Fat burning training: the basics, principles,technique

zhiroszhigayushchie-trenirovki-bazovye-printsipyBy concept
�”Fat burning” is often operated in their advertising campaigns.
commercial organizations that are active
distribution of products aimed at correcting excess

Primarily, this term is used to encourage sales.
various food additives or simply dietary supplements.

However, the essence of human physiology is such that in the very
the process of burning fat is not unusual and it is
completely natural to the body provided that the ratio
between the amount of energy obtained from food and consumed in
during the day, there is a negative number (with a minus sign).


Fat Burning Anatomy

The human body needs a constant source of energy
to perform all their vital functions every second,
for example, regular breathing or maintaining the usual temperature
body. Energy consumed from food taken
display in calories.

Each organism has individual needs in volume.
necessary energy, which closely depends on age, weight, gender
accessories (gender) and level of motor activity. In men,
as a rule, there is a higher caloric need than
in women of the same age, weight and height, as they have
increased percentage of muscle mass that requires for its
maintain significantly more (8 times) energy than fat.

Our body can convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins from
products to the energy he needs, which is actively used by fibers
muscle tissue, while getting any exercise with
increase heart rate.

Carbohydrates circulating in the blood or stored as glycogen
in the liver and muscles are the most effective “fuel”. With
the absence of available carbohydrates the body starts splitting
accumulated body fat. If this source is not available,
then for energy needs begins the destruction of muscle

What influences the success of fat burning workout?

Of course, when you exercise, body fat reserves are consumed
not always evenly. Some types of exercise can burn
more fat as a percentage of the total amount spent
calories, but less in quantitative equivalent than others. But
whatever type of load you prefer, your
the main goal is simply to spend as much as you can during your workout
more calories.

According to researchers, if you train with low
intensity, for example, walk in the first place
the body will use fat reserves as a source
energy. If you then switch to jogging, then 50%
calories you will burn from fat and 50% from carbohydrates, plus
увеличится общий объем затраченной energy. With быстром темпе,
for example, while running, the body will predominantly
use glycogen.


Moderate-intensity fat burning exercise

If you are just starting a training program or have you had
long break, then focus on exercise
with a heart rate of 50 – 70% of your maximum
(this pace is like walking). As a result, you will burn more
fat rather than carbohydrates, but less total calories than
with more intense load.

Such a pace of physical activity will bring you well into shape,
increasing cardio and muscular endurance to end up
it was possible to start the exercise more difficult. Regularly
increase the duration of the training by one minute by
the first two weeks before moving on to the next

Among the exercises you can choose: swimming, cycling
or stationary bike, slow walking, yes any that you can
perform for a long period of time (only 60 – 90
minutes five times a week).

Fat burning exercise at an average pace

If you are ready to play sports with a pulse 70 – 80% of
maximum, you can increase the amount spent
fat and total calorie costs. For such a pace is characterized by rapid
breathing however you still need to be able to speak during
load time.

You can use the same list of exercises as in
the previous paragraph, but you can still add shaping and session
step aerobics. Start with a light warm-up for a few
minutes, and then evenly increase your heart rate to
work area, at the end of the lesson also gradually move to a hitch
and stretching. Drink enough water during exercise.

Highly intensive fat burning program

To train in this category, you need to have
excellent muscular and heart endurance. And, despite the fact that
about 85% of calories you will spend in the form of glycogen, however
the total amount of fat will be significantly higher than when doing exercises in
moderate pace.

Athletes use this type of anaerobic load to improve
sporting results, alternating as fast as possible during
two minutes with two or more minutes of recovery (principle
interval training).

Important: start the last program only after
consultation with a doctor.


Effective fat burning exercises

The surest and proven way to get rid of excess fat
– is to achieve a rational combination of healthy food and

Power training

In fact, working with “iron” in the gym is a great
a way to turn adipose tissue into muscle. Moreover, your
the body burns about 100 calories per day to support 1 kg
muscle, so increasing their volume will help you reduce fat
и израсходовать more calories.

