Fish oil slimming

Fish oil is an oily liquid of white or light yellow. colors that have not pleasant smell and taste. Why is this additive re-experiencing “rebirth”? Belongs to the class of fats animal origin derived from the liver of cod fish. Familiar from childhood, he comes to life in the memories of this generation with the words “beee” and “fuuu.” Modern types of “packaging” are different from vintage product options: contents dressed in gelatin capsules do not have specific characteristics. Does dietary oil contribute to weight loss?

Properties of fish oil

The unique composition of fish oil – indispensable for the body amino acids, fat-soluble vitamins tocopherol (A) and calciferol (D) – provide normalization of metabolic functions, strengthen immunity, have anti-cancer effect. But entertaining The question is the property of this supplement to stimulate the reduction weight. The controversy arises – fat for weight loss against fat tel – easily resolved by detailed consideration of features this remedy.

The chemical formula of fish oil includes:

  • Polyunsaturated amino acids of the Omega group. The largest specific weight among the “relatives” is Omega-3, which, being a component cell membrane structure, affects the nervous, vascular, cardiac organism’s functions. Linoleic, arachidonic acid (Omega-6) necessary to build intercellular connections, stimulate exchange processes. Omega-9 affects the normalization of blood sugar, reducing hunger, which is important for losing weight.
  • Vitamin A. Tocopherol is responsible for the youth of the skin, hair health and nails. Carotene is essential for visual functions. When losing weight important is the regenerating component of tocopherol in normalization activity of the mucous membranes.
  • Vitamin D. Improves the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, prevents rickets, strengthening the skeletal system of the body. Keeping balance calcium, fish oil actively influences the acceleration of exchange weight loss processes.


Benefits for the human body and weight loss

What is useful fish oil for weight loss and the whole person:

  1. Для кровеносной системы. Restores elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, normalizing blood flow. Very important during slimming fish oil intake: additional exercise, sometimes significant, imply a power load. Strong, elastic vessels, capillaries will help to remain beautiful without unsightly bruises and bruises as a result of enhanced training sports.
  2. Для сосудов. Amino Acids of the Omega Group – ideal way to protect the body from blood clots and atherosclerotic plaques.
  3. Для сердца. Fish oil strengthens muscle myocardium, reducing triglycerides in the blood. Normalizing blood pressure, It contributes to improving performance and motor activity, which is important for the purpose of losing weight.
  4. Для борьбы с аутоиммунными заболеваниями. Arthritis and gout gradually recede if you enter into the diet of fish fat. With diabetes mellitus, the intake of omega-fatty acids is capable reduce blood glucose levels.
  5. For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases системы. Regular use reduces risk the occurrence of heart attacks, the development of ischemia by 30-40%.
  6. Для половой функции организма. Reduce risk development of gynecological diseases, increase the chances of conception for by improving tubal patency will help fish oil to women No less important is it for strengthening male power: getting into organism, arachidonic acid using the prostate gland promotes the production of prostaglandins that make sperm active and more “quick”.
  7. Для нервной системы. Supporting regeneration nerve cells, fish oil stimulates brain activity, improves memory. He is able to suppress the centers of “starvation” in the brain. Researches of scientists have revealed that during the course of treatment there is a decrease appetite with high performance and excellent condition organism.
  8. Для настроения. Depressive mood stressful loads will not bother you if you take a day not less than 1-2 g of fish oil. Yes, and the results of losing weight will be more noticeable if you stay in a good mood.
  9. При желании похудеть. The most valuable amino acids trigger the body’s metabolic functions, cleanse the body of accumulated “waste” in the form of toxins, slags, contribute to rapid breakdown of saturated fats from food. Low cholesterol, sugar after taking fish oil affect weight loss, reducing the need for snacks and sweets.  

How to take for weight loss < / h2>

To achieve a steady loss of extra kilograms with any additives, diets will only help comprehensive measures:

  1. Proper nutrition and reduced calorie meals. < / li>
  2. Constant exercise that will help your body muscles become pumped up, and your forms fit perfectly. < / li> < / ol>

    Dietitian advice on the benefits of fish oil, its ability to break down lipids and promote weight loss, often cause unpleasant associations with an oily, foul-smelling liquid with the same taste. which in childhood we were stuffed grandmothers and mothers. Having decided yet to take this step (and what should be done, it should be so), most women are surprised to find that taking this supplement is not disgusting. Gelatin capsules securely store purified, often fortified fish oil inside.

