Fitness упражнения для похудения дома — фото иvideo lessons

  • 1 Fitness дома — видео упражнения для похудения начинающим
    • 1.1 Video tutorials for women
    • 1.2 Video lessons for men
  • 2 Fitness для похудения дома — фото уроки
    • 2.1 Morning workout
    • 2.2 Lesson for beginners
    • 2.3 Training for weight loss after childbirth
    • 2.4 Program for the abdomen

Slim, taut figure is always in fashion. In order to have
ideal form does not necessarily attend expensive
fitness centers, use the services of an individual trainer or
adjust your schedule with group classes, you can do it
effective set of exercises completely free at home.
Regular exercise will soon bear fruit in the form
burning fat, pumping up muscles, acquiring elastic
skin saving time and money.


Fitness дома — видео упражнения для похудения начинающим

Considerable convenience for beginners will bring viewing fitness
lessons fat burning workouts. From a variety of video options
clips on exercises, you can choose for yourself the most optimal,
based on their level of physical fitness and initial weight.
Most exercise videos present or professional
fitness instructors, or amateurs who have achieved amazing
results, doing fitness at home.

For maximum results in a short time.
one should exercise at home daily and intensively. With
Exercise must comply with proper technique and
watch your breath. Professional instructors recommend
linger for a few seconds during peak exercise
when performing any exercise, this is exactly what allows to pump
coached muscle.

It is recommended for beginners to do fitness gradually at home.
to increase the load, in order to avoid overwork and tearing of the muscle.
Each exercise of the complex is best performed first 10 times in 3
approach, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 20-25. AT
on average, daily fitness at home should take at least half an hour
for weight loss. Before starting the execution of the complex itself
exercise is necessary to do a five-minute warm-up in an arbitrary
form (turns by head, trunk, walking in place, bends in
sides, waving arms and legs). Warm up properly
starting from the top of the body, gradually reaching the hips, buttocks and

ATидеоуроки для женщин

Fitness дома — video lessons для похудения женщин:

ATидео уроки для мужчин

ATидео — фитнес для похудения для houses:

Presented fitness exercises for weight loss men at home
require shells, with the exception of the rope. You can add this
a set of exercises with weights (dumbbells) or with
an expander.

Fitness для похудения дома — фото уроки

Many people who want to lose weight, enjoy fitness
at home with relaxed or rhythmic music that tunes to
performing intense physical exertion. AT этом случае на помощь
There will be photo fitness classes that you can do every day.
home conditions. The main conditions of any set of exercises for
effective weight loss – daily and high-quality it

Morning workout

Fitness дома для похудения — утренняя

  • Разминка в произвольной форме в течение 5
    minutes (bends, swings, turns).
  • Withседания. Legs shoulder-width apart, arms extended
    in front of. Withседаем, не отрывая ступни от пола, спина должна
    be smooth Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle from the floor.
    ATыполняем 20 раз в 3 подхода.
  • Push ups. Starting position – emphasis lying down.
    Сгибаем локти, нагибая корпус к полу, спина должна be smooth
    Push-ups kneeling are allowed.
  • Twisting. Lie on your back, feet resting in
    floor, knees bent, hands behind head. Gently lift the body,
    Taking the shoulder blades off the floor, return to the starting position.
  • Strap. Lie down on the belly, arms bent at the elbows
    at an angle of 90 degrees, the emphasis on the socks, back straight. Hold in
    this position 30-60 seconds, return to its original position.
  • Stretching AT произвольной форме в течение 5-10
    minutes We stretch the body, limbs.

Each exercise must be performed 20 times in 3 sets.
Doing fitness every morning at home can be a month to lose weight by 5
kg, transform the figure, improve well-being and improve

Lesson for beginners

How to quickly lose weight at home girl – lesson
for beginners should be directed to all muscle groups
problem areas (calf, thigh, buttocks, abdomen). Before the start of fitness
you need to do a light warm-up at home: neck turns in both
sides, lifting the shoulders up and down, body slopes to the sides,
squats, circular swaying hips. The heated muscles will
to pump more efficiently.

