Fell in love with a married man – what to do? Worthcontinue the relationship or try to forget it if you fell in lovemarried

Вт, 12 июл 2016 Автор: Татьяна Паненкова

Love in life of every person brings bright emotions:
exciting waiting for a phone call, anticipation of a new
meetings, exciting dating dates, etc.

It seems that behind the wings grew wings, I want to embrace the whole world and
tell everyone what a wonderful man you met if
not one “but”: your beloved is married, but, alas, not on you.

Many people are familiar with the proverb “On another misfortune of happiness
you can’t build it, ”it is she who comes to mind of the lucky ones
Has managed to love a non-free man.

But is it worth her to believe? And first you need to figure out what
do with a married man: take away from the family or remain on the rights

Влюбилась в married: чего ожидать или дальнейшие

Итак, ты влюбилась в married мужчину. Someone about marital status
men learn to establish a serious relationship, but for someone
This news becomes an unpleasant surprise.

What should be ready:

1. To the feeling of constant jealousy. Often
men say to their mistresses that they no longer have the same wife
relationship, lost both physical and moral connection.
Perhaps it is, but it will be harder to believe in it when
A loved one will spend time with his family.

2. New Year, March 8, February 14, its day
: будь готова к тому, что придется провести эти
holidays without him. Maybe lucky and more: he ran for an hour,
but all this time it will be nervously glancing at the clock.

3. Calls of his wife during your dates. Yes,
He has a wife, and she has to reckon with her. On her calls he
will answer that the business meeting was delayed, got stuck in traffic, and
let her go without him. At the same time, your attempts to call
before him during his stay at home will be in vain.

4. To permanent restrictions. For example, your
meetings will be held exclusively in your apartment, and call
you can him only during the working day. Will be and
joint attacks, but in those places where no one knows you.

But not everything is as bad as it might seem at first glance. Not
always a relationship with a married man is hopeless. You can
appear in his life when their marriage is bursting at the seams,
therefore, before the divorce is at hand. You will only become a catalyst
this process. Or will he fall in love with you so much that he will leave his wife
without any hesitation.

Как себя вести, если ты влюбилась в married

There are several options for the development of these difficult

• you strike him out of your life and forget how scary

• you go to great lengths to get him divorced from his wife, and after
he marries you;

• you remain on the rights of his secret beloved, with whom he
meets in secret from its second half.

After making a decision, you need to develop
detailed plan for further action. In such circumstances
it is necessary to discard unnecessary emotions and understand yourself, your
desires and opportunities, because on one side of the scale your
relationship with this man, and on the other – his family and, perhaps,
children. The choice is not easy, but it is still there.

Влюбилась в married: как его забыть

For you, the love of a married man turned out to be an unbearable burden.
Perhaps you realized that he would never leave the family, although he
assures the opposite, or your relationship has not moved to that stage,
when there is no way back.

To forget it is necessary:

1. To part with it. Yes, именно так. Need to
make your man aware that from now on
stop your relationship. Many women sin because they
trying to reduce the relationship to nothing, while going on the last
a date, persuade for a cup of coffee, give another chance, after
which is exactly all. Notт, нужно разорвать этот порочный круг раз и
forever and ever. At the same time, a man should understand that this whole scene with
parting is not played out with the aim of playing on his nerves, but
this is really the end.

2. Сжечь все мосты: не отвечать на его
phone calls, delete his number from the phone book,
throw away the joint photos, do not ask about him common
acquaintances, get out of sight those things that are about him

3. cry it out. Not нужно строить из себя
iron lady at first. Yes, ты морально разбита, тебе
hard, so let loose tears, hit the pillow and on the tenth circle
tell your friend how unfairly you have been treated
a life. Not стоит копить негатив в себе, его необходимо выплеснуть
out. Working with a psychologist will be a good help on the way to
new life.

