Fasting day on the water

Water is a substance with unique properties that not yet fully explored. This is the only drink that has zero calorie, so ideal for losing weight. Man not can live long without water, and for normal functionality the body needs to consume about 2 liters in pure form, not counting other drinks and liquid foods. To lose weight only on one water – it is a cruel and wrong method, but to make one fasting day on it is very good for health.

Fasting day on the water

What is good for a day on the water

Fasting days for losing weight on water will require a maximum of will and patience, a minimum of time and investment. Inherently such unloading is the usual fasting. However, the benefits of short fasting is huge, this is known by numerous reviews of people who cured chronic diseases of starvation alone. So, water discharge, once a week, brings the body the following benefits:

  1. Fills the stomach, dulling the appetite.
  2. Organs rest on energy consumption for digestion.
  3. The kidneys, liver, blood vessels, joints begin to be cleansed of toxins and slags.
  4. Intestinal functionality is improved.
  5. Prevents fluid retention, which eliminates puffiness.
  6. The problem with skin defects is solved.
  7. Leave those extra pounds.


Rules of the discharge day on the water

Unloading on the water is usually carried out after the holidays and feast But, in the opinion of doctors, it is better to do the opposite: before the oncoming food libation is necessary for the day to go to a light food. Exclude from the menu fatty dairy products, eggs, meat. It is better Spend this day with vegetables, fruits and unsalted cereals, boiled on water. To clear the intestines, the night before unloading afternoon drink a decoction of prunes. Rules of conducting water discharge:

  • Prepare the water in advance. Take care in the evening to you on the day of discharge was 4 liters of water.
  • Limit physical exertion. This day is not worth visiting gym, fitness classes or exercise at home to the body did not expend excess energy. It will save you from too much appetite.
  • Take care of yourself. You shouldn’t change anything in life. If day will be productive – it will save you from food temptations.

The main condition of the water discharge day – drinking filtered or mineral water without gas. Boiled water from the crane will not work. Allowed to drink warm water, not brought to boil.

Recipes and unloading options on the water

Fasting day on the water, отзывы и результаты худеющих о нем consider below, is carried out not only in monovariant. Not every a person will be able to withstand fasting 24 hours. Therefore, we consider more sparing options for losing weight and cleansing the body.

  1. На воде и зеленом чае. Water and green tea allow the body to relax and gain useful substances. After all green tea contains vitamins P, C, B, organic acids, copper, potassium, fluorine, antioxidants. This drink gives strength, invigorates, tones up. The essence of the fasting day is to drink 1.5 liters of green tea in 3 hours for a glass. Drink water in between tea party
  2. На кефире и воде. The benefits of kefir for weight loss obvious, because this fermented milk drink has the ability to remove from organism accumulated debris. Kefir has a beneficial effect on work. intestine, stomach, liver, improves blood function. During the day Drink 1 liter of kefir in a glass at regular intervals. Drink water in between.
  3. На воде с лимоном. Lemon water is the most effective for weight loss, because lemon has fat burning properties. But keep in mind that acidified fluid enhances appetite, so please be patient if you want to lose up to 2 kg weight in one day. Dissolve 1 teaspoon to make a drink. freshly squeezed lemon juice in 200 ml of water and drink such a dose every hour. To prevent lemon juice from harming tooth enamel, after rinse thoroughly each serving.
  4. На соках и воде. Fresh juices help improve the digestive system, improve the complexion, clean intestines from deposits of fecal masses. Judging by the reviews of nutritionists, juice diet treats even obesity. Fasting day on juices and water is the dilution of fresh juice with water 1: 1. Such a mini-diet involves the use of 2 liters of the mixture during the day.
  5. На воде и яблоках. Apples possess laxative properties, break down fat, remove excess fluid. They improve metabolism, facilitate the functioning gastrointestinal tract. For water-apple unloading day Get 1.5 kg of green apples and 2 liters of water. Share it the amount of food in equal parts and consume within of the day

If you decide to spend a fasting day with with fresh juices, first teach your body to fresh avoid intestinal disorders. Drink one glass in the morning and in lunch for a week, and then boldly proceed with unloading.

How much can you reset < / h2>

In one water discharge day, you can lose up to 2 kg of excess weight. But if the next day to return to the former the diet, then those kilograms will quickly return.

If your goal is to lose weight, then for a steady loss of body fat, you need to reconsider the diet and go to a low-calorie balanced menu with a minimum amount of salt. If you spend the discharge day in order to free the body from the accumulated toxins and let the digestive organs rest, then regular days on the water will help get rid of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Can unloading on water harm health?

The benefits and harms of any substance are estimated by its dose. Any useful product will become poisonous if consumed in excess and water is no exception. If you drink a lot, it will easily lead to a clinical picture of water poisoning (hyperhydration): nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, swelling, increased pressure, decreased urine output, heart rhythm disturbances, muscle cramps, confusion.