In addition, strength training has been proven to speed up metabolism.
fat According to experts, the best way to achieve your
targets will be the use of light and medium weights in large
number of repetitions. Strength training is a great solution.
fat burning for both men and women.

Exercise Bike / Cycling

Intensive exercises on a stationary bike at a high pace allow
burn a person weighing 75 kg more than 750 calories in one hour
workout. We do not recommend you eat or drink anything.
(drinks containing calories) within hours

Thus, your body will burn 300% more fat
during load because first of all it will use
adipose tissue than if you had to eat before exercise
high-calorie dish.


Interval training

This approach to load sharing is simply colossal.
effect for trained people. Her main idea is to
constant alternation of stages of maximum physical activity and
recovery (rest). For example, a combination of fast running with
unhurried walking.

Due to this specific approach, you can significantly
increase your endurance and consume as many calories in 30
minutes, as during a 60-minute workout routine.

Interval training позволят вам терять более 2 кг жира в
week, in addition, they increase the amount of oxygen that
the body uses after exercise. Oxygen is required for oxidation.
fat, so these workouts help burn significantly more
fat than usual.

Circuit training

The idea of ​​conducting circular preparation lies in the correct choice.
about 10 different exercises to perform one after another
in quick succession and then repeat the circle two or three more
times Your task is to keep your body in constant motion
with an increased heart rate while you are building

Exercises choose anaerobic type, additionally using
свободные weight. Full circuit training should last
about 20 – 45 minutes of continuous movement. Use light weight
dumbbells and perform at least 15 repetitions for each

Top 10 fat burning rules

1. Тренируйтесь в высоком темпе. Do not aim yourself
to work in the so-called fat burning zone (pulse 50 – 70% of
maximum). Despite the fact that under this condition the body in
primarily uses fats, but this advantage is only visible in
percentage, but not in quantitative. It means that
for the same amount of time you use up more fat
stocks when running, rather than when walking.

2. Отнеситесь внимательно к выбору упражнений. amount
energy spent during exercise depends not only on the
activities, but also on how much effort you put in, how long
you do, and how often. So choose these exercises for
fat burning that you can do regularly and
qualitatively. After all, there is nothing worse than how to train with a feeling
suffering and boredom.

3. Развивайте мышечную силу и выносливость. Speed ​​up
fat burning will help accentuate the load on large groups
body muscles: legs, chest and back (for example, squats). The larger
The percentage in the body muscle mass, the higher the consumption of calories.

4. Поддерживайте необходимый темп. To activate
the fat burning effect of the workout is necessary to keep certain
темп на протяжении всего периода workout.

5. Отдавайте предпочтение интервальному тренингу. Like us
already said: “interval” means a constant alternation
phase load and recovery and is one of the best ways
maximizing calorie consumption and getting an excellent result for
limited time span. Start at the rate of 2 minutes
load – 2 minutes of rest.

6. Работайте с собственным весом. Such exercises for
burning fat, like walking or running, causes the body to expend
more calories than those in which your weight is supported (for example,
swimming or cycling) simply because you
additionally exert effort on resistance to strength

7. Тренируйтесь натощак. We have already said that
performing an exercise on an empty stomach allows you to spend
more fat. But be careful: too long
�“Starvation” before training can lead to the fact that you are not
withstand the intensity or duration.


8. Используйте эффект дожигания. One of the best
the effects of highly intense exercise is that burning
fat to continue after its completion. This is called effect.
�”Afterburning” (or increased calorie consumption), which is activated
upon receipt of a load with a heart rate of more than 75%
from the maximum.

9. Постепенно увеличивайте интенсивность нагрузки. If a
you want to see progress in the results of your burning program
fat, you should gradually increase the intensity of training.

10. Ведите себя активно в течение дня. Researchers
found that people who move more throughout the day,
burn 350 calories more than those who prefer sedentary

Fat Burning Exercises: Video Material

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