Fitness после родов

A young mother is determined to bring her figure in order. Behind
during pregnancy, the outlines of the body have changed, and with this need
do something immediately. Fitness will help you to get in shape
childbirth. Overweight young mom to anything, however,
you need to start gradually.


Before you start training, get “good” from
doctor and follow these basic guidelines:

  1. In the postpartum period, avoid jumping, exercising with strong
    tension of the abdominal muscles and generally intense workouts like
    zumby, hot iron, etc. Your goal is not records, but improvement and
    health recovery.
  2. Consider that the body is weak after pregnancy and childbirth, and
    breastfeeding depletes nutrients, so
    the load should be gentle and not so much aimed at losing weight,
    how much for recovery – improving metabolism, strengthening muscles
    belly and back, etc.
  3. The exerciseball, expander, hoop is very well suited for exercise.
    These simple simulators can be easily placed at home and successfully
  4. If some exercises are too hard, then do them with
    additional support.
  5. Behindнимайтесь в среднем темпе в течение получаса, выполняя по
    15-20 reps of each exercise. Please note that excessive
    loads can change the taste and composition of breast milk.
  6. Try to get enough sleep and do exercises at a convenient time,
    when there is a desire and a surge of strength. The time when the baby is awake
    use for walking – oxygen is good for both of you!
  7. Women after cesarean section need to consult a doctor,
    they should begin to exercise
    avoid problems.
  8. Ideal for physical activity after childbirth is yoga,
    Pilates, walking, breathing techniques from yoga.

A couple of days after delivery, simple breathing will do.
exercises, exercises for small organs (pelvic lifts up)
etc. All this will help to establish the work of the intestine, and
also accelerate blood circulation.

Многим огорчения приносит размер и вид живота после childbirth.
Urgent measures should be taken if your waist size exceeds
80 cm – excess fat poses a direct threat to heart health. Then
It is necessary to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist who will help
learn and eliminate the cause of excess weight.

A set of exercises for weight loss after childbirth

Fitness-комплекс для молодых мамочек может выглядеть следующим
in the following way:

  1. Warm up – step on the spot or any aerobic steps for 5-7
    minutes You can add a swing hands.
  2. Squats. Squats are probably one of the most
    universal and useful exercise, it has a good
    fat burning effect and tightens muscles. You can do like
    classic squats or squat near the wall (second option
    simpler). Make 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps.
  3. Diagonal twisting for the press. Lie on the floor, bend your legs
    in the knees and put on the floor, arms behind your head. Exhale
    lift up the body and the left gon, make a turn with the body
    to the left, try to touch the right elbow of the left knee.
    Return to the starting position and repeat to another.
    the side.
  4. Shoulder bridge. Lying on your back, bend your knees and
    put as close as possible to yourself. Smoothly tear the pelvis off the floor and
    lift up so that only the feet and shoulders are left on the floor
    and head. Sit down gently on the floor.
  5. Angry cat – good cat. Standing on all fours, round
    back on the exhale and bend down on the inhale.
  6. Reverse pushups from a chair or couch. Strengthened

At the end of your workout, stretch yourself. On their own
I remember from experience that walking was a good result,
abdominal exercises, pulling in the abdomen, with a bang

Separately, I want to talk about nutrition. About diets can not be
and speeches, since you yourself are the first to suffer
overweight will add more falling hair, bad skin and
�”Flying” teeth.

Eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates
and protein. Limit the amount of salt in the diet and forget about
сладости, фаст-фуд, колбасу и майонез  — эти продукты принесут
only harm. Those who are breastfeeding baby, recommendations on nutrition
will give a pediatrician.

Do not “get fooled” by the persuasions of “experts” who say they need to
eat bread with butter and drink tea with condensed milk! From this milk is unlikely
it will increase, but the butt and the belly will surely increase in size.

The optimal rate of weight loss – 300-500 g per week, it is healthy
figure that will allow you to get rid of extra pounds
easy, without prejudice to health, as well as consolidate the results.
The main thing is to observe the measure in all.

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