Fitness – support the body in goodphysical form

Fitness is a set of sports exercises aimed at improved physical fitness. This is a whole science of physical education, which explores the mechanisms of movement, improves flexibility, endurance due to the accumulation of energy power. Via fitness is easy to keep your body fit, to produce it correction, normalize weight. Fitness for beginners includes set of rules, recommendations and tips that we consider.

Fitness - support the body in goodphysical form

Types of fitness

You can start doing fitness at any age, because There are several varieties of this sport. There are power training, male classes, fitness for women, stretch marks and gentle system. Before buying a subscription to a fitness club, study main types of fitness:

  • Aerobics. This is the most popular variety. fitness Its number includes slide, dance, kick, water aerobics. Whole performed fitness course is done to the music, contributing to the correction appearance, reducing excess weight and the development of rhythm. Aerobics any kind of beneficial effect on the respiratory system.
  • Pilates. System of occupations that do not involve strong load on the body. Training is based on calm, slow and smooth movements, which is why pilates have the lowest injury rate and lack of contraindications. Exercises pilates increase joint mobility, improve flexibility, strengthen muscles.
  • Bodyflex. The system of occupations based on proper breathing. Bodyflex gymnastics – the perfect way improve the health of those who are not “friends” with sports, but want to get rid of extra pounds and normalize the exchange substances.
  • Fitball. The system of exercises on a special the ball. Great for correcting posture, working out all muscle groups, strengthen the lumbar and elastic buttocks. Fitball exercises contribute to the fight against stress, raise mood.
  • Taybo New fitness complex, borrowed from thai boxing and asian martial arts. This system is suitable for people with basic physical training, as all Exercises are performed with energetic music and require endurance. In terms of energy, the hour of taibo classes equals to run for 10 kilometers.


How to get started

Beginner fitness classes must begin with the right motivation. Never consider training as exhausting hard labor, otherwise you will not last long. The most important thing – positive attitude and correctly chosen exercise system.

If you want to attend fitness for weight loss, choose active workout. If you need to stretch the muscles and improve flexibility, then choose stretching training, pilates, fitball. If you not decided on the motivation, then go through a special fitness testing conducted by a doctor. This procedure offer many health clubs. A personal trainer for Fitness will help you find the perfect training program.

Fitness exercise

How to start fitness? Before being held workout for the whole body, be sure to warm up any muscle warm up to reduce the risk of injury and improve blood circulation. Experts advise beginners to begin classes in three main types of exercises:

  • Fitness system for body flexibility (slow static exercises);
  • Strength training for the development of certain muscle groups;
  • Aerobic training for training vessels and the heart (running, walking race).

Errors beginners to train < / h2>

By making mistakes in fitness, a person does not get the results he expected, and therefore quickly becomes disillusioned with training. To avoid this, take a snapshot of the most common misconceptions beginners:

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  • To lose weight – eat less. This information works if you do not play sports. Training at a fitness club requires a lot of energy, and if you don’t replenish it, you will get fatigue and other signs of exhaustion. Food should be moderately high-calorie, consist of healthy foods and then excess fat will not accumulate in the body. < / Li>
  • The more you do, the faster the result. < / strong> You shouldn’t shock your muscles by sudden changes: from a sedentary lifestyle to strength training. Three classes a week for 1 hour will be enough to get the results you want. < / Li>
  • Home fitness will bring the same results as exercises in the gym. Without an experienced instructor you are unlikely to achieve results, especially at first. Even if you equip an apartment with all simulators, you will not learn without practice which ones are suitable for you and which ones are not, because each human body is individual. < / Li> < / ul>

    Tips for Newbies < / h2>

    1. Health and fitness is not a hobby, but full-fledged work, so skipping regular workouts because of laziness means slowing down the process of your own development. < / li>
    2. Plan your time in advance – the wellness fitness program takes about 3-4 hours per week. < / li>
    3. During classes, special types of fitness do not show special zeal, otherwise the body will not have time to recover, the productivity of training will decrease. < / li>
    4. If you study at home, then watch online videos with fitness classes – this will avoid mistakes. < / li>
    5. Do not forget about low-calorie diet and drinking regime, when performing exercises for women. < / li> < / ol>

      Fitness at home < / h2>

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      Fitness at home is easy to make up of basic exercises that are desirable to perform daily for 15-20 minutes. Для этого никаких вложений не потребуется, разве что понадобится коврик для fitness Female fitness is aimed at the correction of the figure, so we offer to master several basic exercises for the home:

      1. “Bud” < / strong>. Lie back on the floor, bend your knees, put your feet parallel. Tear off the shoulders from the floor, lift your chin up, take a breath. In opposite directions, stretch your legs, keeping the angle of 45 degrees. At the maximum point, lock for a couple of seconds, return to the starting position. Do 5-7 times in three sets. < / Li>
      2. “Board” < / strong>. Lie on your belly. Climb your elbows and socks, imagine that you are a blackboard. Do not lower your hips! Press your muscles and slowly stretch your right arm forward, moving the weight to the left side. Hold up to 10 seconds, then slowly go back. Make 15 times in 2 sets. < / Li>
      3. “Push-ups from the wall” < / strong>. The original posture – standing facing the wall at a distance of one meter with arms stretched forward. Press your palms against the wall and, slowly bending your arms, press your chest against the wall. The back and knees remain straight. Do 15 times in 2-3 sets. < / Li>
      4. “Squatting near the wall” < / strong>. Press your back against the wall, set your heels at a distance of 60 centimeters from it. Take a deep breath, then exhale and squat shallowly, sliding down the wall. Hold the bottom for a couple of seconds, then, sliding along the wall up, go back. With each exercise, do deeper squats until your hips are parallel to the floor. Repeat 6 times in 3 sets. < / Li> < / ol>

        Who is contraindicated classes < / h2>

        Fitness is a way to health and beauty, but, unfortunately, there are contraindications to exercises. Before choosing a type of training, be sure to consult with your doctor to avoid health complications. You can not engage in active fitness people with the following diseases:

        • cholelithiasis; < / li>
        • choking attacks; < / li>
        • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; < / li>
        • thrombophlebitis; < / li>
        • glaucoma; < / li>
        • cataract. < / li> < / ul> |

          Fitness for beginners – video lesson < / h2>