Fitness упражнения девушке для быстрого похудения в
home conditions:

  • Fitness для подтянутых рук houses: ATстать на
    knees, arms straighten. Push up from the floor, trying
    keep your back level.
  • Fitness для похудения ягодиц houses: Ноги на
    shoulder width. Slowly squat, bend your knees so that between
    them and the floor formed an angle of 90 degrees. Stay on some
    seconds in this position, return to the original.
  • Fitness для стройности ног houses: Лечь на левый
    side, bending the left leg at the knees and pushing it forward. Right
    straighten a limb, slowly lift it up, linger in
    the highest point, slowly lower down.
  • Fitness для плоского живота houses: Лечь на
    back, hands behind his head, legs straightened. Lifting straight legs
    at an angle of 45 degrees to do the exercise “scissors”, lowering the left
    leg, lifting the right, not touching the floor, then change legs. Than
    faster to swing legs, the more efficiently pumped
  • Fitness для гибкости спины houses: Лечь на спину,
    bending your knees and stretching your arms. Rhythmically raise the pelvis as
    можно выше, задерживаясь на some секунд в самой высокой
    the point.

Each exercise of the complex must be performed 10-15 times a day.
three sets daily at home.

Training for weight loss after childbirth

Fitness дома для похудения после родов необходимо начинать
a month and a half after the birth of the child naturally and
two or two and a half months after cesarean section. AT период
Lactation fitness classes and not recommended. Young moms
should increase the load gradually. To get started is to increase
the duration of daily walks with a stroller, after 2-3 weeks
you can go to a light workout, and then to more intense

A set of exercises for weight loss after childbirth

  • Lie on your back, bending your knees, feet resting on the floor, palms on
    the stomach. On the exhale, strongly inhale the stomach and linger for 5 seconds.
    Take a slow breath and return to the starting position.
  • Lie on your back, bending your knees, feet resting on the floor, palms on
    the stomach. As you exhale, raise your pelvis, pulling in your belly and straining your buttocks,
    at the same time lifting the head and pressing the chin to the chest. On
    Inhale to return slowly to its original position.
  • Lie on the floor, put your feet together, bend your knees. Arms
    pull along the body palms down. ATытянуть ноги вперед,
    closing both knees, squeeze the lower fingers 10 times with force
    extremities. ATернуться в исходное position.
  • Lie on the stomach. Emphasis of the body – on the elbows, under the belly lay
    pillow On выдохе совершать движение таза вперед. On вдохе
    return to the starting position.

To lose weight after giving birth, you must do it at home.
Exercise 10-15 times, preferably in 2-3 approaches.

Program for the abdomen

Fitness уроки для похудения дома — программа для

  • Lie on your back, fingers crossed behind your head, straighten your legs.
    Raise the body, tearing off the shoulder blades and straightened legs from the floor,
    trying to touch your breasts with your breasts. ATернуться в исходное
  • Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, fingers crossed for
    head, elbows straight. To make the body rises so that the elbow
    left hand touch the knee of the right leg. ATернуться в исходное
    position, repeat the exercises with the right elbow and the left knee
  • Lie on your back, holding your hands behind your head, legs straightened.
    Raise straightened legs up to between them and the floor
    formed an angle of 45 degrees. On пике задержать ноги в воздухе на
    a couple of seconds, return to the original position.
  • Lie on your back, arms spread to the sides, legs straighten. Not
    hurrying to raise straightened legs so that they are
    perpendicular to the floor. Hold for a couple of seconds, slowly
    return to the starting position.
  • Lie on your back, straighten your lower limbs and spread out in both
    hand sides. Straight legs maximize lift up, tilting them
    to the left, return to the position perpendicular to the body, then
    tilt to the right without touching the floor.

Each exercise of this complex for weight loss is necessary
perform 10-15 times in three sets. Than интенсивнее будет
the load, the faster the fat will leave the abdomen and sides, the press will pump,
The waist will be noticeably slimmer.

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