Fasting days for slimming and slimmingstomach

Slimming – процесс нелегкий, труднее всего перестроить свое
food and move the weight from the “dead center”. Come to the rescue
fasting days, which can be carried out 1-2 times a week. Such
measure, subject to regular use and compliance with certain
other tips will help not only reduce weight, but also reduce
the amount of food eaten and learn how to control your appetite.



What is a fasting day?

Fasting day – a kind of zigzag in the diet, this one
day of refusal from heavy, harmful and non-natural food. Calorie content
this day is usually not more than 1000 kcal. Agree
to endure one day without sweet, fat and flour – this is not so
so much sacrifice.

Usually fasting day involves the use of
низкокалорийной пищи без сахара, соли  и приправ.
It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (if it is not
It is prohibited by a doctor) – water or herbal teas without sugar.

Moderate exercise also does not hurt.

It is usually recommended to carry out 1 fasting day per week
coordination with the doctor – two, but not more. You can also hold
cleansing fasting day after the holidays that
сопровождались обильными застольями.

In one day of unloading you can lose up to 1 kg, but not
flatter yourself – it’s mostly water and the contents of the intestines, and not
fat deposits. A lasting positive effect can be achieved
with their regular conduct and correction of nutrition on “normal” days.
Такие дни также помогают уменьшить размеры stomach.

Recipes fasting days

TOефирный (молочный, йогуртовый) день. Purpose –
remove excess fluid, get rid of edema, improve performance
gastrointestinal tract.

On the day you need to drink about 1.2-1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt or
natural yoghurt without sugar and other additives, or about 1 l
milk (milk is absorbed longer, so it must be consumed
less). Drink a glass of kefir or milk every 2-3 hours.

In addition, kefir, milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and contain
useful protein. In some people, kefir in large quantities may
cause discomfort in the intestines, so watch your
reaction. If it’s really boring and hungry, you can go to the milk one.
add a spoonful of honey to the product.

TOефирно-яблочный день. Cleans well
intestine, relieves swelling. You will need about the same
the number of apples and kefir – 700-800 g, apples are best
to bake. The order is as follows – first eat an apple, in an hour – drink
kefir, then a pause – 1.5-2 hours. The fact is that if you eat apples
immediately after kefir, they can cause discomfort in
intestines (although this is not all).

Белковый день – творожный, рыбный, мясной.
Well helps to lose weight without losing muscle mass, protein
food has a more pronounced saturating effect than fruit or
kefir, so it can be recommended for beginners.

About 300-400 g of low-fat cottage cheese are required per day.
lean fish, meat or chicken in boiled form. To the intestines not
suffered, be sure to add vegetables like cucumbers to the squirrel,
tomatoes, cabbage, radish, greens, or fruit – apples, pears,
Kiwi, oranges. Fruit and vegetables – as much as protein

Фруктовые (овощные) дни. Clear
gastrointestinal tract, saturate the body with vitamins. On one
day you need about 1.5 kg of fruit or vegetables. Do not use
sweet and high-calorie foods such as bananas, grapes, mango,
potatoes; limited persimmon, beets. Can be eaten raw
form, make compotes, salads or stews, but without salt and sugar. TO
vegetables are allowed to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

TOрупяные дни. Heal the body and
help lose weight. Cook about 1 cup of cereal (fit rice,
buckwheat, oatmeal oatmeal, millet), divide into portions into
all day. TO крупам можно добавить чуток овощей и фруктов. TOрупяные
days are well tolerated, but the effect from them is the most modest. Good
подходят людям с заболеваниями ЖTOТ.

Fasting day is a good way to lose weight and return
health, but do not bet only on them. Weight loss
promote healthy eating habits and moderate physical
load. The use of fasting days can only be used
as an element of losing weight, so be patient and do not strive
lose weight in a month.

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