4. Начать жить заново. Parting always
painful, but life goes on after him. Start going out with
friends in public places, shop at your favorite stores.
In a word, indulge yourself and do not deny yourself anything. Feel it
taste for life.

Влюбилась в married: как заставить его принять окончательное

You приняла decision бороться за свое счастье любой ценой. You
влюбилась в married мужчину, а значит настала пора действовать.
No one has the right to condemn you for this, because you cannot command your heart.
Anyone can be in your place.

What to do if there is no strength to break this relationship, one
in a word what to do if you want to be his
the only one:

1. Быть честной с самой собой: действительно,
it is love or just an opportunity to assert itself. Of course married
a man is not the ultimate dream of every woman, but his willingness
leave the family for your sake can not flatter.

2. Weigh your chances. Many start
directly torture your lovers with questions “when you walk away from
family “,” how much longer I have to wait. ” But here you should not hope for
honest answer, no man will say that for him it is all
just an intrigue. He will wriggle out, ask for time, etc.
This does not mean that he does not have serious feelings, he
just he did not decide what to do. In this case it is necessary
take control of the situation: designate temporary
boundaries of waiting for his final decision.

3. Not повторять ошибки его жены. Your man
often complains that in that family he lacks affection, support, and
only you understand him – boldly use it. Let him
will feel that you are the girl he needs.

4. Try to look as attractive as possible.
every your meeting.
What distinguishes you from him
wives – meeting with you for him is like a breath of fresh air. Until
it’s not there, you have time to clean up and be ready for
bye No washed-up robes, hair curlers, masks on
face of all that many women sin after several years

5. Make him jealous. It may well
arrange a seat on two chairs. Why go out of habit
comfort zone when on both sides everything is calm and good. Untilжи
him that the light of his wedge did not converge, that you use
attention from other men. The main thing is not to overdo it. You
better know your chosen one, so you will feel how
you can go far, so as not to lose it forever, but, on the contrary, still
Kindle his interest more.

Notобходимо понимать, что порой от момента начала ваших отношений
months and even months may pass before his divorce. Is it ready
are you in such a long wait? Worth ли он того? To these questions you
also to answer itself. Need to быть готовой к тому, что
and after the divorce, he may not stop communicating with his ex-wife if
в том браке у них совместные children.

Что делать, если влюбилась в married, но он не хочет ничего

It also happens that for some reason a man cannot
leave your family for you. It can keep it small
children who do not want to be injured by divorce mom and dad are common
liabilities and so on. It would seem, why waste time on
such a relationship, but feelings are stronger. In such circumstances
psychologists recommend adhering to the following rules, compliance
which will help to transfer the current situation more easily, and with
time and completely free from hopeless

In this case, you should:

1. Ставить свои интересы на первое место. Yes,
you are aware of the fact that at this stage you formally occupy
second place in the life of your man, so you meet him
only at a convenient time. Your daily routine should not
adapt to it.

2. Not превращаться в его домработницу, которая
dinner is being prepared for his arrival, let his wife do it. Not
burden yourself, because you can always order a ready-made meal at home.
Let the man take care of it.

3. Not обсуждать с ним его жену. For you this
should be a closed topic. Why poison your life with stories about
rival. Let it be for several hours, but it will be completely

4. Not пытаться рассказать его жене о вашей
. Of course, you can try to tweak the situation
that the spouse of your chosen one learns about your relationship. If after
it comes to divorce, it is unlikely that your favorite will run
make you an offer Being in constant scandals with his
wife, he will blame you for everything that happens. You this
need to?

5. Быть в постоянном поиске. Notобходимо
remember that a married lover is a temporary man on whom
do not stop your choice. Not дари все свое внимание только
married friend, be constantly among people, go on dates, so have
you will be more likely to meet your real second

Быть любовницей married мужчины непросто. Have to constantly
restrain emotions rushing out, stash a negative, share a loved one
a man with another woman. But such relationships may have
happy ending if two people love each other and truly want to
be together.

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