Fasting for weight loss

Very often, in order to lose weight, girls practice
starvation. Today we would like to study this
question and find out: is it possible to lose weight with
starvation, how to do it right, and what is the benefit and harm

Тарелка и приборы

Fasting benefit and harm

The answer to the question of what brings fasting: benefit or harm
– unequivocally impossible to say, since every human body
very individual and therefore, it is impossible to summarize this question.
Fasting can be both beneficial and harmful.

Benefits of fasting

Benefits of fasting заключается в том, что вы можете сбросить
максимальное количество веса за один день fasting results
fasting for weight loss show that one day fasting
you can lose from 100 grams to 1 kilogram of weight and more.
Fasting is the most effective way to lose weight.

In addition to the maximum result in losing weight, fasting is also
curative. Therapeutic fasting is used to clear
your body, in particular: to clear the stomach and intestines, get rid
from the severity of the lower abdomen and remove toxins. It will not only help
lose weight, but also help health.

Harm fasting

Теперь о негативном моменте fasting First thing here
It should be noted that fasting is not for all people, and
at the same time, your body can respond to starvation as
weight loss, and even vice versa – weight gain.

There is a hypothesis that frequent and prolonged fasting
very unhealthy both for health and for the figure. Motivate it
the fact that when fasting the body is experiencing stress, and if such
stressful situations occur very often, the body begins
to stockpile your fats yourself to say so
�“Feed” yourself in a hungry period. So you can
conclude that fasting can cause two harms: stress
body and overweight.

In addition, nutritionists established another fact that after
prolonged fasting weight lost during this period may
go back, and even 5-10 pounds more than he was
initially To avoid this, after fasting you need
maintain proper nutrition and apply physical

Идеальная фигура

How to starve to lose weight

Simple starvation, as a rule, held one, maximum two
day a week. Some girls use a two-day fast.
in a row, but we consider it too extreme. Go hungry once
in weeks is not only possible, but even useful. When fasting our
the stomach digests all the leftover food and is unloaded, therefore in
this day he just has a rest day. Fasting is not recommended
produce in the presence of certain chronic diseases, after
diseases (if the doctor did not prescribe you fasting), but
also during the epidemics of influenza and ARVI, as during fasting
the body loses its protective functions and ability to resist
viruses are waning.

One-day fasting for weight loss

The one-day fasting principle is that
day you do not take any food other than water. Behind
a day you need to drink at least 2, and in the summer at least 3
liters of mineral still water. Fasting on water for
losing weight is the best type of fasting, while it is unnecessary to confuse
fasting fasting day, as this is a different concept. With
fasting food is eliminated completely when unloading
days food is taken in limited quantities and strictly
a specific list.

Dry fasting for weight loss

In addition, there is another type of fasting – dry. With таком
type of fasting, even taking water is prohibited. Dry fasting
only one day is spent, but only if
prescribed you by your dietitian.


Fasting for weight loss 21 день

If you decide on a long fast, then you
will-power is needed — enormous will-power. With продолжительном
fasting for weight loss is prohibited to eat any food is allowed
drink only drinking water, in unlimited quantities. Besides
Moreover, in this period it is necessary to do enemas with the following composition:
1 tbsp. dilute a tablespoon of salt in 1-1.5 liters of water,
whose temperature should not exceed the body temperature. On first
week enemas are done every evening, the second week – every other day,
on the third – 2 times a week. Every day you need to walk on
fresh air at least twice a day for half an hour. Every evening
take warm baths, the temperature of which water should
match your body temperature.

Going out after a 21-day fast is necessary gradually. ABOUT
how to get out of fasting, we will tell separately.

More detailed information about therapeutic fasting will tell you.

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