Fasting day on green tea

Drinking green tea is recommended in almost every
diet and it is not surprising because it is green tea that has a large
number of useful properties that not only help in
losing weight, and also favorably affect the condition of everything
organism. Today we will look at how to spend fasting days
on green tea.

Зелёный чай The content of the article:

In our past articles on fasting days, we
told about fasting days on kefir and about fasting days
buckwheat Today we would like to continue this series of articles.
tea discharge.

Benefits of a fasting day at tea

The benefits of green tea as a product that will
built fasting day, very much. The first, and probably the most
the main thing is that green tea reduces appetite, so the feeling
You will not experience hunger this day.

Just as it was said at the beginning, green tea includes
a large amount of nutrients for the body, such as:
potassium, fluorine, copper, iodine, and vitamins: B1, B2, C1, PP, and others.
In addition, green tea has a beneficial effect on the overall
оздоровление organism.

Зелёный чай с листьями

The results of the unloading day

If you follow all the rules
unloading day, then in one unloading day you can reset
about one kilogram of excess weight. Partially this effect
будет достигнут за счёт выведения лишней жидкости из organism.

In order to achieve, thanks to fasting days,
the results are not lost, you need to make fasting days
weekly, while also controlling your diet: reduce
consumption of fatty foods, eliminate overeating, and also give
preference for healthy food.

How to make green tea

Very important for fasting days on green tea – right
to make tea. Taste depends on the correctness of brewing
tea Let’s take a look at how to brew green

For a fasting day on green tea are allowed to use
different varieties of green teas, both simple and with different
flavors and additives, for example with the addition of pieces of dried
fruit or herb leaves. Also allowed and even recommended
add mint and lemon balm leaves to tea.

For brewing tea you need purified water, this water is by no means
The case should not be from the tap. Best for this
use purchased purified water or well water.
The main mistake of many is that they brew tea
boiling water – and this is wrong. Green tea must be brewed
hot water, the temperature of which should be 70 degrees. it
done for two reasons: firstly, water upon reaching the state
boiling loses all its beneficial properties, secondly, the same
swinging and green tea, brewing him with boiling water, he loses his
curative qualities and at the same time its taste worsens.

To make one cup of green tea you will need
half a spoon of tea leaves, respectively, if you brew yourself
tea in large quantities, then making tea for 6 cups you
need 3 teaspoons of tea leaves. Brewing occurs at 3
stages: first, the teapot is poured on a third, then, after 2 minutes
– up to half, after 5 minutes water is added to the level of the norm.

Чашечка зелёного чая

Fasting days for green tea also have several subspecies.
One of these types is a fasting day on green tea with
milk To do this, brewed green tea must be diluted with
skimmed milk in proportions one to one. Also very
Popular and fasting day on green tea and grapefruit, in
during the day you drink tea and make snacks from this fruit. Often
used and fasting day on ginger tea that has
такую же систему, как и разгрузочный день on green tea.

How to spend a fasting day on the green

Разгрузочный день на зелёном tea предпологает употребление за
день не менее 1,5 литров зелёного tea Tea must be drunk through
every 2 hours, while it is forbidden to malt. As you understand
разгрузочный день исклюteaт употребление любых продуктов питания,
with the exception of some dried fruits: raisins, dried apricots and prunes.
If you have a feeling of thirst, you can quench it with mineral
still water. The tea itself can be drunk both in cold and
hot as someone like more.

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