    How to drink fish oil for weight loss:

    • Liquid form < / strong>. It is more concentrated, therefore, the regimen of taking fish oil is as follows: 1 teaspoon before a meal (5 ml) two or three times a day. So, while losing weight, you will provide 2000 mg of Omega-acids necessary for the body to normalize metabolic functions and effectively break down saturated fats. < / Li>
    • Capsules < / strong>. How to take fish oil capsules for weight loss, prompt recommendations nutritionists and instructions for use from the manufacturer. One capsule contains 500 mg of the active substance, therefore, to enhance metabolic processes, you should drink 2 capsules before each meal. < / Li> < / ul>

      Try not to break the recommended dose! Высокое содержание токоферола в составе рыбьего жира может вызвать интоксикацию, которая опасна для organism. A surplus of calciferol, an imbalance of prostacyclin and thrombixan – arachidonic acid derivatives – can cause premature birth, increase bone fragility, contribute not to weight loss, but to weight gain.

      Contraindications < / h2>

      With all the “usefulness” and unique properties, fish oil is contraindicated for weight loss in the presence of:

      1. Liver diseases. < / li>
      2. Renal failure. < / li>
      3. The presence of allergic reactions or individual intolerance to fish. < / li>
      4. Gallstone or urolithiasis. < / li>
      5. Dysfunctions of the thyroid (prostate) gland. < / li>
      6. Excess calcium, vitamin D (found in the case of long-term intake of vitamin complexes). < / li> < / ol>

        Doctors recommend to stop eating fish oil on an empty stomach: provoking an active secretion of bile, the body during weight loss can react with bowel disorder or nausea.

        Frequently Asked Questions < / h2>

        1. What results can be achieved? < / strong> Reasonable combination of active loads, reduced consumption of “fast” carbohydrates and a shift in emphasis on nutrition for vegetables, fruits, lean meats, combined with taking fish oil will help get rid of 6-8 kg in one course of admission. You should not expect an immediate result: you can notice the slimming effect no earlier than in a couple of weeks. < / Li>
        2. How much does fish oil cost in capsules at the pharmacy? < / strong> The price range for this most valuable product is amazing. The liquid form of release, which, however, differs eerie smell and taste, costs from 40 rubles. up to 150 rubles. in the pharmacy. Capsules of domestic production cost from 298 rubles. More expensive to lose weight with fish oil from foreign manufacturers: 100 capsules start from 598 rubles. < / Li>
        3. How many fish oil capsules do you need to take per day? < / strong> Ensuring the delivery of valuable types of amino acids during weight loss will help to maintain the recommended dosage of 2000-3000 mg per day. Given that one capsule contains 500 mg of Omega-acids, 5-6 capsules should be drunk per day (2 pcs at a time), with a significant amount of water (150 ml) at room temperature. < / Li> < / ol>

          Для профилактики заболеваний, поддержания иммунитета, при похудении врачи рекомендуют принимать препарат курсами по 25-30 дней с интервалом два-три месяца. This will help to avoid an excess of vitamin A, D. To consolidate the results of weight loss, nutritionists recommend three courses of fish oil intake within a year.


          Reviews lost weight < / h2>

          Nina, 49 years old < / strong> : In the rainy season, we take fish oil with the whole family. Daughters and husband – to strengthen the immune system, and I also for weight loss. By the New Year holidays everyone notices the built figure in a beautiful dress, and I am happy with the result on the scales – minus 5-6 kg per month!

          Galina, 22 years old < / strong>: I decided to check whether fish oil helps to lose weight. Constantly I suffer from colds, then … gluttony. So I decided to streamline food, go swimming, and to maintain health and weight loss included in the diet this supplement. The results of weight loss for 15 days impressed: 5 kg disappeared, and I ate the usual food, excluding only sweet and flour.


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