Fitness-браслет, который всегда с тобой

The desire to be slim and beautiful “sits” in each of us, and each
of us know that to do this – do not eat harmful
products, do not exceed callorage, exercise regularly, many
move, but … how to keep track of all this, if you do not go
personal nutritionist and trainer?

And imagine how it would be great if you were always in
course, how many kilometers passed or ran for the day, saw
the result of each of their workouts, they knew how many calories they ate and
spent, and also a lot of other useful things or just

Now it is quite possible. Each of you can buy and wear
On the arm is a fitness bracelet, a small electronic gadget that makes
life losing weight young lady much easier.

Электронный шагомер

What is a fitness bracelet?

Fitness-браслет – это красивый и стильный аксессуар в виде часов
or a simple bracelet with a small display or even without it,
which in addition to the aesthetic function has a number of other useful
properties (their list depends on the model) – considers the spent and
calories consumed, kilometers traveled and number of steps
time spent sleeping and training, your heart rate and more.

Since the size of the bracelet is small, then to show you all
This gadget syncs with mobile devices, tablets
and computers, where data is collected per day and where they are
can be stored to track the dynamics.

You just put on a bracelet – and voila! Your every move
is fixed and then shown to you on a computer screen or
mobile phone. Agree, it is very stimulating.

Fitness-браслеты выглядят очень эстетично, например, модель,
which Julia Vysotskaya wears is similar to a regular leather bauble.
There are plastic pedometers, there are varieties with moisture protection
– with them you can swim, wash, in a word, wear without removing.

What are fitness bracelets?

I’ll tell you about the most popular:

Samsung Gear Fit – обладает функциями
monitor sleep and physical activity, the pulse counts, giving out all
information you need on a small built-in screen. For
Convenience bracelet can be synchronized with mobile
devices or computer. Price – from 6000 to 8000 rubles.

Jawbone Up — самый «продвинутый»
fitness bracelet, this is exactly what Julia Vysotskaya wears on her arm. This
model is a personal trainer, nutritionist and pioneer leader in one
small device. If you sit for a long time without movement, then the bracelet
will begin to vibrate, and still – according to the photo of the dish you can “say”
it is to eat or better to abstain. �The “smart” bracelet will tell you when
you better go to bed and wake up with a light vibration at the moment
when your body needs to wake up. The bracelet is moisture resistant,
the cost is about 4000-5000 rubles.

Fitbit Flex – браслет измеряет вашу
physical activity, namely, how many steps did you take in a day,
what distance have passed or ran. Fitbit will calculate how much
time you spent in bed, how many calories you spent per day.
Well, isn’t it a fairy tale?

Buy or not?

Argue that this gadget is vital for you, and without it
I don’t want to dream of harmony, because the bracelet is
not a way and not a means for losing weight. At the same time, he has
very useful features that make life easier
losing weight, shape and maintain motivation and transform
losing weight in an interesting process.

For большинства читателей сайта cамыми глобальными
problems are the inability to control yourself and your results
and the thirst to immediately see their achievements (and from each

We girls “on fitness”, we know that it is extremely inconvenient to keep
constantly hand on the pulse so as not to get out of your burning zone
fat or notch time intervals when conducting interval
workout. A bracelet solves these problems because its functions
allow you to count the pulse and track time.

Another significant plus of the fitness bracelet is motivation.
The result on the scales for three days you will not wait, but when you see
this result is on the screen of the bracelet, albeit expressed in the spent
calories, the desire to quit is unlikely to capture you.

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