Fasting day on oatmeal: reviews andresults

Oatmeal is uncrushed oat groats, produced by peeling, steaming, grinding. Oat groats are widely used for the preparation of viscous cereals, puree soups, casseroles, dairy first courses. Oatmeal is considered the most popular today product for a healthy diet. Oatmeal is used in diets, where she takes a leading position among diet products, struggling with excess weight.

разгрузочный день на овсянке


Benefits for cleansing and losing weight

Oatmeal is a wonder product. They contain a group of vitamins In, macro – and micronutrients, fiber, amino acids. With regular eating oatmeal the body gets all the necessary substances for normal functioning. But the most important quality of oatmeal in slimming time is the coarse fibers contained in it that are not digested. Getting into the stomach, the fibers absorb the liquid and swell, causing the person long feels well fed.

Oatmeal acts like a natural scrub. Passing through the intestines, it absorbs accumulated waste substances, toxins, slags, excess fluid. Groats have anti-edema effects, prevents the development of constipation, leading to weight gain. Special helpful oatmeal for weight loss. It perfectly tightens the skin, improves complexion, fights cellulite. Regular use oatmeal relieves puffiness, speeds up metabolism, promotes assimilation of fats.

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory, enveloping action, so it is recommended to take with pain in the abdomen, swelling. It contains a lot of phosphorus and calcium needed body for the prevention of anemia arising from weight loss.


The basic rules for losing weight

Oatmeal, eaten on an empty stomach, normalizes the bowels, improves the functionality of the stomach, reduces cholesterol. But to lose weight with oatmeal, you must adhere to the basic rules balanced nutrition:

  1. Vegetables and fruits – the base of the diet. Enter into the menu more different vegetables. They contain vitamins, minerals, fiber. Concerning fruit, then for weight loss should lean on citrus and apples – they have some sucrose and are able to burn fat.
  2. Follow the drinking regime. To improve performance digestive system, you need to drink daily up to 2 liters of water. Diet should not be sweet or carbonated. the drinks. Sugar free green and herbal teaspoons with a spoon are allowed. honey
  3. Give up simple carbohydrates. Presence in the menu of cookies, sweets, cakes, sweet pastries will reduce to no the whole process losing weight Will replace the sweet to bitter chocolate with high content of cocoa beans.
  4. The best breakfast is oatmeal. This is the basic principle of healthy power supply. Breakfast is the main meal, and porridge contains a lot beneficial substances for the body. Only for slimming boil it It should be without butter and milk. Allowed to add pieces to it fruit or dried fruit.
  5. Regular fasting days. Unloading on oatmeal, carried out once a week, will help the body to clear its accumulated harmful substances. But проводить ее надо регулярно – один день не поможет lose weight or improve health.

Oatmeal Recipes

Fasting day on oatmeal, reviews losing weight to that confirmation, it goes well, because it can suppress appetite due to the presence of a large amount of dietary fiber. it loved by many, fasting day, as it gives a good saturation, normalizes digestion, helps to get rid of problems with a chair. Daily norm of whole oatmeal is 600-700 g. Consider the most popular dumplings in oatmeal.

  • Разгрузочный день на овсянке и яблоках. The advantage of oat-apple discharges is that it tasty, healthy and easy. Cellulose and pectin, combining, give a long feeling of satiety, remove excess fluid, available in terms of price and purchase. Fasting day on oatmeal with apples held as follows: take 5 green apples, half a kilo of finished oatmeal (boiled in water or filled with boiling water without sugar, salt). Divide the entire volume of products into 5 servings and eat one by one. after an equal period of time (2-3 hours). In addition to water, in this fasting day allowed to drink unsweetened green tea.
  • Разгрузочный день на овсянке и кефире. itт fasting day is characterized not only by cleansing, loss extra pounds, but also a varied diet. For breakfast, make oatmeal kissel liquid consistency, cooked in water (200 ml), drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. For lunch cook thick porridge (200 g) and a glass of kefir. Allowed to add 1 green apple or a cup of broth hips. For dinner, eat porridge again (200 g), drink a glass of kefir, add unsweetened tea with lemon. Before sleep, drink another glass of kefir. Total product consumption: 600 g oatmeal and 800 ml of kefir.
  • Разгрузочный день на овсянке и твороге. Curd-oat fasting day will provide the body maximum feed. Amino acids contained in the curd, normalize the liver, improve the metabolism of proteins and fats, and calcium strengthen bone structure. But чтобы творог не спровоцировал запоры, Take 250 grams of nonfat product per day and 600 grams of finished oatmeal. Divide this amount into 5-6 equal parts and consume throughout the day. Do not forget about drinking mode!
  • Разгрузочный день на овсянке и фруктах. itт option of unloading can not help but like, because it is allowed use in addition to oatmeal tangerines and other citrus fruits, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, black currants, apples. Other berries and fruits are more nutritious, which is why they are better at losing weight abstain. Consume up to 700 grams of one or more fruit types, eat 500 grams of finished oatmeal for the whole fasting day. You saturate the body with vitamins for the whole next week.

Contraindications < / h2>

There are no serious contraindications for fasting days with oatmeal, because it is a useful dietary product. Due to the minimum sugar content, oatmeal is useful even for people suffering from diabetes. But есть категория людей, которым лучше выбрать другой продукт для проведения разгрузочных дней. it лица со склонностью к диарее, при почечной недостаточности, и те, кто испытывает к компонентам этого зерна гиперчувствительность.

Kashi, bran, oat kissel should not be used by people who suffer from gluten enteropathy. The disease is characterized by the inability of the intestines to absorb the beneficial substances of the cereal. it приводит к пищевой аллергии и интоксикации организма.

What result to expect from unloading on oatmeal < / h2>

In just one fasting day on oatmeal, you can lose weight by 2 kilograms. But такой результат вы увидите в конце разгрузки, а уже на следующий день убедитесь, что потери составили всего 250 грамм. Why it happens? It’s all about the ability of oatmeal to remove excess water, and on ordinary days, the use of salt retains it, so the weight is again gained. Чтобы сохранить results, исключите из повседневного рациона соль, острые специи, сахар и тогда потерянные килограммы после разгрузочного дня сохранятся.

Reviews Losing Weight < / h2>

Marina, 28 years old: < / strong> “When I started unloading on oatmeal it was hard, because I constantly felt hungry. Now I spend it regularly, so the body is used. I lose from 500 to 700 grams of weight on each unloading day, which suits me, since a strong weight loss is not included in my plans. ”

Larisa, 31 years old: < / strong> “I tried to spend one day on oatmeal to clean the intestines – I did not like it. I am not a fan of this porridge, so for me it was a tasteless discharge, because oatmeal is prepared without milk, butter, salt, sugar. I barely survived the fasting day. ”

Юлия, 39 лет: «Я люблю вкус овсянки, но предпочитаю употреблять каждое утро натощак для здорового power supply. I rarely spend fasting days, but effective is weight loss: minus 1 kg is stable. On this day, in addition to oatmeal, I add 1 l of kefir and one banana to the diet, which gives double the result of cleansing and saturation. ”< P> |

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