Fitness для похудения

fitness-dlya-pohudeniyaDo you know the right process
weight correction is best achieved by combining healthy
diet and regular exercise?

For successful struggle with extra pounds with the help of fitness for
You need to burn more weight during exercise
calories than you consume with food minus
basic metabolism.

And the amount of calories that you can spend during
fitness, is in direct proportion to the duration
training, intensity, frequency and type of exercise, as well as
some other factors.

For a loss of 0.5 kg. fat you need to burn about 3700 calories.
To do this in a week, you need to spend about 500
extra calories daily.

Exercise that can help you burn 500 and
more calories in one hour and have a high degree of return,
are basketball, football, aerobics, rowing, hiking,
swimming and jogging.

If you can not give fitness a whole hour right away, then try
break it up into several short workouts, with a duration
not less than 10 minutes.


Fitness для похудения: кардио и силовой тренинг

For healthy weight loss, it is important to perform both cardio and
strength training in the composition of various fitness programs.
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that adults in
under the age of 65, at least 30 minutes a day five times a week
receive cardio loads of moderate intensity or 20 minutes a day
thrice a week high intensity exercise.

By moderate intensity is meant the rate of occupation
when doing exercises significantly increases the heart rate
contractions and activates sweating, but you are able and
simultaneously carry on a conversation. To achieve the desired weight loss you
you need to get 60-90 minutes of cardio training per day. Walking in
fast tempo can be a good form of aerobic exercise for
beginners and then move on to more complex as you progress
activities, for example, to interval running.

More detail in the article: “Cardio in the fight against

All the same American College of Sports Medicine recommends
8-10 strength exercises, consisting of 8-12 repetitions,
at least twice a week. And this is the minimum

To get the most out of your fitness program,
make sure for each of the strength exercises in the last
repetitions you give all the best.

Strength training, also known as training with
can provide additional benefits in the form of
increase muscle tissue, which will increase daily
calories burned by basal metabolism

What can be alternatives to fitness?

If typical strength training and cardiovascular
exercise for weight loss you do not like, pay attention to
group classes in sports interest sections or take
participation in team games.

Today there are a huge number of different sections,
that will help you get in shape, lose weight and just
enjoy the process itself.

When incorporating fitness for weight loss into your strategy to reduce
weights, make sure you choose those types of physical activity,
which you really like. It will give you the opportunity to be
extremely motivated and charged for results for more
long period of time.

And remember, ideally, always start any fitness program with
prior consultation with a qualified doctor.

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