Fish in batter – the best recipes. How to anddelicious cook fish in batter.

Sun, Jul 31, 2016

Рыба в кляре – это очень вкусное, оригинальное
and at the same time – not a difficult dish to prepare, feasible
even novice cooks. Fish is one of the most useful
products, because it contains proteins, vitamins, trace elements and
other components necessary for our organism, among which
omega-3 fatty acids are the most valuable.

In addition, the fish is absorbed by the body much faster and easier.
compared to meat and even chicken. Of the fish most useful
considered marine, which contains large amounts of fluoride and
iodine. Therefore, the use of marine fish is considered mandatory for
people who suffer from atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease
heart, hypertension, and various metabolic disturbances.

To diversify your fish menu, try cooking
fish in batter – not a thick test, which is usually dipped before
roasting pieces of fish, meat, vegetables, etc. For preparing batter
There are a variety of recipes, but the dish itself is always
preparing on one principle. Cutting prepared fish fillets on
pieces of arbitrary shape, they are fried in batter in large
the amount of sunflower oil. Cleat, enveloping the product,
allows you to cook it without breaking it
nutritional and taste qualities. Also from the batter turns tasty
crispy crust. But if you, for example, do not eat fried, then
can take it off and eat only fish.

Thus, this method of cooking allows without special
efforts to get a very delicate and tasty fish that will decorate any

Fish in batter – preparation of dishes

For the preparation of fish in batter, we need a deep
Medium-sized thick-walled pan, fork
on her fillet pieces and immerse them in batter), skimmer or
tongs (to get ready-made fillet slices from the pan). Also
should prepare in advance a large dish covered with paper

Fish in batter – food preparation

As a rule, you can cook any kind of fish in batter. It is better
In total, if ready-made fish fillets are used. In case of it
absence, you need to take the whole fish, clean it of scales,
gut, cut off the head, tail, remove the bones and wash it
cold water. The resulting fillet before use for
frying in batter need to thoroughly blot paper
a towel.

Fish in batter – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Fish in milk batter

For the preparation of this dish, you can use any fillet
fish. Cut the fish into pieces and salt and pepper, then dipping
them in batter, fried in a large amount of oil until
beautiful golden brown.


500 gr. any fish fillet; oil for frying; to taste
salt pepper;

для кляра:

3 eggs; 200 gr. flour; 1 glass of milk; spices to taste

Способ приготовления:

1. Cut the prepared fish fillet into medium slices.
size, salt, pepper.

2. Cooking batter. To do this, beat the eggs, mix them with flour,
add the spices and then gradually pour the milk into the mixture (with
constant mixing to prevent the formation of lumps).
In terms of density, the resulting ready batter should resemble kefir.

3. Pour a large amount of vegetable oil into the pan and
warm it up well.

4. Dipping the pieces of fish in batter, put them in the pan and fry
about 5 minutes each side on the fire is slightly more than average.

5. Transfer the finished fish to a paper towel, then it
впитает лишний жир, и образуется crispy crust. Then
we shift everything to the dish and decorate it with thin slices
tomatoes and greens.

Recipe 2: Fish in sour cream

As for cooking the previous recipe, here
You can use any fish. Fillet cut into pieces, salt,
pepper and fry in batter in large amounts of butter until they
lightly browned. Fish marinated with lemon juice and spices
It turns out very tender and tasty.


500 gr. any fish fillet; 1 tbsp. l lemon juice; oil for
обжаривания;taste salt pepper;

для кляра:

2 eggs; 5 tbsp. l flour; 100 gr. sour cream; spices to taste.

Способ приготовления:

1. Cut the prepared fish fillet into medium slices.
size, salt, pepper and sprinkle with lemon.

2. Cooking batter: we drive eggs into flour, add sour cream, salt and
spices, then mix thoroughly and let stand for about 10

3. Pour a large amount of vegetable oil into the pan,
heat it up and fry fish pieces on it, dipping them into a liquid
dough. Fry should be on the fire a little stronger than average
turning the fish over.

5. For removal of excess fat and formation of a crisp
we put fried fish pieces on a paper towel, and
only then – on the dish.

Recipe 3: Hake fillet in cheese batter

The dish is prepared in almost the same way as in other recipes.
preparation in batter: prepared fillet of hake cut into pieces and
dipped in cooked batter, fried in large quantities
oil before getting ruddy crisp. Highlight dishes
is the cheese that is present in batter and gives it the original
taste and delicate texture.


500 gr. fillet of hake; oil for жарки;taste соль и

для кляра:

150 gr. any hard cheese; 3 eggs; 2 tbsp. l flour.

Способ приготовления:

1. Cut the prepared fish fillet into medium slices.
size, salt, pepper.

2. Cooking batter: beating eggs, mix them with cheese, grated on
coarse grater, spice, and add flour.

3. Pour a large amount of vegetable oil into the pan,
heat it well and dipping the fillet pieces in batter, fry
их, периодически turning the fish over.

5. To drain excess fat and keep the crust.
crispy, lay out the finished fish first on a paper towel,
then we shift to the dish.

Recipe 4: Pike perch in beer batter

Pike perch is very tasty in itself, and after frying in batter, it
becomes unusually juicy. Cooking this dish
lies in the fact that prepared perch fillet cut on
small pieces, salt, roll in flour, dipped in batter and
fried in a large amount of vegetable oil to obtain
golden brown crust.


1 kg perch fillet; 50 gr. flour; oil for жарки;taste

для кляра:

200 gr. муки;3 eggs; 200 gr. beer; 50 gr. rast. oils; taste

Способ приготовления:

1. Cut the prepared perch fillet into medium slices.
size, salt, pepper.

2. Next, prepare the batter. Separating the whites and yolks, first whisk in
strong foam. Then, mixing the yolks with beer, salt and flour,
knead the dough, put whipped whites of proteins in it and gently
mix from top to bottom.

3. Pour a large amount of vegetable oil into the pan,
warm it up well.

4. Having rolled each piece of pike perch in flour, we dip them in batter and
send to the pan, fry until golden brown with
periodic inversion.

5. Put the finished fish pieces on a paper towel, then
we shift on a dish and decorate with greens.

Fish in batter – useful tips from experienced chefs

Before frying fish in batter, it is important to warm up well.
pan, because otherwise the batter will spread along
frying pan and beautiful products will not work. Also тесто может
spread, if the dough is kneaded too liquid, in this case you need
добавить немного flour.

If during the frying of the fish in the batter, cover the pan with a lid, then
the dough crust will be soft and juicy, if not covered, then it
get crispy.

Do not put many slices of fillet in batter into the pan at once
(“how much will fit”). First, then they can stick to each other.
to a friend and then have a better view; secondly, the oil temperature from
this can drop dramatically, and the dough will grind.

Serve fish in batter with sour cream sauce or with a side dish.
You can use nicely sliced ​​as a side-up.
vegetables, lemon, greens.


Serch2 12.10.2016 Попробоваl Liked recommend !!! vivasia
05/24/2016 I cook meat or fish in batter as follows: eggs
whip with mayonnaise, a little salt with herbs, black pepper, on
finely grate a few cloves of garlic, whisk and
добавить немного flour. Put pieces of meat or fish in a batter
mix well and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Then обжариваем в
oil, spread on the grid or on a metal sieve to
a glass of excess oil and a crust remained crisp.

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