюмом


  • 3 g of citric acid;

  • two kilograms of apples;

  • half a kilo of sugar;

  • 250 g of raisins.

Способ preparations

1. Apples помойте, оботрите салфеткой, удалите сердцевину с
seeds. Cut the fruit into small slices. Lay out яблоки в
толстостенный казан, пересыпая sugar. Leave it until it stands out
the juice. Sugar should start to melt.

2. Put the cauldron on a slow fire. As soon as the content
начнет кипеть, снимите пену и засеките five minutes. Constantly
stir. Then turn off the heat and completely cool the jam.
Repeat the procedure еще два раза.

3. Rinse the raisins and cover with hot water. Steam it on
протяжении десяти minutes A couple of minutes before the end of the third brew,
add the raisins to the jam and mix.

4. Prepack a delicacy in a dry sterile container and hermetically
seal the caps with boiled lids.

Рецепт 8. Пятиминутка из яблок на winter с миндалем и


  • 500 ml of purified water;

  • 2 kg of sugar;

  • ginger root;

  • two kilograms of apples;

  • peel of three lemons;

  • peeled almonds

Способ preparations

1. Apples промыть под краном, очистить, разрезать пополам и
remove pith core. Cut apple flesh thin
slices. Remove the rind from the ginger root and coarsely rub it.
Перемешать яблоки с ginger.

2. Put the apple mass in the cauldron, pouring each layer
sugar. Cover and leave for seven hours.

3. After the allotted time, pour water into the cauldron and put it on
the fire. When the contents boil, boil for five minutes, continuously
stirring. Then cool completely.

4. Rinse the lemons, dry and remove the zest with them.
the finest grater. Put the cauldron again on the fire and add zest
and almonds. Варить пять минут с the moment of boiling up. Cool it down.
Проварить еще раз на протяжении пяти minutes

5. Hot jam spread on sterile dry banks and
cool wrapped up.

Пятиминутка из яблок на winter — советы и хитрости

  • It is advisable to add as much sugar to the jam as indicated in
    compounding A lack of sugar can lead to fermentation, and
    excessive amounts will score fruit taste.

  • To preserve the sugar, add lemon juice

  • Remove foam in time.

  • The best apple jam is made from “Pear” varieties,
    �Antonovka, Anis.

  • Cook the jam on low heat. Constantly помешивайте, чтобы
    масса не burned.

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