Fanta from apricots and oranges: the best recipesdrink. How to cook homemade fantasy apricot andoranges

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A big harvest of apricots is a great opportunity to please
household delicious dishes, desserts and compotes. Orange
velvety apricot goes well with the delicate freshness of citruses.
Compote of it resembles “Fantu” in color, and if you add a little
orange, get a real homemade fantasy of apricots and
oranges. She is very popular not only with children, but also with adults.

Unlike the purchased product, this drink is obtained
completely safe, but to taste really reminds
production of the promoted brand. Cooking is very simple: each
Mistress for sure there is a recipe fragrant beautiful

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges — общие принципы

Есть два вариант preparations напитка: со стерилизацией и без
her In the first case, the jar will have to be kept in boiling water to
get rid of bacteria and prevent souring. In the second case
compote is not sterilized, and rolled immediately after the first

To prepare apricots for use, they need to be washed.
running water. Use the fruit can be whole, with bones,
divided into halves or crushed to a state of mashed potatoes. Everything
depends on individual preferences.

Oranges need to be thoroughly washed, cleaned from the skin of the wax and
chemical reagents. Peel is not removed: it gives the drink that
the very taste of “real” forfeits.

Banks necessarily wash with soda. Sterilize them over steam
depends on the housewife and the specific recipe. Covers need
pour in boiling water or boil in boiling water for several

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges «Домашняя»

Очень вкусный напиток можно приготовить из абрикосов, oranges
and lemons. Apricot stones will need to be removed. As a result
получится насыщенная домашняя фанта из абрикосов и oranges с
subtle lemon shade. The number of ingredients indicated for one
three-liter cans.


• half-liter jar of ripe apricots;

• whole orange;

• half a lemon;

• a glass of sugar.

Способ preparations:

Rinse apricots and divide into halves. Bones
throw away.

Citrus thoroughly washed, brushed peel, put in
deep cup and pour boiling water.

After a minute, pour out the water, wipe the orange and lemon clean.
a napkin to remove the wax, and cut into thick slices
about 1/2 cm

В простерилизованную банку положить orangesые и лимонные
circles, halves of apricots.

Pour sugar.

Boil the water and pour boiling water over the jar.

Roll up immediately.

Shake the contents of the jar to sugar.

Put the jars under a warm old blanket and cool at least

Store in a cool place.

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges «Простая»

Простейший вариант фанты из абрикосов и oranges отличается
боле мягким вкусом, так как делается без лимона и orangesых
crusts. Compote is ideal for preparing their overripe garden fruits.
The amount of ingredients is given on a standard three-liter jar, according to
need it needs to be proportionally increased.


• 14 overripe apricots;

• half an orange;

• a glass of white sugar;

• boiling water.

Способ preparations:

Wash and sterilize jars, dry, turning down
by the neck.

Pour boiling water over orange, peel off, separate half
fruit and cut it into slices.

Rinse apricots, divide into halves, remove the bones.

Put the halves of apricots and orange circles on the bottom of the jar,
add sugar.

Boil water in a large kettle and pour fruit with sugar.
boiling water.

Roll up with metal lids, turn them upside down and
put under a thick blanket.

Cooled banks send in storage in cool dark
the room.

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges «Зимняя»

Magic drink made according to this recipe, especially
tasty in winter. It is very similar to the popular “Fantu” from the store, but
гораздо полезher The peculiarity is that for this option forfeits
из абрикосов и oranges нужно варить сахарный сироп, а сам компот
sterilized. The number of ingredients indicated on one liter
a jar.


• 250 grams of ripe apricots;

• 130 grams of granulated sugar;

• 750 grams of water;

• one orange circle.

Способ preparations:

Wash apricots thoroughly, but do not remove the bones.

Orange scald with boiling water and cut into ringlets. Each
the ring is divided into four parts.

Banks can be sterilized over steam or in a hot oven.

Сразу же разложить по банкам абрикосы и orangesые

Boil sir of water and sugar. To do this, boil water,
Pour there sugar, stir. Stirring, wait for new
boiling and complete dissolution of sugar. Boil two to three syrup

Pour hot jars of syrup.

Cover the jars with lids and sterilize.

To do this, pour water into a wide pan and put it on
the fire.

Put a piece of cloth on the bottom of the pan or put a wooden one
stand, inverted a plate. It is important not to allow contact.
glass jar with an iron bottom.

Bottles with compote dipped into the water so that it reaches to

When the water boils, sterilize the jars with compote for 20

Cork compote, turn and cool.

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges с лимонной кислотой

Instead of natural lemon, homemade apricot fanta and
oranges можно добавить лимонную кислоту. It will turn out not less
tasty and moderately sweet. The number of ingredients indicated for
three-liter cans. The recipe involves sterilization.


• liter jar of ripe apricots;

• two oranges;

• a glass of sugar;

• teaspoon of citric acid.

Способ preparations:

Washed apricots divided into halves and remove the bones.

Put apricots on the bottom of a clean, sterilized jar.

Wash the oranges thoroughly and cut into 5-6 circles.

Pour sugar and citric acid.

Boil water and pour the fruit on the neck.

Cover the cans with scalded metal lids.

In a wide saucepan, heat the water and sterilize the three-liter in
within half an hour as described above.

Cork the banks and cool in an inverted state under warm
a fur coat or blanket.

After 1-2 days, rearrange them in a cool place to

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges «Крученая»

Необычный вариант orangesо-абрикосового напитка с добавлением
lemon. Its feature is in the preparation of fruit gruel instead of
use whole fruits. Very simple, aromatic drink with
Fanta taste especially like kids.


• three kilograms of apricots;

• килограмм oranges;

• one lemon;

• four kilograms of sugar.

Способ preparations:

Для этого варианта домашней фанты из абрикосов и oranges
the best pulp of ripe apricots. Beauty save
not necessary, but because you can take the fallen fruits, with darkened
barrels or lesions on the skin.

Fruit thoroughly washed.

Remove bones from apricots.

Цитрусовые нарезать на некрупные slices.

На мясорубке перекрутить (в одну чашку) абрикосы, orangesые и
lemon slices along with the peel.

Mix mass until smooth.

Three-liter jars to sterilize and put in a hot container
fruit puree.

On a glass of apricot-citrus gruel to take a glass of sugar.
Это количество ингредиентов для одной three-liter cans.

Boil water and pour into the jar on the neck.

Immediately roll and cool as described above.

Store in a cool place.

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges «Сказочная»

Truly fabulous taste is different this option forfeits from
абрикосов и oranges. Prepares simply, without sterilization.


• four hundred grams of apricots;

• half an orange;

• sugar to taste;

• 800 ml of water.

Способ preparations:

Rinse and dry the apricot fruit first in a colander and then
on a paper or woven towel.

Split dried apricots in halves and discard

Orange wash, wipe with a cloth.

Cut the orange into circles (bones required
throw out).

Two-liter jars with lids wash soda and boil
над паром в течение 20 minutes

At the bottom of each can put fruit.

Cook the syrup of water and sugar to taste. You can take on
The specified amount of water is about half a cup of sand.

When the syrup boils, and the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the jars
with apricots and immediately roll up.

To sue in an inverted state, put in the basement or on

Фанта из абрикосов и oranges — хитрости и полезные

  • It is important to choose apricots for the recipe in appearance and taste.
    Ideal for harvesting fully ripened fruit.
    appetizing look. They are usually moderately soft and dense at the same time.
    the bone is easily separated from the pulp. These fruits will not fall under
    exposure to boiling water, retain their shape.

  • If the appearance of the compote is important, you should select mature or
    slightly unripe fruit. Very green unripe apricots
    can not be used: they give the drink a bitter taste. Crumpled,
    overripe fruits may make the drink cloudy, but will work fine
    для «Крученого» варианта фанты из абрикосов и oranges.

  • Sterilized canned fruit can be stored at room temperature.
    temperature However, they must be protected from the sun.
    light, putting in a closet, closet or covered with a thick cloth.

  • Preserved apricot slices from compote can be used
    for decorating baking.

  • Serve homemade fanta better chilled. And if the house is
    real siphon, you can carbonate compote In this case, he will
    completely identical to the purchased product.

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